February 25, 2024

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Concept of fear of coronavirus. Woman covers her face her hands on background with coronavirus.

“Howdy Members” On tonight’s podcast 02/08/21 i am joined by Leon Pittard who used to host the great online radio show, Fairdinkum Radio.

Leon talks us through his incredible journey of hosting Fairdinkum Radio and the challenges though the years he has faced.

Leon also chats about his current project and how he is continuing to create great thought provoking content for his listeners. 

We discuss the evil darkness that all Australians are now facing and the incredible need for the Australian people to stand up and fight back against this parasitic intrusion.

If you would like to join the email list to receive Leon’s latest shows then please contact him directly via email below and mention our show here on the crazz files. 

[email protected]


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