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“FULL PODCAST” How to Win the Game of Life and Exit the Illusionary Matrix that We Dream With Wayne Bush

How to Win the Game of Life and Exit the Illusionary Matrix that We Dream With Wayne Bush

Howdy Members. on today’s podcast show i was joined by researcher, Wayne Bush from Texas to discuss his work and many years of research into NDE’S , the afterlife and nature of reality. 

We continue to break down the matrix like system or artificially constructed dream like reality around us and chat about ways to break through this mirror of illusion.

We discuss the Demiurge, afterlife and near death experiences and why we need to be continually reincarnated back into the earth realm to learn from either hardships or pain and how we can escape this continuous vicious circle simply by being aware of it. 

Wayne is one of the deepest researchers i know and has studied for many years on all the subjects that we discussed today so i hope the members enjoy this full podcast. 

Wayne Currently Lives In Texas 


Just to give listeners who haven’t heard me before a quick synopsis of my work…
for over 20 years I have been researching the meaning of life, why we’re here and what happens when we die.
I draw from many areas of research including near death experiences, out of body experiences, psychedelic experiences, language including reverse speech, ancient texts, science and also facets of pop culture such as Hollywood movies and music.

It is my conclusion that the soul is tricked into reincarnating on Earth over and over again by interdimensional parasites which can take any form they like.

They have created a matrix or illusion to imprison us in a low frequency or state of consciousness.
All we need to do is wake up and remember the divine nature of the light we have within ourselves
and that upon death we can immediately raise our frequency and create our own reality instantaneously by ignoring and avoiding the trap the archons have set for us with the tunnel and light they have created to lure us.

There they pose as our gods and spirit guides to convince us to return to Earth where we are used as a source of energy or food for them, also as entertainment.

If you have any thoughts or experiences you would like to share with Wayne, please do. Wayne can be reached at [email protected].



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