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“FULL PODCAST” The Silent Crime Of Organized Gang Stalking And Targeted Individuals’ With Scott Snitzer

“Howdy Members” On today’s podcast show i am joined by researcher, Scott Snitzer to cover his many years of research into the silent torture of targeted individuals. 

Scott delivers an incredible presentation into the world of remote neural monitoring, Government sponsored gang stalking and assault by “non-lethal” or directed energy weapons.

Scott and i had a great pre and after show chat about all sorts of things so the full podcast is here for the crazz members. 

Below you will find some of Scott’s show notes for the podcast, Scott’s YouTube channel and also many important links about the topics that were discussed on the podcast.

Check Out Scott’s YouTube Channel Here 
Four years ago, I began creating You Tube videos for targeted individuals and nearly all of my research and content has been focused on teaching people how to help themselves because it has always been impossible to use activism, emails or phone calls to get help from the same government authorities that are behind the targeting programs; My channel focuses on the fundamentals of how our minds are controlled by both technology and societal brainwashing, on nutrition, intelligent supplementation, on not wasting time trying to reason with the order-following street level terrorists AKA “perps,” not identifying as a victim regardless that all targets are victims of human trafficking, to not waste time trying to get aid from the mostly (government-sponsored) and in general, to focus one’s time and energy on those things which we can realistically control.
I assume that most of your audience is unfamiliar with government sponsored stalking, remote neural monitoring and assault by “non-lethal” or directed energy weapons.
So I’m going to cover the bare basics of these programs so that your viewers have a bit of a frame of reference on what I’m talking about.
Its well known that there’s an epidemic of work place and school bullying, both which can cause severe emotional and physical harm.
With just a little online research you can find stories of members of the church of Scientology who were stalked by members of it after leaving the cult.
There’s the very well known stalking done to women by ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands.
There’s a from of predictive policing done by the Sheriff’s office of Pasco County, Florida which harasses people in their own homes using a method they call “predictive policing.”.  This program is a crude version of the dystopian science fiction movie ‘Minority Report,’ in which innocent civilians have been subjected to near-constant police surveillance and harassment.
Then there is what’s been termed “bullying on steroids” also known as organized gang stalking in which innocent civilians are mercilessly harassed by their government, corporations and a network of civilian stalkers which always includes the person’s neighbors and the person targeted is always initially subjected to an insane amount of harassment out of nowhere as in the military technique of “shock and awe.”
The person goes through sleep deprivation, an awareness that they no longer have any privacy, some kind of character smear campaign spread by the police and neighbors, directed conversation in which things a person privately knows or did or even thought of are spoken by other people to freak them out.
Then there’s the noise campaign, the brighting, color sensitization in which the color red is often used to instill fear into the target.
Street theatre where a group will “perform” an overt activity like a fake confrontation in front of the target.
The organized street terrorism by civilians and openly corrupt govt workers includes slow drive-bys, hateful staring, mimicking or copying what the target does, threats, vehicular mobbing, interference with ground mail, email, texts phone calls, breaking into a person’s house or apartment and stealing and/or rearranging things, property damage, attacks on one’s pets.
And its very common for targets to be wirelessly sexually assaulted, especially females, to get vivid artificial or synthetic dreams, to be wirelessly bombarded with violent and perverted thoughts, to have one’s emotions tweaked from fear to anger to ecstasy to brain fog-Anything that the human mind and body can think of and feel, respectively, so too can radio waves or microwaves affect any part of the brain or body (as we know so far from what is online).
People are gang stalked, assaulted by directed energy weapons, lasers, possibly MASERS and sometimes get something called voice to skull or V2K
One of the biggest tactics of these programs uses gas lighting (from Verywell Mind) “which is a psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one’s emotional or mental stability”
The following is a combination of why innocent civilians are stalked and some of the obvious and non-obvious goals of the targeted individual programs:
From Vocabulary.Com: Extra-judicial punishment which means that something that isn’t backed or upheld by the law. Taking revenge on someone instead of taking them to court is an extrajudicial punishment.  Or from Rational Wiki: Extrajudicial punishment consists of various actions to imprison, relocate, harm, torture, or kill someone outside of the legal system.
To drive the targeted individual into the mental health system so that they completely lose credibility while becoming a customer of the pharmaceutical industry which in turn causes a myriad of health problems which shortens a person’s life span.
They try to make the target lash out at one of their harassers or an innocent person whom the target thinks is harassing them due to sleep deprivation and relentless psychological trauma which pushes some people to the edge.
Another goal of the program is to try to drive the target to commit suicide all the while those behind these programs have full plausible deniability.
These programs can be likened to the saying “death by a thousand cuts.”
Human experimentation as in how the brain and body respond to fear, anger and pain and this includes some kind of remote brain mapping which the wireless monitoring and mind reading called remote neural monitoring perform at the speed of light faster than thought.
Depopulation has been stated to be a goal of these programs but that makes zero sense as the entire populace is subjected to it.
People who are human and animal rights activists are often targeted as well as whistle blowers, so the stalking programs are a means to both punish innocents while making them an example to others who might want to do the right thing.
People are emotionally and physically tortured for the sheer sadistic pleasure by all those involved in the governments/military, corporations and the civilian stalkers employed.
A huge reason for the targeting is to justify the the national security and counter terrorism budget of the nation involved
The advanced artificial intelligence computers that are being used to read and control minds and bodies ties right into transhumanism as in those behind these programs want to create either a sentient or self-aware non-human intelligence or possibly the transhumanist merging of machine with a human being-These are some seriously sick evil fucks.
One goal of targeting I’ve never read is to not only try to control the life of the target but to control the lives of the civilians involved in the stalking because the targeting is but one part of the “divide and conquer” strategy used by the governments of the world to separate and control everyone.
Civilians happily harass a totally innocent neighbor and often a family member because:
There seems to be some kind of fake but very realistic criminal profile created by the intel agencies and/or law enforcement which is shown to the civilians who are used to harass the person and this most likely includes pedophilia for men, or that the person is a murderer,  but could not be convicted, or supposedly that the person is “mentally ill” and “dangerous,”  but although the smear campaign is real, after enough time most people can see that the targeted person is harmless-People stalk and harass other people because they are weak, greedy fucking cowards who have zero self-respect and almost without questions do exactly what their authority figures in law enforcement and possibly homeland security tell them to do.
People supposedly stalk other citizens out of patriotism which makes zero sense because the stalking programs violate people’s constitutional rights.
People stalk and harass to feel power and control over other human beings, and they often do this to make friends with other harassers.  I’m not kidding.
There are a lot of retired and veterans who stalk innocent civilians to feel a sense of purpose and belonging and to supplement their incomes.
From my own harassment at the gym and supermarkets a HUGE percentage of these civilian stalkers have made a deal for their “freedom” by agreeing to harass innocent people.
I’ve also read that people harass others to pay off student loans.
Remote neural monitoring short explanation of what it can do, mass mind control, radio waves, microwaves, sonics-I can go into the basics of these if you want, Adam
In my own videos I’ve often cited the many ways in which everyone on this planet is a targeted individual because of:
These are some of the ways in which everyone in this world (plane) is targeted:
HOW everyone in this place is assailed by: Synthetic (fracking and “Covid) and mined chemicals (lead, aluminum), illegal and RX and OTC drugs, ultrasound, X-rays, halogen and other light bulbs, building materials, mold & myctoxins (wheat, oats), chemicals in mattresses for babies and adults, vaccines including SIDS, fluoride, radio waves, microwaves, HAARP, all pollution, personal care products, halogens everywhere, noise pollution, traumatic child birth, all social engineering (DEFINE) and social programming, porn, war, religion, veganism, Nutrasweet, xenoestrogenes
These are some of the approaches that I have covered on my You Tube channel which people who are targeted can realistically apply to their own lives and have a real sense of power and meaning in their life:
How people who are targeted can (realistically) take control over much of their lives by taking as much control of their health as possible:
Getting rid of as many toxins (which includes negative people) while adding as many positive things as possible boosts a person’s health and helps them withstand the pressures of the modern world of which targeting is a part of-Targets want to address how they deal with ALL emotional and physical stressors, not just from the targeting, and it has to be approached from a holistic perspective
Examples of what people can do include:
First off, I’m not a doctor because I’m not a psychotic murderer, but I have done a tremendous amount of research into both medicine and alternative treatments, but nonetheless, if you want to take care of your health problems, please do your research and do not just take me at my word no matter how logical I may sound.
So you want to-
Go over the side effects of all over the counter and prescription medications as these alone can cause medical problems which include nutrient deficiencies while taking some well-chosen supplements to correct the lack of nutrients that most people have (e.g. magnesium, vitamins C, D, B-complex, ect)
Dietary changes (e.g. high animal proteins)
Reduction of electro magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation and grounding pads can help-The problem with EMF protecting gear as that some of it may not be as efficient as advertised.
A large percentage of TIs are on the ASD spectrum meaning that they are extra sensitive to noise and light, so there are ear plugs which reduce or block noise, and blue blocker glasses which can be worn at night to reduce headlight glare (a lot of TIs seem to get “brighted” by cars).
Despite being victims of crimes, targets have to acknowledge their losses and move on because the more that they identify as a victim (which is popular in the online TI community conference calls and video echo chambers) the worse their emotional and physical health will degrade.
Realizing that the organized stalking and harassment puts people into a state of complex PTSD which is due to multiple trauma  and looking into therapies which help “purge” the trauma from the body such as hypnotherapy (qualify this), emotional freedom technique, EMDR and, trauma releasing exercise-No one ever fully recovers from trauma but life become much more bearable.
Knowing that one has been sensitized to specific words, sounds and colors and when you are aware of this it becomes much easier to laugh it off or ignore because these triggers have been used as weapons against you when you were not aware that you’d been sensitized to them to begin with.
Journaling, which includes writing out all of your good and bad points as in all of your strengths and weaknesses as your insecurities as used as weapons against you-Insight into yourself is a huge part of countering much of the psychological operations waged on you as a target.
Do not call yourself a “targeted individual” anymore, or use the word “gang stalking” because this perpetuates the victim mindset.
There are many free online test for high functioning Autism and ADHD and from my experience a large percentage of targeted people are “on the spectrum.”
After I self-diagnosed with Autism I figured out many of the ways in which the harassers had taken advantage of my mindset (such as problems thinking more than one move ahead as in Chess meaning executive functioning or perceptual deficits).
So say someone has ASD or ADHD, the problems with impulse control makes it easier for someone to react to being bullied whereas “normal” people can usually put on the emotional “brakes” right away.
Other ways to deal with the targeting:
It seems as though more people than ever have seasonal affective disorder (or S.A.D.) in which people become pathologically depressed in the fall and winter months and if someone is targeted, then this time of year coupled with the isolation and the holiday season can be particularly upsetting so a natural light booth and vitamin D supplementation (among other treatment modalities) can make a huge difference.
Finding as many things as possible to look forward to, short-term, mid-term and long-term which of course includes (realistic) goal setting which in and of itself will give a person a sense of control over their life and with the stalking, remote neural monitoring and/or DE attacks going on, the more purpose and direction a person has the more that they can accomplish.
For people who are targeted, its essential to know that they never “fell for” or “played into” anything.  They have been isolated, terrorized, traumatized, and worn down while having their very thoughts, emotions and bodily functions manipulated-its not about “forgiving” oneself, its about understanding that these programs only target the strongest of people and that their self-esteem has taken a really hard hit which is one of the main reasons why I push working on one’s self-esteem.
Getting a pet or two-Or three.
Trying different hobbies and interests out and see what brings you the most peace and sense of accomplishment.
Realizing that there is a huge difference between being alone and “lonely,” and that if anyone has turned on you that you are not “missing out” on Jack shit.
Networking with like-minded and sane people.
If a TI’s family member and/or friends is an ally in all parts of their life but does not believe the person when they state they are being targeted, then the target should never accuse the person of working with the government to harass them as this is part of the very subtle “divide and conquer” stratagem.
Getting into some kind of regular exercise program while taking into consideration any current medical conditions or possible physical limitations and adjusting one’s program around this.  For example, even people who are not very mobile can do Pilates-Its well known that gyms are notorious for harassment-I myself have been lifting at home for about six-years and you can have a really good home gym on a budget.
Filtering one’s water in both the kitchen and the shower.
Not wasting one’s time writing puppet politicians, or appealing to the openly corrupt local police or FBI.  Not wasting time going to the fully controlled TV and radio stations, or any of the newspapers.
Activism for targeted individuals is a waste of time-These programs possibly generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue a year and it can never be made public that millions of innocent civilians have been experimented on, tortured and murdered by their own governments.
Look into apartment and home security measures such as pick proof locks(?), game cameras which capture long-distance stills and video, wireless doorbells (I know, hackable), security cameras for all entrances.
Having some kind of legal protection in your home, car and when you are on foot.
Blackout curtains and/or black contact paper to put on windows if you get bright light harassment and to help you sleep.
Benefits of home made water kefir.
Understand that there is a literal war on for your mind, not only with the targeting but the way in which all nearly all information is filtered onto the public as the internet has always been a military operation and civilians-ALL civilians have always been the enemy.
To better deal with the perception management and information warfare a person is subjected to when targeted it is essential to stop listening to all targeted individual conference calls as most of the well-known names in the online TI community are controlled opposition or “agents,” and most of the online videos on targeting are either controlled opposition or people who are not thinking critically and I am not being harsh-If someone is targeted-No, if someone is a truther in general they have to be very selective as to what sources of information they will read, watch and listen to.
Nearly all of the online fake truther community is controlled or when they are real they just parrot the bullshit from the controlled opposition and most of the online “alternative news” is an extension of the mainstream media which itself has always been part of the “ministry of information” (Orwell).
And although I know that this world is getting worse, I also know that when it comes to the fake online truthers, no one has ever called them on their bullshit.  There has never been any serious condemnation of all of the fear mongering fuckers who cried “the end of the world” while selling storable food, or how Jade Helm did not manifest into martial law, or how the Mayan calendar’s “end of the world” prophecy did not come to pass as Nibiru did not hit the earth or how we never ran out of oil-in my videos I have recommended that people continue to stock up on food and other supplies and I am for avoiding the modern medical system as much as possible, but I do not think that they are going to starve everyone out because there are far too many obvious long-term plans which killing a big part of the population would screw up.
My point is that when people are undergoing intense daily harassment and are seeking answers as to what’s going on, the less pressure that they have the better they will be able to control their lives, so say that in addition to listening to TI conference calls and videos that they are also truthers, they will only be compounding their misery by thinking that everything is fearful which leads into-
People must learn about the sympathetic nervous system fight, flight or freeze response because the targeting is intended to make the person self-destruct and the non-stop fear causes the adrenals to secrete adrenaline and cortisol which wears the body down over time-The entire body is interdependent, but some adaptogenic herbs such as Holy Basil or Schisandra Berry can help people calm down and deal with stress.
There are many homeopathic treatments for anxiety which work as well as prescription medications without the addiction or the side effects (list a few) as well as Bach’s flower remedy.
Something as simple as supplementing with Iodine can make a huge difference in a person’s energy levels.
What made a big difference for me was not wasting time looking for solutions in the online TI community but finding out ways to boost my mind and body which helped me better deal with the targeting or some “out of the box” or lateral thinking which leads into the fact that aside from trusted friends, no one is coming to save us.
Not benevolent aliens, not religious figures, no politicians of course-no one but ourself.


Remote neural monitoring




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