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Howdy Members, Researcher Scott Snitzer jumps back on the podcast today to cover more fantastic research into overcoming fear and building a healthier mindset. 

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Just by living in this noisy, violent and chaotic modern world, the chances are high that you have been subjected to multiple traumas throughout your entire life, including something as simple as the modern birthing process, religion, violent TV and movies, being in or witnessing an accident, being in war, being a victim of crime and not just violent crime-

So fear does originate from real threats but in most parts of the world it originaltes from imagined dangers, and yes, fear can be a symptom of Complex PTSD, panic disorder or phobias but if were did not live in this open air mental assylum, most people would be emotionally stable and have a clear mind.

I promise, it’ll get more interesting in a minute-

There are three-types of fear; Illogical fear, healthy fear and real fear.

Healthy fear keeps our asses alive allowing us to discern safe situations from dangerous ones -Healthy fear is a gut-based instinctual response that we need to survive, such as when you place your hand to close to a flame and immediately withdraw it.

Real fear is based on reality but its not the same as healthy fear because its not based on a real physical danger and examples include fear of losing the people that we love the most, never achieving our dreams and aspirations or even the fear of our death.

These are valid fears which can motivate us to grow and push past our comfort zones and transform us for the better.

Then there is the fear used against everyone in the world and this is illogical fear as in having a fear response to something that is hypothetical or non-existent such as it SEEMED as though there was going to be some kind of forced vaccination but it was not based in reality-It was government propaganda and I myself bought into it for a while.

MOST of the fears that we experience have zero basis in reality but they still do serious harm to our mind and body.

And as I said before, we do need some fear-Its built into us anyways so we cannot simply entirely escape it.   Without fear we could not function as its critical to our existence.

Fear motivates us to move forward with caution but it also alerts us that there might be a tremendous positive gain for us if we keep pushing through the fear and I myself can attest to this as the truth; Some things are more than worth some temporary discomfort as your brain re-wires to become more resilient and work better over time.

Fear helps us with our inner sense of direction and keep in mind that if you are not afraid you are not living because you are avoiding all risks for the illusion of safety and during the fake Covid crisis, illogical fear has literally caused a tremendous amount of suffering and death due to the damage done by the masks and the suffering and death from the Covid clot shots all because people feared contracting a non-existent virus and were in a state of fear from their hours-long daily dose of TV propaganda.

Oh.  And before I go on, if anyone is wondering “who the hell is this guy to tell us how to deal with fear?”

In my life I have had over one-hundred panic attacks.

If you are a guy, they can really feel emasculating. 

I have had panic attacks from when I used to be very sensitive to caffeine and as a direct-effect from certain medications that I’ve been on.

And if you read up on remote neural monitoring, by using some kind of frequency resonance or some other radio wave fuckery, you can literally be given high anxiety, panic attacks, depression, brain for and antying else that the human body is capable of and beyond it including some kind of immersive virtual reality, sythethic dreams, subliminally-implanted thoughts and much more fun courtesy of the same government and military contractors behidn the current takover. 

And having Autism, I have been in a heightened state of anxiety most of my life-Then there’s the shit that I have put up with from the targeting in the form of I do not know how many thousands of (mostly) small and large intimidation skits.

So I know what I am talking about.

And the only time that I get anxious now is when I’m going to fly or go to the dentist, so I take a tiny dose of Klonopon (its poison) and I’m good to go.

The water kefir I drink every day has really calmed the hell out of me-The nutritional supplements that I take daily such as magnesium, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Methyl folate, fish oil and the amino acid Citrulline has helped me calm the F down as has my diet of mostly animal products with some rice and fruit.

And I had some trauma-releasing sessions of EMDR which made a world of difference in my abliity to process traumatic events.

Annnnnnnnd I have done I do not know how many thousands of trial and error hours of research into nutritional informaiton over the last fifteen or so years.

So I do know what I’m talking about mostly because I had to learn the truth the hard way.

I have a lot of this information in the links section down below but if any of you want to grab a pen and paper, this is some really good information.

First off, if you are on any over the counter or RX medications, look at the full list of direct-effects because a lot of medicactions cause anxiety and depression.

If your diet is high in processed foods some of the colorings in foods and I THINK MSG can cause anxiety.

Then there’s the hidden caffeine in some medications.

Some people get anxious just from eating chocolate because their bodies are that sensitive.

Some people get anxious from sythetic chemicals as I had a LOT of anxiety from smelling the detergents in a commerical laundrymat years ago.

You always want to play detective with your health and rule out as many suspects as possible.

And some people are very sensitive to both the gluten protein in grains and the casein protein in milk and these can not only cause systemic inflammation in your body but also brain fog and in some cases, anxiety, so whatever fears you already have from your life up to now can be worsened from some of the meds you are on, some of the foods that you eat, and some of the chemicals that you smell-

You do not have to have Autism to have Alexithymia, it can be caused by trauma and/or you can have Autism Spectrum disorder-People with alexithymia may have have trouble identifying, understanding and describing emotions. 

They may also struggle to show or feel emotions that are seen as socially appropriate, such as happiness on a joyous occasion.

There are two main reasons why Alexithymia can contribute to anxiety:

Alexithymia can mean that autistic people can struggle to sense physical symptoms of anxiety such as changes in heart rate or a rush of adrenaline. 

It can mean that these symptoms are confusing and unpredictable and make anxiety feel much worse.

I’m going to cover a lot of self-help stuff but I would be an irresponsible jerk to NOT tell everyone listening to take some free online tests for Autism and ADHD because if you have it, your mind and body is going to exist in a state of fear far more than “normal” or neurotypical people.

And that ties into getting to know yourself as in learning as much as you can about why you fear those things that you do-Keep an anxiety diary or thought record to write down what happens when you are in a heightened state of fear because sometimes when you have one or two even small insights, they can help defuse your anxieties.

Think I’m talking shit?

Before I learned that there were no viruses, I had SOME state of anxiety-nothing nuts, but I was nervous.

Then I began educating myself and found out what real cases of Covid there were were caused by Cyanide and other chemicals.

So my fear just vanished as most of the populace were and still are in a perpetual state of fear over something that does not exist.

Taking the mystery out of what’s scaring you can make a world of difference.

And if anyone listening still watches online fear porn videos and listens to fear porn podcasts, you are litearlly pouring fuel on the fire of your fears and its possible that at a subconcious level you enjoy the drama and fear and I am telling you that this is not living.

Then there are the mindsets to which we are habituated to in which due to so many disappointments in our life, that we always expect the worse thing to happen to us and this goes with catastrophizing and thinking that we can predict the future and it also goes with having low self-esteem and I am speaking as someone who used TO have low self-esteem (for no reason) and as my self-esteem has gotten better, my ability to process negative emotion has improved but I am positive that I could not have made so much progress without nutritional supplements which have literally helped me focus more, think more clearly and literally think better-there’s a term called “Nootropics” which covers herbal and other supplements which literally boost concentration and brainpower-some people claim that their working memory is more efficient after taking a nootropic.

Nootropics are a wide range of natural or synthetic supplements or drugs, and other substances that are claimed to improve cognitive function or to promote relaxation, particularly boosting mood, executive functions, attention, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

Some nootropics include:

DHA (Omega 3)

Ginkgo Biloba


Holy Basil (Tulsi)


Kava Kava

Lion’s Mane

Lemon Balm

Lithium Orotate




N-Acetyl L-Cysteine


Pine Bark Extract

Rhodiola Rosea

Phosphatidylcholine (PC)

Phosphatidylserine (PS)



And you do not need to take all of these to sharpen your mind-You want to take what works for you and leave the rest behind.

For example, if you need L-Theanine to help you think calm down or think better, first go over your diet because your diet and/or lack of sleep and/or bad physical condition might be causing your inflammation and brain fog-Hell, some people might not make the connection between their coffee and their anxiety-Some people are really sensitive to caffeine-Always play detective and narrow down what’s causing your problems-Emotional and physical alike.

And as I keep saying, always check to see if any supplement you take goes with your medications, other supplements, medical conditions or if you have allergies to any of the ingredients.

You also want to drink a decent amount of water every day, especially if you drink a lot of coffee or tea because they are diuretics.

Foods high in sugar will contribute to high cortisol levels and also to depression.

You will handle all stress much better if you are taking a good B-complex, magnesium,  a probiotic and omega 3’s. 

There is a form of therapy which if done right you should be able to do yourself and its called Systematic desensitization and it aims to reduce anxiety, stress, and avoidance by gradually exposing a person to the source of their discomfort in a thoughtfully planned way.

Here’s a lot of self-soothing coping methods to make your life better if you suffer from panic attacks or if you are just stressed out on a daily basis.

And coming from someone who has had many panic attacks and was stressed out on a daily basis, you can become calmer, you can become more responsive instead of reactive and as I said before, as your self-esteem and your reslience increases over time you will become stronger and deal with your real and your imagined fears much better-To add to that, not all but MOST of the online truther media and close to ALL well-known truther celebrities are in the employ of the goverment or some contractor for the goverment.  

Both the mainstream media and the alternative media are part of the ministry of information controlling your perceptions and TELLING you how to think instead of asking you to use your own reasoning. 

If you think that listening to a truther podcast or video is going to somehow save your life if and when the SHTF, then you are not living your life and one day you will look back with a lot of regrets.

Yes.  Stock up on food, legal weapons, lighting, heating supplies, ect as you can afford it but NEVER do this as in its the end of the world because whatever fear you already have will be worsened or compounded by you running around worrying about every little thing to live your life and this is existing-Its not life. And no, I am not talking shit, and yes, I know that things are getting worse but I also know that this is a slow, gradual process or the totalatarian tip toe and not a dive into the abyss just as the book of revelations that the parasites running the world wrote is not the final chapter of this world and its an ongoing cycle of crazy shit.

We have to give ourselves a hard reality check because I kid you not, if your source of information uses ANY drama and over the top fear, I do not care if they have kids, pets and are religious or spiritual-They are an agent or the should be.

If you think that there are bioweapons waiting to kill you, then this alone puts you into a fearful state, consciously or subsconciously-Defuse the bullshit and know that the bacteria that DO make us sick are not the cause of illness-its what they breakdown in the body and the environment that creates toxic chemicals that can makes us very ill, just as you can drink cobra snake venom (who would) but were you to inject it into your body, then you’re screwed, just as there are no cooties weapons and the entire Wu Han lab and that bat contagion and all of the Hellywood movies about the cooties were created to progam you, scare you and  control you.

You have to become discerning as hell when it comes to your sources of information-What truther information I now listen to has almost zero drama and when these podcasts that I hear cover fearful crap its always relevant to the other material and not for its own sake.

It sounds as if I’m being a bit petty here, but the more “what if the worst happens” things that you expose yourself to the more anxious you will be.

Your unconscious mind is always taking in what you read and listen to regardless of how strong of a mind you have or how wise or critical thinker you imagine yourself to be, you are watching and listening to poison if its most of the alt and all of the MSM and this is keeping you in a daily state of anxiety and you will not be able to make decisions from a place of logic.

Understand fear and embrace it.  Its not good or bad, it is a tool to keep us alive and to help us make better decisions to help us act in ways that get the results that we want.

Let your fears inform your actions but not control them meaning that you recognize your fear as a motivator but you do not try to control them because fear is a part of the human avatar that can not be erased. Its impossible.  But you can learn to channel your fears and to not let them control you.  You can learn over time how to let fear motivate you instead of making you feel weak and helpless.

Name your fears by writing them down or saying them out loud because when you face what you fear it shrinks and the more that you ignore it and run away from it the worse it gets kind of like the Chinese finger trap.

If you have decent, sane and supportive people in your life, use them to motivate you to push you to overcome the fears that are holding you back from what you want and sometimes, it just takes one little insight to open up doors of opportunity that you never knew existed but when you’re stuck in your own head most of the time you can not think clearly.

If there’s someone you know that has overcome great fear, use them as a role model but never look at them as your better-but ask them for their formula of success in what helped them make so much progress so fast.

You have to work on having a positive attitude for the future meaning that despite how bad things are now you have something to look forward to AND that you have more than one sense of purpose and belonging and something as simple as these things can help you deal with fear because when you have a sense of purpose you feel more in control over your life and when you have good things to look forward to this keeps your spirits high and keeps you motivated.

Actively visualize yourself as a person without any fear.  And do it on a daily basis because your mind will eventually work to catch up with your strong belief that you will one day gain real control over that which frightens you.

Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone because as when REAL stressful situations come out of nowhere and catch you off guard, you will not have the emotional resilience to handle the crisis, large or small. 

Deal with fear by being open to changing how you approach things because if you are afraid to do something again because it did not work the first time and it scared the hell out of you, ask yourself why it did not work and try something new instead of just giving up.

You have to WELCOME things which take you out of your comfort zone because they always lead to emotional growth which helps you better deal with the stresses of modern life.

A lot of us do not try something new because we fear failure and rejection or because we feel inadequate as if we do not deserve good things and this is an example of how building up your self-esteem will help you handle fear better than you ever thought you would.

And the words brave and courage are often used to describe the same thing but bravery is a lack of fear whereas courage is doing something even though it scares you which leads to increased confidence every time you face your fear which leads to more personal growth leading to higher levels of self-esteem.

You can become braver by working on overcoming your fears on a regular basis-Write out a list of things that you would do if you were not afraid.

Look into mindfulness or staying grounded in the present moment and you do not need to meditate to do this, but it will help you deal with anxiety really well because the more that the more impulsive you are and the more that you rush while thinking several moves ahead the easier it will be for you to become anxious or even panic because you are letting your adrenaline and worse-case scenario thinking control you-This is coming from a guy with ADHD who has worked his ass off and will continue to do so on being mindful because the more that I slow down, the more REAL control that I have over my life and the more my self-esteem grows-There is no multi-tasking.  The more you focus the more real control you have and it will become harder for you to be triggered by fearful thoughts.

So being afraid of what MIGHT happen and not what’s exactly happening in the present movement is worrying about a future event which probably will never take place but when you have been subjected to many traumatic events its easy for your imagination to get on fire (so to speak) and think of the worst possible outcome which is why you want to live in the present moment as much as possible.

Turn failure into a learning opportunity as this puts YOU in control instead of you thinking that you were inadequate-And the ways that our rigid minds often work, what we THINK is a “failure” is just us being way to hard on ourselves, but yeah, you want to turn everything into a lesson so that you can continually sharpen your ability to think and reason clearly and logically which in turn will help you deal with this fucked up world far better than you ever imagined.

Never ever aim for perfection.  Have high standards for yourself, of course, but perfection will weaken you. I can attest to that.  There is no such thing AS perfection and trying to attain it will F up your self-esteem and keep you anxious AND angry as you literally become your own worst critic.

Before I go on more about how to conquer your fears, if the area you live in on the plane is in the fall or winter and you get depressed every fall and winter, you most likely have seasonal affective disorder.   

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that comes and goes with the seasons. It usually starts in the late fall and early winter and goes away during the spring and summer. Some people do have episodes of depression that start in the spring or summer, but that is a lot less common. Symptoms of SAD may include:


Gloomy outlook

Feeling hopeless, worthless, and irritable

Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you used to enjoy

Low energy

Difficulty sleeping or oversleeping

Carbohydrate cravings and weight gain

Thoughts of death or suicide

I urge all of you to join the private Facebook group, ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder, Winter Depression, Winter Blues,’ because it has a small library’s worth of searchable health information as how to overcome depression anxiety in the fall and winter using natural light booths, vitamin D3 supplementation which controlled opposition Dr. Tom Cowan is against, and although I am not a doctor, anti-depressants will make you sicker-They cause depression, anxiety and other emotional and physical problems-Learn how to make your own water kefir by purchasing the grains online and I kid you not, it will boost your mood a lot because it will help your body make its own seretonin because our microbiome helps us digest our food, helps us detox, helps us think better and helps our mood-At least buy a broad spectrum pro biotic after doing some research on the best one to buy-I usually am in a stable and decent mood but over a year ago, shortly after I began drinking water kefir my mood became even lighter and I became even calmer than before and many other people have said this.

I am telling all of you who are listening right now to read up on seasonal affective disorder and look into getting a natural light booth for it (they can be as small as to fit on your desk) and tell other people about S.A.D. because I KNOW that there are a LOT of people who feel depressed around the fall and winter months who do not realize that they are depressed (and anxious) due to shorter days-Yes, people get depressed every year around the pagan, evil ass holidays, but I am sure that a lot of this is due to getting less sunlight-Back to vitamin D3, about fifteen years ago, I found out about seasonal affective disorder and bought a natural light booth, then I found out about how vitamin D3 helps with depression (its not a cure-all for everyone) and within a few days of taking D3, I returned the natural spectrum lamp to the medical supply store because my mood was elevated.

You can also use essential oils with diffusers to relieve your depression and anxiety: 

Aromatherapy has the power to transform your mood.  So using certain essentila oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, Vetiver or cirtus oils with a good battery-operated diffuser might make your life much better but never just jump into a natural remedy because it sounds good-Do some research while keeping in mind that most people will exaggerate or just plain lie to make a profit.

But do not even think of taking psychiatric meds to get better. 

There are at least ten reasons why people get depressed that have nothing to do with the “neurotransmitter imbalance” pushed by big pharma-these people are tortureres and murderers.

I’ve been on fkng antidepressants and just the weight gain alone will ruin your mood-Modern medicine which includes psychiatry IS the leading cause of death-Look up ‘Death By Medicine’ by Gary Null. 

And all of the supplement advice that I give out is because I’m just that nice a guy-I do not make one dime off of my videos and my supplement recommendations and I could have made tens of thousands over the years.

Back to fear:

Use your fear as an opportunity instead of a roadblock.

By forcing yourself to face your fears you will become empowered by just doing it because sometimes the anticipation of something is far worse than actually doing the thing itself.

Look into some kind of trauma-releasing work be it emotional freedom technique, EMDR, tension releasing exercises of hypnotherapy because when these work they will take a LOT of the fear out of your mind AND body as the body literally stores tension. 

People who bury or sublimate their anger and fear because they are afraid to express it literally make themselves physically and emotionally sick and I myself have been guilty of this and as long as we do not face, understand and process what scares, confuses and angers us, we will not think clearly and all of the good diet and supplements and exercise in the world will not make a big difference until we know what scares us and why it does.

Push ALL negative people aside and as I mentioned earlier, negative people includes the script-reading degenerates in the mainstream and alternative media who push fear, confusion, hate and false hopes.

Negative energies drain your self-confidence and hamper your progress towards overcoming your fears and by avoiding the negative I mean everything including violent TV shows and movies, and even violent video games if you play them-All of these things program people, entertainment is there to sucker people in while their minds are being fucked with and they are becoming addicted to that which diminishes them as a human being.

Own your fears by recognizing that they are standing in your way to great things, so you want to admit to yourself what your fears are.

Write out a plan of attack meaning that if you’re going to make a conscious effort to overcome your fears, by taking a pen to paper and writing out different methods that you could use to move past them your mind will come up with new ideas to conquer your fears that you never thought of in the past.

If you feel guilty or anxious just because you have fears, you might develop a whole new set of fears so do not forgive yourself as this means you did something wrong-Tell yourself that NONE OF YOUR FEARS ARE YOUR FAULT because when you have been through many traumas including psychological and/or physical abuse-When you have mercilessly been bullied and you live in a world where the main goal of the government is to keep everyone terrified and controlled, there is nothing “weak,” “defective” or “wrong” with you-The human mind is powerful but its also very vulnerable to being manipulated and exploited and the parasites who run this reality know exactly what buttons to push to get a response from individuals and groups and fear is our primal survival response so you feeling what comes normal is not ABnormal. This world is abnormal. Not you.  And despite this world being well, fucking nuts you can heal from a lot of your fear and pain and you can grow as a person. 

You want to make a commitment to chase, capture and start dissolving your fears as you would commit yourself to raising a child-There is no turning back, just as there is no bargaining with evil-You want to take a step forward towards dissolving your fears and if you fail, pick yourself up and keep on moving forward  and you want to do this with consistency or you are not committed.  

Because all of us have cognitive distortions our fears can grow and become far bigger than they truly are meaning that we can exaggerate our fears and allow them to become monsters, so write out your worse-case scenario and ask yourself how your life will unfold.  

Chances are the sky is not going to fall down. 

You have all been in this place before and you climbed out of that hole.

Anytime we are stuck in our head we blow things up or exaggerate our circumstances which causes us to feel panic and fear which causes us to think of the worst possible thing that could happen allowing fear to control us and when I say control us, this means that we are allowing what other people say and do or sometimes what we THINK or PERCEIVE that they are saying and doing to control us and that is not living.

There are ways to use accupressure to relieve stress.

Acupressure Points relieve tension, pain, trauma, and burnout. You can use them yourself — anytime, anywhere. They heighten the body’s vital life energy and increase health and well-being. Acupressure strengthens resistance to disease and promotes wellness by relaxing the body and relieving stress. 

If you want to research this on your own, just look up some videos and articles on accupressure because sometimes something that does not sound like a big deal can be life changing.

I’ve been covering the many ways in which we can conquer our fears and because I’m thorough about what I cover, I’m going to relate how high levels of the stress hormone Cortisol might be one of the reasons for your mental, emotional and physical health issues-You want as much of a complete picture of what’s going on with your health as possible in order to heal yourself.

When your life is (or seems to be) one crisis after another, your body continuously pours out cortisol and if you are someone who has gone through the emotional roller coaster during the fake Covid pandemic with all of the in your face insanity, then your adrenals have probably been giving off high levels of adrenaline and Cortisol, which is  a naturally-occurring steroid hormone that plays a key role in the body’s stress response.

Cortisol (otherwise known as the stress hormone) is made in the adrenal glands. It’s elevated when we experience heightened anxiety or stress, and it’s lowered when we’re in a relaxed state. When cortisol levels rise, all of the body’s energy goes into handling the stressor instead of regulating other bodily functions like the digestive and immune systems, for example. 

Cortisol is involved in the regulation of the following functions and more:

Blood pressure regulation

Glucose metabolism

Immune function

Inflammatory response

Insulin release

The adrenal glands release cortisol in response to stress or fear as part of the body’s fight or flight response.

When confronted by some type of threat in your environment, your body goes through a series of near-instantaneous reactions that prepare you to either stay and deal with the problem or escape to safety.

Signs of High Cortisol

When cortisol levels stay too high, you might experience a range of unwanted symptoms. Higher and more prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream (such as those associated with chronic stress) have been shown to have negative effects, such as:

Blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia

Decreased bone density

Decreases in muscle tissue

Higher blood pressure

Impaired cognitive performance

Increased abdominal fat

Lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, slowed wound healing, and other health consequences

High cortisol levels also contribute to several mental and emotional problems including: 

Anxiety, brain fog, dementia, problems concentrating, mood swings, schizophrenia, and insomnia.

These negative effects also often come with their own consequences. 

For example, increased abdominal fat is associated with a greater amount of health problems than fat deposited in other areas of the body. 

Some of the health problems associated with increased stomach fat include an increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, metabolic syndrome, higher levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL), and lower levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL).5

Cortisol is important for your body to function normally, but too much cortisol can be bad for your health.

If you are a targeted individual or not, living in this open air insane asylum you do not want high levels of Cortisol in your body on a daily basis because it will literally will break your body down and shorten your lifespan, so anyone who thinks that this stuff is boring, well, you’re an imbecile because this world and the targeting programs are designed to make you self-destruct which is the only reason why I am covering all of this.

So when I am covering ways that all of you can reduce and conquer most or all of your fears, this of course includes learning how to tell the difference between real and illogical or false fears and to understand that years or even decades of harassment has made it increasingly easier for your body to go into a state of high alert because your body’s early warning system, the Amygdala triggers faster and faster over time which eventually results in your adrenal glands releasing adrenaline and norepineprhine which is followed by the release of cortisol and by the way, high levels of cortisol can kill brain cells by literally stimulating them to death (which MSG and nutrsweet also do) so the more that you calm your mind and body the faster that you will heal and become stronger.

You can use essential oils to help you reduce stress and anxiety while boosting your mood-so please do a basic search on essential oils, diffusers and carrier oils-If you are allergic to almonds or sesame, do not use these as carrier oils and before using any essential oil on your skin or a diffuser, do some basic research because while they are generally safe when used properly, they are still very potent chemicals.

You want to look into the following essential oils:

Cedarwood, lemon, tea tree, lavender, ginger, geranuium, vanilla, rose (expensive) and chamomile.

If you need some time alone to decompress from your stress, then make no apologies and take care of yourself so that you can find some inner peace.

Be wiling to feel your emotions, the good, bad and the ugly because this leads to better processing which leads to a calmer state of mind, but you also want to train yourself to observe or sit with your fearful feelings which puts you in more control.

And this is just a guess on my part, but its a damned good guess: Most truthers are

empaths meaning that they are very vulnerable to negative people and stressful situations in general and this has nothing to do with inner strength or courage, its all about being highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of those around them. Empaths feel what another person is feeling at a deep emotional level.

Empaths also tend to have a great sense of intuition. They trust their instincts and often go with their gut when making decisions.

Empaths are not just sensitive to emotions but tend to pick up on other aspects of the environment. This means they may be more aware of sights, sounds, smells, and other physical sensations that other people might not notice.

I guarantee that most people who are awake to how evil this world is engage in emotional eating and substance abuse in order to numb their emotions to deal with this world, so please take my advice on how to deal with stress and fear seriously because I have done some of these things on my own and I myself am very empathic and the destressing techniques that I have used have made my life a lot better.

Here are some more natural supplements and dietary ways to control your fears which will result in you have more direct and realistic control over how your life plays out:

L theanine is a water-soluble amino acid that’s commonly found in green and black tea as well as in some mushroom species.

L-theanine supplements boost mental performance, reduce anxiety and stress, promote relaxation, and improve sleep. 

Chamomile tea will calm you down

Try Tulsi or holy basil tea because its an adaptogenic herb which helps the body adapt to stress-In addition to the tea, you can get it in capsule form or a tincture.

Eat prebiotic foods which help the bacteria in your lower GI’s microbiome stay healthy to keep you healthy-I drink water kefir which you can make yourself and just this alone has calmed me down a lot because it helps your gut produce seretonin which calms you down, and its been studied that up to 90% of the seretonin in your body is produced in your lower gut and not in the brain-Oh.  

And all psychiatric medications cause deleterious psychiatric side-effects.

Try curcumin which is the bioactive compound found in Turmeric as it helps with inflammation and helps you think better-I think that its the most widely studied herb but do not use it if you are on a blood thinner (which no one should be on).

Then there’s lemon balm, vitamin C and zinc which help your body better deal with stress.

The following adaptogens have been found to reduce the cortisol levels in the body:

Rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha, ginko, gingsneg, and shisandra berry-There are many more.  Just look up adaptogens or adaptogenic herbs.

I do not give a monkey’s ass about vegan or vegetarian propaganda.  We all need healthy animal fats and proteins to replace and repair all of the tissues and hormones in our bodies and your neurotransmitters will function better if your body is taking in fat soluble vitamins and omega 3’s and if its getting all of the amino acids it needs and plants do not provide this-I do not care what bullshit rationalizing vegans want to do, its very common for them to experience a lot of depression and anxiety.

You are not saving animals or avoiding “bad karma” by starving your body of vital nutrients because this earth realm tries to break all of us down and your mind will not be calm, clear or sharp if you are starving if of vitamins and minerals and animal fats and proteins.

I learned this the hard way when I was vegan and it truly FKD my health over.

Other ways to combat stress and fear include socializing, playing with animals, using powerful body language that makes you feel in control such as standing tall with your hands to your sides as superman does (it sounds stupid but it does help your confidence).

Use blue-blocking glasses, blackout curtains and a sleep mask to help you get to sleep-Look into taking Magnesium and/or the homeopathic coffea cruda to help you sleep-You want your body to make its own melatonin-You do not need to take it in supplement form because its a very powerful hormone-You want to rule out all of the things that you might not be aware of that are keeping you from falling asleep including worries about finances, relationships, or the state of the world-You want to make sure not to exercise or eat a good five hours before you go to bed-Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of high cortisol levels which in turn will prematurely age you while causing many other illnesses.

Exercise is great in helping you deal with stress but when you over train you release too much Cortisol which is counter productive-workout hard but over-exercising will literally sicken you over time-Its about intelligent balance.

Look into getting a weighted blanket;Some people feel constrained using one but for others its very calming.

If you have to, just let yourself cry because its built up tension-If you are a guy and you think that crying makes you a big pussy, it doesn’t-Only a fool keeps their emotions bottled up which results in you getting sicker over time-This society paints an unrealistic picture of some of the traditional gender roles.

Train yourself to reframe your negative thoughts by creating the habit of viewing negative situations with a “can-do” attitude and this will really give you a feeling of being in control which in turn calms you down and leads to better results because you now believe in yourself more.

I’ve been covering a lot of what is called “self-soothing” techniques in this presentation, so please just do a search on self-soothing techniques because the better that you calm down, the faster that both your body and mind will heal, and you want a calm, focused mind and a healthy body to deal with this world that is literally trying to break down both your mind and your body.

If you experience any of the following things it is essential that you learn to soothe


-You worry about everything.

-You struggle to slow down.

-You have panic attacks or anxiety follows you throughout the day.

-The world overwhelms you.

-You suffer from some form of trauma.

-You feel disconnected from your inner self.

-You approach new situations from a place of fear rather than curiousity.

-You feel unloved and unsupported by others.

If any of you experienced early childhood trauma, neglectful or emotionally absent parents, a chronically mentally or emotionally abusive environment or a dysfunctional familiy you probably never learned how to calm yourself.

When you learn to self-sooth you will be more grounded, more mindful, and wil have less physical ailments and illnesses.

When you learn how to self-sooth you will better be able to “hold yourself together,” and you will become less anxious over time.

The following list are ways that you do NOT want to  calm yourself down:



Bad sleep habits.


Over consuming caffeine. 


Drug use. 


Alcohol abuse-Hey, if some people need a few drinks during the week to calm down in this sick fuck world, I do not blame them-Its when it gets out of control when it gets ugly.


Light a candle and just let your eyes relax on it.

Do whatever it takes to make yourself laugh so have a video playlist of comedies ready and have comedies on DVDs set to play-You have to do as much as you can in order to process this fkd up world when you are aware how screwed up it is as I know all of you are.

Write this one down: Its called the Palm Push and all you do is push your palms together hard as you can and hold for 5 to 10 seconds and this gives your body a proprioceptive input meaning it lets your body know where it is in space-its like a mini Yoga pose just using your palms which you can do anywhere.

Just lying in bed or on your couch with your eyes closed while you are awake will give your brain a much-needed break because 80 percent of our sensory stimulation comes in through our eyes so shutting them down for a little bit during the day can really help you calm down and focus.

Allow yourself to just say aloud that you are anxious or angry.  When you label how you’re feeling and allow yourself to express it, the anxiety and anger you’re feeling might decrease.

Create your own mantra to use in critical situations and just make sure its one that you know is helpful, such as saying to yourself, “will this matter to me this time next week” or “how important is this?”  

You can say to yourself, “am I going to allow this person/situation to steal my peace?” 

If you’re in a place that is getting you angry or anxious, if you can walk out, then walk out without feeling defeated or as if you are “less than.”  In this world self-preservation is essential-do whatever it takes to remain centered without trying to be a perfectionist.  It is doable.  

So just walk out of the place you are in and focus on something more pleasant.

Find a centering object because when you are anxious or angry much of your energy is spent on irrational thoughts .  When you are calm, look for a “centering object: such as stuffed animal or a polished rock that you keep in your pocket or a locket around your neck. 

Tell yourself that you’re going to touch this object when you feel anxious or frustrated and this will center you and help calm your thoughts.

Learn the simple technique known as progressive muscle relaxation which helps you calm down and center yourself.

You start at your toes and tense then release them and work your way up your entire body-Just look it up on You Tube.  Progressive muscle relaxation.

Never let yourself go hungry.  Intermittent fasting is not for everyone.  Some of us need a good supply of energy from food throughout the day to keep our minds and bodies working optimally, so carry around beef jerkeys or protein bars but always have food around-I have had mild anxiety while being out sometimes and after having a couple of beef sticks and water, I’m fine.  

Then there are people who get “hangry” because they’re hungry so they’re hungry and angry which just sounds so fucking stupid but its a real thing, so to keep yourself from feeling anxious or angry, have snacks throughout the day while out or at home.

Some people nibble on dark chocolate to boost brain health and reduce stress, and if you are going to eat dark chocolate, get one that’s organic, and is the highest in cacao and lowest in sugar-But you do not need nasty ass chocolate to keep calm and focused. You can just take the amino acid supplement L-Theanine.

Look up active visualization which means that in your mind’s eye you visualize yourself being calm.

This one is really good: The average brain has 70,000 thoughts per day and for most people 70% are negative and the negative impact of stress is not due to the events in your life as much as its due to your thoughts about them  as in your automatic negative reactions and how you distort the truth of these events as in making them out to be far worse than they were because traumatized people tend to think in the most negative extremes which is some kind of survival mechanism. 

So you want to make it a habit to think and speak as positive as possible.

If you multitask you will burn yourself out because research confirms that multi tasking is stressful and makes you less productive.  I can personally attest that being mindful and doing one thing at a time may FEEL as if you are going slow but this is our perceptions fooling us.  

You get far more done when you focus and are not pressed for time.

Learn a musical instrument or begin drawing and/or painting.

I think that I already said this but it bears repeating:  Enjoy the company of animals. 

Spending time with a beloved pet lessns fear, stress and anxiety which makes you healthier and happier and although I have not looked it up, I am positive that cats and dogs have empathic type of abilities. 

Just do not expect a reptile, tarantula or a frog to make you feel better.

Take omega 3 salmon oil or krill oil as a supplement but never use seed or legume oils such as soy, cottonseed, canola, safflower, grapeseed oil or any other crap oils-Look into cold-pressed organic olive oil from a company that’s been around a long time because there is a lot of fake olive oil on the market.

Look into a vitamin E supplement and take it with C but try to get a vitamin E that has a good selection of tocopherols. 

You really want to limit your amount of caffeine because excess consumption of caffeine has been shown to increase stress hormones in the body because it directly stimulates the adrenal cortex which releases cortisol into the bloodstream and increases stress hormone levels.

Spend as much time in nature as you can because this is our normal state of existence and it is calming and healing.

Look into something called the emotional freedom technique or EBT which is tapping based on ancient Chinese accupressure and modern psychology.

Look into deep breathing exercises.

Learn how to rewrite your story because when you do you will feel less afraid. 

You want to reframe the situation by redefining what you think failure is-Every failure is a learning opportunity and it teaches you much more than success , so when you imagine an outcome as a failure, take the time to reimagine it and redefine it as learning.  It sucks, but its data.  Information. Information needed to do better and grow.

My You Tube videos have always been about working on all those things that lie in our ability to realistically change, and this ideology has given me far more options or choices than I would have had were I pathetic enough to waste my time hoping for some external savior to bring all criminals to justice and make this a better world-There is no Q-Its the same as “Operation Trust” which  was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.

No offense to the devout but Christ is not going to save mankind-The bible was most likely written by the same parasites that run this reality. 

No benevolent aliens are going to save us and there is not going to be any of that bullshit new age ascension.

And as far as all of the truthers on the web go, if they are well-known, then nearly off of them are government-corporate-controlled opposition, fake whistle blowers, fake activists and fake insiders-They control ALL sides, so the alternative media is just another arm of the mainstream media.

I no longer listen to any videos or podcasts that use drama, over the top fear, divide and conquer or any other manipulative shit because I know that none of these people have ever and will never give out information that is truly useful as far as healing one’s mind and body in this openly evil world.

What’s my point?

Our subconscious mind soaks everything that we see and hear up like a sponge and no matter how discerning or knowledge you think you are, no matter how clever you think you are, the disinformation that you take in by reading, watching and/or listening to fear porn will become part of your inner world which will influence how you reason things out;For example, when those things Brian Ardiss and Stew Peters went on about the snake venom, there are people who believed this lie and although I did not listen to these scumbags, I know that the “snake venom in the water” and the poke scared the hell out of a lot of people who trust these liars-Then there is Dr. Zelensky whose Z-pack of nutrients was supposed to protect people from the cooties when there’s never been any cooties 19 the real cases are from pollutants such as cyanide-But something as simple as hearing people rant on about a bioweapon controls a person’s world view while keeping them in an easy to control state of fear and from my decades of experience with organized stalking and remote neural monitoring, plus a lifetime of brainwashing from this sick society, cleaning as much garbage out of my mind as possible has become an obsession with me as I value my free will-I value my logic and reasoning and I have a high level of self-respect that will not tolerate a government-sponsored mainstream or alternative media liar trying to control me with fear.

I kid you not-Just having ONE flawed foundational principal will influence much of your thinking:

If you think that demons are coming in from CERN and its the end of the world, this shit will work on your nerves-There is no proof of what they claim at CERN and believe it or not, MUCH of what is called science does not use the scientific method meaning its a complex lie just as virology is a complex lie, just as the information on bioweapons are complex lies-There are chemical, radiological and directed energy weapons but no bioweapons-There’s no viruses that can be

weaponized and bacteria itself is not toxic-What certain species of bacteria produce when they consume organic materials, now THAT is toxic.

There is zero proof that hell exists-there may be hellish realms and of course hell is a state of mind, but zero proof of a literal hell, but the unproven fear of satan, demons and hell controls who knows how many hundreds of millions of minds with fear, and all of this coming from an openly perverted and degenerate religious system.

So what I’ve gone on about  has everything to do with controlling and even conquering many of your fears because when you refuse to be objective about something, then you are allowing your imagination to run wild which keeps you easy to control which those who have violated your life want.

So if any of you listen to, read or watch information that gives you zero true personal power, and basically makes you depend on someone else for help, then they are the enemy.  

I know that the world is getting more dangerous.  I know that we are in the midst of a reset as we exist in a realm that works by some kind of cycles.  I know that there is an open communist techocratic takeover going on now but its SLOW-it is the totalatarian tiptoe as in they most likely will not starve us out overnight but they MIGHT pull some shit-I have stored food and emergency heating as well as a emergency lighting but I also know that Y2K never came to pass as far as the SHTF scenario just as Jade Helm did not end up with everyone being rounded up and thrown into camps-It was propaganda as the Mayan calendar and of the world was propaganda as satellites as in Elon Musks coded 42  5 G satelites and space X launches are propaganda as nearly all if not all mass shootings pushed by the media are hoaxes in which no one died-they are not false flags as this means that someone died-Just as the burden of proof of the existence of viruses is on virologists to prove isolation and purification and that there are no other possible causes of illness such as chemical poisons, so too is the burden of proof that anyone was killed in a well-publicized media shooting case-They have to conclusively prove that someone died, not those investigating these claims.

IF by some chance the shit does hit the fan, this apocalpytic ‘Red Dawn’ lets flee into the wilderness to survive bullshit?

Since the military and Flaw enforcement has never been our friends, there’s ground-based radar, thermal imaging, spy drones, planes, helicopters and other ways to track people and from my experience, my research, if you believe that everyone in this world’s body and mind can be tracked by what we are told is the NSA’s remote neural monitoring, then where can you hide if and when the shit hits the fan?

And to make it clear, I am not OK with any of this.  But I am not delusional.

During this Covid farce, there was useless talk of a “Nuremburg 2.0,” and it was idiotic because if any Nazis were executed in the first obviously fake Nuremburg trials, well, there’s the I dunno, thousands of Nazi war criminals and there were thousands of Japanese war criminals that the United States brought in to become part of the war against their own citizenry.

No one is coming to save us, and as long as anyone expects an external savior, they will live in fear because they have given much of their free will over to, well, to people or beings that they think are better, wiser, more powerful and more intelligent than they are and this is not living.  Its tragic.

I am probably pissing some people off but I am not going out of my way to do this-I will not lie to myself and unless I have a damned good reason, I will not lie to others, strangers or not.

I’ll end with a few good quotes on fear:

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once you thought you couldn’t.”

“Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming it is the mark of a successful person.”

 “Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.” 

“Your hardest times often lead you to the greatest moments of your life.”

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” 

The Stasi:

Phoenix project:

MK Ultra:


FBI’s domestic terrorist file:

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