March 4, 2024

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“FULL PODCAST” Transhumanism And Humanity’s Dark Future With Scott Snitzer

Scott Snitzer

Researcher Scott Snitzer is back with me today 02/11/22 to co-host the podcast to cover the slow creeping Transhumanist agenda in more depth. 

Scott was originally going to do part one today and part two later in the month but as he was on a roll he decided to do both which includes our after show discussion. 

Thank you for having me back on your show, Adam. 

Because its a beast of a topic, my coverage of the Transhumanist agenda will be in two parts and I am going to cover what I think are the more important points of it that your listeners should find interesting and insightful-So I’m going to avoid the more dry parts of Transhumanism, such as its history.


Transhumanism is a scientific and cultural movement that is based on the belief that human beings are ruining the planet, and that we can evolve beyond our current mental and physical limitations by the use of technology and this includes enhancing our intellectual, physical and psychological capabilities  by merging Artificial Intelligence, neural interfaces, Nanotechnology, genetic engineering and Synthetic Biology.

The advocates for Transhumanism seek to transcend the ordinary limitations of humanity in an effort to become “god-like,which is also called the singularity, the moment when man transcends himself and becomes a new creation,

as in Humans 2.0, and achieve immortality.

The well-known futurist, Ray Kurzweil believes that the singularity will occur by 2045 during a future period in which technological advance is so rapid and its impact is so deep that human life will be irreversibly transformed and there will be no distinction, post-Singularity, between human and machine or between physical and virtual.

Those who aren’t interested in uploading their minds may change themselves with cybernetic devices like bionic arms instead of biological ones.

The term “posthuman” refers to the human body augmented by cybernetic and nanotechnology, the human body having evolved to a higher stage of evolution or existence, human beings in a collective consciousness, or even the human mind translated to digital data and downloaded into a digital system where humans have no bodies at all and exist purely in a digital format

This aspect of Transhumanism is highly speculative and many Transhumanists disagree as to what exactly “posthuman” will look like, but all agree that it is a goal of Transhumanism.

There is nothing benevolent about this proposed evolution of the human species as this movement is just another form of eugenics or population control, and has nothing to do with transcending our current limitations.

Eugenics refers to the use of procedures like selective breeding and forced sterilization in an attempt to improve the genetic purity of the human race. 

Eugenicists believe that disease, disability, and “undesirable” human traits can be “bred out” of the human race., eugenics, in the form of forced sterilization, was first used in the United States during the early 1900s. 

The first obvious point is that humans have been intentionally degnerated by many means through generations going all the way back to the introduction of crops-especially wheat and when the industrial revolution/mass produced synthetic chemicals and heavy metals and eventually Rockefeller medicine replaced most naturopathy, people were degenerated emotionally, mentally and physically, so “they” created the problem, controlled OUR reaction to it and soon they will offer the “solution” of transhumanism to overcome the physical and mental problems that these parasites created in the first place- so basically, if these fucks never interferred with humanity in the first place, they would not have to offer this hellish hedonistic nightmare as “mankind’s savior” as in all current diseases are preventable and most are reversible.

For example, you would not need no pharmaceuticals to supress symptoms and you would not need most trauma care if we did not live in such a needlessly toxic and dangerous world.

Transhumanism is Inversion Reality to create order out of chaos, where up is down, black is white, sickness is health, male is female, abnormal is normal, and uniformity is unity-Uniformity as in Communism which is very similar to the some of the technocratic goals of Transhumanism and I will get into that a little later.

In the last two and half years, we have seen the quickening of the globalist’s Technocratic takeover.

A Technocracy is a scientific dictatorship, enabled by full-scale surveillance, in which an elite class of scientists and engineers manages every facet of life. 

Technocracy is the Brave New World in Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel, and Technocracy has everything to do with Trans-humanism. Utilizing simple logic, if society must be transformed into Technocracy, then the humans who live there must be transformed into Trans humans, or, a perfectly efficient, utopian society. 

Of course none of these goals could possibly be achieved without artificial intelligence computers which can mimic human brain functions such as learning, problem-solving and self-improvement.

Artificial intelligence is a constellation of many different technologies working together to enable machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence. 

Modern supercomputers are capable of outperforming human beings in many respects, but not all — particularly in abstract or intuitive reasoning. Nevertheless, we are edging ever closer to the day when machine intelligence could very well surpass humanity.

The main limit on AI is that it can’t think for Itself:It can only do the tasks it is programmed for. 

These systems cannot make decisions based on emotions, compassion, and empathy-I will get into the arguments for free will and the debate over whether or not a human mind can be uploaded into a computer while retaining the original person’s consciousness-

I know that the government uses all kinds of mainstream and alternative media disinformation to make people think that they are more powerful than they are, but from my experience with targeted individuals, the governments of the world are decades and scores of years ahead of the scientific advances from universities, government contractors and other private corporations as we see and read about from mainstream news sources.

They can remotely project a person into what’s called immersive virtual reality and they can literally read and control minds while observing everything that the target does through their eyes.  

In my first interview with Adam, I covered the topic of targeted individuals and over the course of nine-years, I’ve done a lot of research on the technology involved in it and much of what targets of government-sponsored torture get is directly tied into transhumanism and I am positive that targets have been the beta test or “Guinea pigs” for technologies that were always intended to be used on the entire population of the plane.

Remote Neural Monitoring is a non invasive functional neuroimaging technique allowing anyone’s brain to be turned into a camera and microphone device by decoding wirelessly acquired brain imaging data and extracting subvocalizations, visual and auditory perceptions using deep neural networks. 

The EMF emissions from the brain can be decoded into current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject’s brain. 

It sends complicated codes and electromagnetic pulse signals to activate evoked potentials inside the brain, thus generating sounds and visual images in the neural circuits. 

With its speech, auditory and visual communication systems, RNM allows for a complete audio-visual brain to brain link or a brain-to-computer link.

RNM can also detect hearing via electromagnetic microwaves, and it also features the transmission of specific commands into the subconscious, producing visual disturbances, visual hallucinations and injection of words and numbers in to the brain through electromagnetic radiation waves. 

Also, it manipulates emotions and thoughts and reads thoughts remotely, causes pain to any nerve of the body, allows for remote manipulation of behaviour, controls sleep patterns through which control over communication is made easy. 

This can be used for crime investigation and security management.

The development of this technology started in the 60’s with the MKUltra’s subproject 119 intended to allow recording and analysis of brain activity using bioelectric sensors and manipulation of the human being through electromagnetic means.

So basically, the governments of the world can both read and control anyone’s mind to varying degrees-This is not “psycho talk.”  I, and many other people I fully trust have endured this violation of our minds and bodies for a very long time and this remote radiofrequency influencing can not only mimic whatever our minds and bodies can do, it can exceed our capablities as we know them.

Some of the capablities of this technology include: Forced body movement, sexual stimulation, pain induction, supression of memories, full access to our memories, control over our thoughts and emotions.

Different frequencies can create different sensations in the body-They can make you feel pain or sexual arousal. 

They can nullify the effects of alcohol or they can make you tired or fully alert with the RNM.

Those who are part of the online community of targeted individuals are fully aware that  via the remote neural monitoring technologies, our brains are being mapped non-stop which is one of the claimed reasons for the violent psychological and remote physical assaults on a targete individual with both gang stalking and directed energy weapons;to get a reaction which can be analyzed and recorded for future use-

The Human Connectome Project was launched in 2009 and is called “an ambitious effort to map the neural pathways that underlie human brain function. 

The overarching purpose of the Project is to acquire and share data about the structural and functional connectivity of the human brain. 

It will greatly advance the capabilities for imaging and analyzing brain connections, resulting in improved sensitivity, resolution, and utility, thereby accelerating progress in the emerging field of human connectomics.

 Understanding these wiring patterns within and across individuals will help researchers begin to decipher the electrical signals that generate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

This is another example in which what mainstream science reports as cutting edge is in reality decades ahead because remote neural monitoring has supposedly been in use by the National Security Agency since the early 1980’s and this could also be government-sponsored disinformation.

I am only speculating here, but its very possible that the remote influencing technoogy can create what’s called Augmented reality in a person’s field of vision meaning that virtual objects can be overlaid in real world environments in real time, so for example, the tech could theoritically make me see a car driving by where there is no car because my brain is being tricked into seeing a 3D virtual object moving in the street where there is not an actual car.

Unlike virtual reality which tries to recreate and replace an entire real-life environment with a virtual one, augmented reality is about enriching an image of the real world with computer-generated images and digital information. It seeks to change perception by adding video, infographics, images, sound, and other details.

You need special glasses or a smart phone or tablet to use augmented reality but most truthers know that the governments of the world are decades to perhaps hundreds of years ahead of what they tell us is “cutting edge” research in the mainstream media.

I have spoken with two targets whom I fully trust, one whom I trust with my life and they have described something to me that fits in with Facebook’s Metaverse and what many transhumanists claim will be the inveitable uploading of a human consciousness to a computer.

Immersive virtual reality (immersive VR) is the presentation of an artificial environment that replaces users’ real-world surroundings convincingly enough that they are able to suspend disbelief and fully engage with the created environment. 

Immersiveness is an important element of virtual reality applications, such as VR gaming and VR therapy.

The fully immersive virtual reality that these TIs have told me about includes the sense of one’s body in space including the sense of distance, having an avatar of oneself, seeing one’s body from multiple angles as you do in a movie or video game, sharing the IVR experience with other “players,” seeing, hearing, feeling, bringing in any number of human and non-human players down to the most vivid details, FULL access to all of our memories (which questions what kind of storage space and processing speed they are using), all this has been done to TIs whom I fully trust while they were awake but drawn into this experience in which they could not gauge the passage of time.

So an example of what this remote tech can do to a target is mimic the real-life sensation of physical interaction allowing a person to interact with objects in the government-created virtual environment exactly as they would do in the real world.

The immersive VR described to me by these people used no helmets, no wires, no physical interface of any kind, and I am not sure if they have any microchip implants or not-At this point I am positive that some kind of nano tech/graphene oxide is the way that they are monitoring and controlling our bodies-Technically, microchips and nanotechnology would be the physical interface, and yes, some targeted individuals have been tested as having microchips in them, but most of those who have done the testing are controlled opposition whose reputations are dubious.

I know that Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR Innovator Edition are wireless, but the things that my friends told me of are decades ahead of what current research tells us is cutting edge immersive virtual reality. 

It is a fact that those who monitor and operate the remote neural monitoring technology can see through our eyes as you would through a camera, hear through our ears, taste and feel what the target taste and feels, and among the movies which have crudely shown how this can be done is ‘Brainstorm.’

I am now very certain that these research labs have some kind of 3-D view of almost any area outdoors and most likely inside and I am not sure if its because we live in a sea of radiowaves and microwaves or if its that AND the nanotechnology that is supposed to be everywhere, but from my experience, everyone’s mind is on this grid and its disgusting that very few truthers have given this any serious consideration;Everyone in this reality is being targeted to some degree.

 Here’s a quick definition of Artificial Intelligence, and the Technocrats could not have the degree of control that they have had over the world without computers which are programmed with Artificial intelligence (or AI) and this refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. 

The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

One of the main limitations of artificial intelligence is that it can’t think for Itself: 

Artificial Intelligence aims to process data and make a conscious decisions as we humans do. But, at present, it can only do the tasks it is programmed for. 

These systems cannot make decisions based on emotions, compassion, and empathy. 

For example, if a self-driving car is not programmed to consider animals like deer as living organism, it will not stop even if it hits a deer and knock it off.

But there are transhumanists who are positive that sentient or self-aware computers will eventually be invented.

IF its true that all of our bodies are already filled with self-assembling nanorobotics, then its possible that at least a large perecent of the world’s population are already cybernetic organisms-We’ve all been genetically modified over the course of many of our family’s generations due to metals, chemicals, EMFs & EMR, and food, so I am going to touch on nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a field of research and innovation concerned with building ‘things’ – generally, materials and devices – on the scale of atoms and molecules. 

A nanometre is one-billionth of a metre: ten times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. The diameter of a human hair is, on average, 80,000 nanometres. 

At such scales, the ordinary rules of physics and chemistry no longer apply.

 For instance, materials’ characteristics, such as their colour, strength, conductivity and reactivity, can differ substantially between the nanoscale and the macro. 

Carbon ‘nanotubes’ are 100 times stronger than steel but six times lighter.

Smart dust is part of the internet of things:

Smart Dust is sensors, robots, or devices that measure few millimeters in size, can detect states such as light, sound, movement, magnetism, chemicals, and/or temperature, and can autonomously share information over a wireless network. 

They are also known as microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS). 

So this is another example of how they want to use nanotechnology to help mankind when its another way in which they can monitor us, and this monitoring includes smart home devices such as refrigerators, the Amazon Echo, or Google Home, which brings us to the internet of things and the internet of bodies which is based on the “Internet of Things” (IoT), a physical network of internet-connected devices that collect and transfer data to one another, independently of human intervention

The “Internet of Bodies” will be created by linking human beings directly into the Internet of Things via devices that can be “implanted, swallowed or worn” (WEF). 

The IoB is a network of interconnected devices that collects data on human bodies (logging physical activities, health, etc.) and modifies their biological functions. 

Once again, the thin end of the wedge consists of near-useless products, like smartwatches, and completely useless products, like smart hairbrushes and toothbrushes.

 Smart contact lenses are on the cards too, so you can beam YouTube adverts directly into your own eyeballs.

Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters – all connected to the next-generation Internet using abundant, low cost, and high-power computing.

It keeps coming down to what is called  Full Spectrum Dominance, which is the total control of the planet: land, sea, air, space, outer space and cyberspace.  

Yes.  Its a mlitary term, but the citizens of the world have always been the enemyof those who seek full control over this reality-The targeted individual programs are run exactly as a military operation on an enemy is run and many of the agencies involved in the technology used on TIs is from the army, airforce and NAVY, the NSA and DARPA.  

The military strategies of perception management and information warfare are not only used on targeted individuals but the entire world-Look at both the mainstream and alternative medias, the education system, and the entertainment industry, and you can clearly see this.

Back to the Transhuman agenda:

The metaverse is a perfect fusion of physical, augmented, and virtual reality. 

The Metaverse is a public virtual world that may be accessed via the internet. 

It creates a virtual world experience by simulating human emotions and gestures. 

The metaverse encompasses the entire social and economic structure that exists in both the actual and virtual worlds. 

Avatars, content, and goods may all travel around freely. 

Its a living, breathing experience that never pauses or finishes like a game.

The Metaverse is a virtual reality in which individuals can communicate and transact with each other and with digital 3D items.

It relates to collaborative virtual worlds where currency can be used to buy and sell land, buildings, avatars, and even identities.

Individuals can walk around with their friends, visit places, buy things, and attend events in such environments.   

The Metaverse is the modern version of Heaven, a spiritual domain. 

It is a realm of pure mind, of pure symbol, of complete freedom from natural limits. In the Metaverse, no fundamental limit pertains to how much virtual land you can own, how many virtual outfits your avatar can wear, or how much virtual money you can have. 

The Metaverse is a long-planned out part of Transhumanism because it is an expression of the much older idea of transcendentalism, which holds human destiny to lie in the transcendence of the material realm-

Whatever any of you listening want to think about what the true nature of time is, or how much free will we possess, it is undeniable that our reality is running by some kind of meta-script or “ultimate plan,” and it is a given that both the new and old testaments were written by the same intelligence that runs our reality from behind the scenes-

There is no way in hell that so many inventions and innovations just “fell into place” to lead up to the current long-planned out global Technocratic takeover-

There are far too many moving parts in our reality for this to be just the work of the Masons, the Jesuits, the Zionists or other cabals.

Back to the Metaverse: Those isolated, anxious and easy to manipulate individuals who immerse themselves into the Metaverse, will forever chase a mirage. 

The mirage is Utopia, a perfect society in which suffering has been engineered out of existence and life gets more and more awesome every day. 

Just look at the technological program’s track record. 

We have made enormous strides in our ability to control matter and manage society. We can alter genes and brain chemistry—shouldn’t we have conquered depression by now? We can surveil nearly every human being at all times—shouldn’t we have eliminated crime by now? 

We have not. Arguably, we haven’t made any progress at all. The technocratic explanation is that we haven’t finished the job, that when our control is total, when the Internet of Things links every object into one data set, when every physiological marker is under real-time monitoring and control, when every transaction and movement is under surveillance, then there will be no more room in reality for anything we do not want. 

Elon Musk’s Neuralink project is credited with “kickstarting the Transhumanist Revolution,” and is the most obvious vector for ‘behavioral engineering.’ 

Neuralink is officially defined as an “implantable brain-machine interface [for] human symbiosis with artificial intelligence.” 

In layman’s terms, that means GloboCorp will shove microchips in your brain and hook you up to a supercomputer. 

The Neuralink chip is the size of a large coin; it replaces a fragment of your skull and plugs directly into your neurons using tiny wires. The surgery is so complex that it has to be fully automated using advanced robots, and Neuralink should be affordable to the masses, costing a few thousand dollars, at most, the same price as LASIK eye surgery.

Neural link nano wire which is basically a modern version of Jose Delgado’s wireless radio  that in the ninteteen sixties, could control the minds of any human or animal that had wires implanted in the stimoceiver, a radio which joined a stimulator of brain waves with a receiver which monitored E.E.G. waves and sent them back on separate radio channels. 

In the online TI community, the name Jose Delgado is infamous because he pioneered wireless implanted electrodes in both animals and humans in order to fully control their thoughts and actions and Delgado’s research began in the  early 1950’s and in In 1952 Delgado co-authored the first a peer-reviewed paper describing long-term electrode implantation in humans. 

Much of Delgado’s work was funded by the Office of Naval Intelligence, a conduit for CIA funding in the 1950s and 1960s. 

He invented a miniature electrode implanted in the brain — called a stimoceiver — which is capable of receiving and transmitting electronic signals wirelessly through radio waves. Once implanted, the subject’s emotional and behavioral responses could be manipulated by remote control-This is a crude version of remote neural monitoring.

Delgado implanted a stimoceiver in at least 25 humans — mostly women diagnosed with schizophrenia or epilepsy. 

Delgado’s stimoceiver was used clinically to inhibit or incite aggression in patients which Delgado viewed as a humane alternative to lobotomy. 

Several of Delgado’s experiments were recorded on film. One shows a woman calmly playing a guitar until an electric current remotely stimulates her brain, at which point she jumps up violently and smashes her guitar against the wall. 

The experiment was repeated three days in a row. (Psychocivilization) Delgado also used non-invasive remotely controlled electromagnetic radiation. 

He proudly summed up how he has “used electrodes implanted for days or months to block thought, speech, and movement, or to trigger joy, laughter, friendliness, verbal activity, generosity, fear, hallucinations, and memory.”

Remote neural monitoring can do all of this and much more-I have lived this for at least three-deacades and its not a conspiracy theory and I absolutely doubt that every single targeted individual has gotten a microchip implanted in them-Some have.  

OK.  Onto something more positive.

The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset initiative includes 

The Digital ID


World Governance

Internet Government

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Artificial Intelligence and Robots

The success of the transhumanist project is also reliant upon the creation of a one-world digital currency, that will undoubtedly be linked to these “digital identities.”

The World Economic Forum — founded by Henry Kissinger’s protégé, Klaus Schwab has published numerous articles and videos hinting at the forthcoming economic shift away from capitalism and towards a new socialistic system. The WEF calls for a fusion of private and public sectors, presumably to bring the world under the control of a centralized technocracy. 

No more ‘private’ or ‘public’ sectors, only The World Sector.

The “COVID” lockdowns are not intended to stop the spread of a “deadly” virus but to destroy the working- and middle-classes by transferring what little wealth they had left directly into the hands of the international oligarchy-

And its conclusive that the Covid vaccines contain graphene oxide and supposedly some kind of messenger RNA gene therapy and these are more steps to turning human beings into cyborgs as dramatic as that might sound to some; The Covid lockdowns have sped up the installation of 5G, of vaccinating mass populations, of pushing Communist agendas upon the world, and dividing people from each other more than ever before. 

We can ask ourselves if and when the time comes for the average person to upload their consciousness into a computer, will they do it?

Look at how far and how fast the average human being has degenerated into a near-mindless automaton that can not think for themselves and “trusts the science,” and all other authority figures.
More people than ever are incapable of critical thought, and in the United States alone, a record number of people are on psyhiatric and other medications;People are easier to manipulate than ever before in recorded history, and even though we have had a record amount of government-sponsored oppression during the plandemic, we are still going by what’s called the “totalatarian tiptoe” meaning that slowly but surely they are taking some of our freedoms away just as the controllers have been slowly but inexorably merging mankind with technlogy through the literal genetic engineering of people with GM and refined foods, vaccines, heavy metals, xeno and phyto estrogens, the nanobots that are supposedly in all of our bodies, and electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields.

Neurotechnology is a fascinating field of neuroscience and bio-engineering in which the brain is interfaced with computer-based devices. 

Technically speaking, it is defined as an assembly of methods, apparatus, and algorithms enabling a direct connection with the brain.

So-called non-invasive neurotechnology (e.g EEG, headsets, artificial intelligence), can tell quite a lot of things about someones cognitive state and mood. 

Just to give you a rough idea, it can tell whether a person is experiencing  positive or negative emotions, perceiving pleasure, be mentally engaged in a task or having an optical illusion. 

Our timeline documents examples such as body armour, spectacles, wearable calculating aids, hearing aids, diving gear, spacesuits, exoskeletons and experiments in human-machine ‘cyborgs, ‘and wrist-borne health/activity trackers which physically connect the user’s bodily functions in order to monitor them, and for by using a body area network, doctors can check the complete details of patients from a remote location and can recommend a suitable medication.

Now I’m going to list several examples of how our society has been merging humans with technology, keeping in mind that it is never for the benefit of our health.

Smart Mobiles, smart refrigerators, smartwatches, smart fire alarms, smart door locks, smart bicycles, medical sensors, fitness trackers, smart security system, etc., are few examples of the internet of things products.

Body Area Network Technology & Wireless Medical Monitoring remotely use the medical implant communication system (MICS) and Wireless medical telemetry system (WMTS). 

To monitor the patients in their natural environments-So this is yet another invasion of privacy under the guise of helping people when we all know that those who control this world have never given anything to the masses out of compassion-We have been on the path to the merging of human and machine for a very long time.

Here are some more examples of how we are slowly but surely being guided into a world of the immaterial, a lifeless virtual world: 

superheroes seeding the imagination and desire for ‘superpowers’

chatbots normalizing ‘conversations’ with computers

robotics, normalizing the interaction and communication with human-like physical bodies.

GMOs conditioning us to accept synthetic biology and food as common and inevitable

gender dysphoria normalizing non-gendered, humanoids, trying to make the human being androgynous, or both male and female like Bathomet. 

deep fakes conditioning and desensitizing human image manipulation

human/animal hybrids desensitizing us to literal transhuman bodies

brain-computer interfaces connecting natural biology to computers

sex dolls destroying natural sex and reproduction

CRISPR enabling genetic modifications and alternate/enhanced human bodies

genetic engineering enabling genetic modifications and alternate/enhanced human bodies

mRNA vaccines conditioning us to accept genetic modification and democratizing genetic engineering.

biometrics conditioning us to accept that humans can be precisely measured, compared and engineered

synthetic biology conditioning us to accept that humans can be synthetically modified

video conferencing conditioning us to accept virtual communications as normal.

drones conditioning us to accept surveillance, delivery, policing, military might, etc from non-human sources

super-soldiers testing and normalizing human augmentation

5G/6G networks building out the spatial web


To repeat myself, everything that just read has never been done out of altrusim or kindness by the mega corporations and governments of the world- All of these services, technologies, or aggressive social programming (e.g. pushing transgender and homosexualilty onto the public) to distract us, sicken and addict us, confuse us and dumb us down.

Think I’m full of it?  Here are just some of the ways in which the human species have been progressively degenerated: 

TV, pharmaceuticals, fast food, refined sugars and grains, non-native electromagentic fields, video games, porn, water treated with fluoride, chlorine and other crap, the “convenience” of plastics which has literally caused cancer and has feminized men.

And people can say how wonderful the internet is, but as fun as it can be, its also a weapon of mind control as well as the phone, tablet or computer is a source of radiation-Everything that the system gives us is weaponized, and those who fervenetly believe that Transhumanism holds the keys to super-human abilities, and to ending sickness, hunger and even death-

These people can not see that human beings were once physically, emotionally and spiritually powerful and were far more intelligent than the average person is today-They have a very narrow bandwidth in which they think and reason.

And for well over one-hundred years, books, TV shows, cartoons, comic books, science fiction novels and motion pictures have given us predictive programming of “the shape of things to come” as in how they uncanningly predicited so many inventions so far in advance which would mean that authors such as H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Aldous Huxley were insiders to secret societies that had long-planned out inventions, wars and societal trends, or they were psychic, or something or someone was basically dictating their books through them and I am not religious, and I loathe new age nonsense, but there is some kind of metascript running our reality and it operates in cycles meaning that history somehow repeats itself-I do not believe in extra terrestrials that gave advanced technology to the governments of the world-That is 100% a red herring-Misdirection as the Wu Han lab and bats carrying a non-existent virus was misdirection.  

I mention all of this to hopefully jolt people into realizing that our senses are very easy to fool and as I’ve said before, until we can somehow observe our reality from OUTSIDE of it, there are some things that we will never fully understand, so all of us have to be as skeptical as possible while remaining open-minded.

But just go back to any number of science fiction movies which use the theme of Transhumanism and simulated reality from ‘The Lawnmower Man,’ ‘Bladerunner,’ ‘I Robot,’ ‘Transcendence,’ ‘Limitless,’ ‘Lucy,’ ‘Surrogates,’ ‘Johnny Mnemonic,’ ‘The Island,’ ‘Gattaca,’ ‘The Terminator,’ ‘Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind,’ ‘Her,’ ‘Ghost In The Shell,’ ’12 Monkeys,’ ‘Brazil,’ ‘Bicentennial Man,’ ‘WALL-E,’ and ‘Gattaca.’


The HIVE mind

Communism puts the needs of the collective over the needs of the individual, even though none of that makes sense, just as there are those madmen who celebrate the idea of humanity operating as a HIVE mind and a hive mind is the idea of uploading thoughts, memories, and feelings to an ominous central location. 

This will work with brain-to-brain linkage making society think as one. It is called a “hive mind” due to it being much like a beehive; the society would be synonymous to worker bees. 

Worker bees do what is needed for the society. 

Hive mind is the process of uploading the mind to a central location. 

The central location would be full of high-powered computers and databases for all of society to be working on. 

Once this is accomplished, minds would be able to link thoughts, memories, information, and ideas to be shared amongst everyone. 

Hive: Multiple entities sharing an element of awareness not unique to any individual but present to each, and experienced by all as some awareness of their collective existence.

The internet encourages and makes possible more types of collaboration involving larger groups and faster, more intimate sharing of ideas, and this takes us ever further in the direction of a hive mind, in an accelerating process not subject to any central plan.

If we think about the internet as a brain-to-brain connection interface, we might easily see that isolated thinking becomes increasingly difficult to sustain due to the quickening rate at which we’re socially encouraged to share our thoughts. 

Somewhere along the way, an individual brain starts to act more like a neuron to the synapses of the internet brain than a self-contained unit. 

This is starting to become evident as we generally begin to mimic much more information than we create, especially with sharing, reposting and retweeting. 

See, as planned before it was given to the world, the internet itself and all of the minds connected TO it is your Transhuman HIVE mind-So to speak.

Look at it another way, more people than ever have been lulled into a dull stupor from not only their TV sets and cell phones but from the internet itself which is filled with a huge range of subliminal programming not just by content but I bet that the very flicker rate of the computer monitor itself is hypnotic.

The web is literally another trap meant to ensnare a person’s individuality.

One of Adam’s recent guests has discussed how the transgender agenda is tied into the Transhumanist agenda.

First off, through the use of xenoestrogens and phyto estrogens, males have become increasingly feminized and the birth rate has dropped which is a passive form of eugenics.

Transgenderism is a global, well-funded, socially-engineered movement designed to convince you that black is white and white is black. 

Its militant, scorched-earth, take-no-prisoners posture and activism cannot be ignored and is meant to steamroll over you.

With the rollout of gender ideology across the world, we get a glimpse of how transhumanism, with all its facets, starts to make inroads to affect and influence people and cultures.

Both transgenderism and transhumanism ideologies:

Redefine humans both transgender and transhuman — they’re both designed to reduce fertility and reproduction and thus drive the eugenics goals of depopulation and the creation of human stratification.

Thus transgender persons are defining humanity not on the clear binary of male and female, but on the endlessly variable spectrum of gender identity.

That means, if we all believed this ideology, relatively few would identify as pure male or female, at the far ends of the spectrum. So most would identify as androgynous — a ‘bell curve’ — neither male nor female, but some mixture of both.

Both the transgender and Transhuman agendas

Promote androgyny transhumanists believe in their salvation because of their contempt for the organic, natural body with its proneness to injury, pain, disease, and death. This is precisely what they want to transcend by body modification, implants, genetic modification, ‘smart’ drugs, etc. 

The body betrays us so we must act preemptively to overcome it, so they say 

Express contempt and even hatred for organic bodies 

Experiment on people   the widespread use of so-called ‘puberty blockers.’ These are prescribed as the standard of ‘gender affirming care’ for children experiencing ‘gender dysphoria.’ The problem is no one really knows what the long-term effects will be.

The entire Transhumanism claim of merging humanity with machines hinges upon one major issue of scientific, philosophical and religious contention and that is if the mind of a human being can be uploaded to a computer with everything that constituted that person being complete after its uploaded from the physical body-not a copy, but the real person-Think of the transporter from ‘Star Trek,’ or the ship of Theseus.

I am going to give this some serious coverage because it ties into who and what we truly are as self-aware or sentient human beings and if we truly posess free will:

The biggest barrier to uploading of a human mind to a computer besides the whole “We don’t have hardware that can run it” part is that the brain, being an electrochemical mess of squishy bits isn’t very good at converting itself into a simple electronic (Or even quantum-electronic) computer program for us to run on existing frameworks. 

This leads, inevitably, to the Transporter Problem where gaps of consciousness occur and the thing you get on the other side may not even be considered the same person as before.

One argument which claims that you can upload a 

conscious mind to a computer is to replace the brain itself in small discrete chunks possibly using nanites operating slowly. Eventually, you’ll have a brain that is now purely electronic and a mind that is purely software only by replacing it bit by bit and allowing that new brain to be uploaded and essentially making it indistinguishable from an Artificial Intelligence.

If small parts of your brain were replaced with electronics that precisely mimicked the material removed, would you even notice? We can’t see our own brains and for all you know, you have a silicon chip where your brain is supposed to be (assuming silicon can ever be as good as neurons).

Your brain is like a computer, but ‘you’ are a program running on that computer. As long as the hardware is compatible with the software, it doesn’t care what it runs on. Thus you could say that the hardware can be abstracted from the software or that the software is hardware agnostic.

Gaps in consciousness occur all the time in normal life. When you have surgery and are anesthetized ‘you’ kind of turns off. The brain doesn’t stop working, ‘you’ aren’t asleep, but ‘you’ isn’t occupying your brain during that time because the brain is interrupted enough that thoughts can’t form. 

For all intents and purposes you have ceased to exist as a consciousness until normal brain function is restored. It’s a bit like holding the reset button on a computer for some time, before allowing it to reboot.

Also, you are literally not the same you that you were as a kid. None of your cells are the same and even the way that you think isn’t the same. And yet you’ve continuously felt like ‘you’ the entire time even though your bits and pieces are constantly being replaced as cells die, even in the brain.

Furthermore, not all of your neurons are even in the brain. Did you know you have as many neurons in your gut as a cat has in it’s entire body? It’s not a brain exactly, but it does operate like one, communicating with your actual brain through the vagus nerve. In fact most of the serotonin in your body is made in your gut, not your head.

Consciousness, your sense of self, and reality, are all a kind of illusion, and you shouldn’t get too hung up on the idea of ‘you’ being a collection of cells that must be preserved lest you no longer are yourself.

And to counter what I just read: 

The brain has superficial similarities to an artificial neural network, but there are also profound differences that our computationalist prejudices ignore. 

A catalog of neural states is much less than a full brain state, which would also include all kinds of hormones, peptides, and other chemicals, all of which relate to the state of the entire body and all its organs. 

Cognition and consciousness do not happen in the brain alone. 

When we talk about computers, we refer to carefully designed machines based on logic, reproducibility, predictability, and mathematics; on the other hand, the human brain is a confused, seemingly random jumble of neurons that behave unpredictably.

Biology is a beautiful thing, and life itself is much smarter than computers. Thus, the brain is both hardware and software. The same interconnected areas, connected by billions of neurons and perhaps trillions of glial cells, can simultaneously perceive, interpret, store, analyze, and distribute.

By their very definition and basic construction, computers have some parts for processing and others for memory; the brain does not do this separation, which makes them enormously efficient.

The same calculations and processes that a computer might take a few million steps can be accomplished through a few hundred neuron transmissions, which require much less energy and are much more efficient; the amount of energy required to be calculated by the world’s fastest supercomputer would be enough to power a building; the human brain would achieve the same processing speed from the same energy needed to charge a dimming light bulb.

Apart from their clear advantage in raw computing power, one of the things that really distinguish brains is the flexibility they show. Essentially, the human brain can rewire itself, a feat formally known as neuroplasticity. Neurons can separate and reconnect with others and even change their basic properties, which a carefully constructed computer cannot.

We see this amazing transformative feat in a wide variety of brain functions, such as the formations of memory, knowledge acquisition, physical development, and even recovery from brain damage. When the brain identifies a more efficient or effective way to compute and function, it can morph and alter its physical and neuronal structure, hence the term “plasticity“. 

Until we achieve true Artificial Intelligence (in which computers should theoretically be able to re-wire themselves), neuroplasticity will always keep the human brain at least one step ahead of “static” supercomputers

To repeat: I am covering the question if its possible to truly upload the “ghost in the organic machine” to an inorganic machine because its possible that there are aspects of the Transhumanist agenda that are pure psuedoscience as erudite or well-learned as many of these experts sound, it keeps coming back to ALL fields of science are not fully scientific as in they rarely isoalte the independent variable from the dependent one-

I keep using virology as an example because the entire fields is based on fundamental principles that have never been proven, just as there are philosophers, neuroscientists and computer experts who claim to have special insight into the non-existence of the human soul, and reduce everything to the known physics of our reality, which is arrogant and narrow-minded.  

Why?  Think of how a fish in a tank can not truly ascertain its entire world because it is not outside of the tank as an objective observer, just as we as human beings try to make complete sense of our reality when we are inside of it and we can only SPECULATE on the true nature of this place-Think of how repeating numbers and synchronicities have never been 100% explained-I do not mean Carl Gustav Jung’s brilliant postulations or the speculations of Quantum physicists let alone these smug religious scholars-We just do not know certain things and these truths extend to the claims that we’re all just very complex clay (if you will) with a program that can eventually be transferred unto an inorganic substrate (instead of our mushy brain)-One thing that is almost conclusive is that the human brain is a transmitter and a receiver, and that our consciousness is not soley here-Just go into NDEs or OBEs let alone DMT or Ayahuasca trips-BUT you have the hardcore materialist “experts” state that this is still an example of the software running our subjective experience as beings of free will-Which many “experts” claim is an illusion.

To deny the existence of free will totally undermines our understanding of human behaviour, there could be no punishment for crimes, since the individuals behaviour is determined. 

Similarly the self is a kind of illusion or mask that is not fundamentally real, but is fundamental to our understanding of our own behaviour and identity. 

Time similarly has no reason , physically to flow in any particular direction , or to flow at all. The sensation that time is flowing forward is just another way that as human beings we understand ourselves, our narratives, and the world. 

It could be that what exists is is an infinite structure of disconnected timeless subjective moments experienced by an infinite number of entities, some of these moments appearing to be timelike, some seeming to involve agency, some a sense of self, in various combinations. 


This next part assumes that we do not have a soul.

Mind uploading, sometimes referred to as nonbiological intelligence, centers around the controversial proposition that cognitive processing can be implemented on substrates other than our current neurons which would mean that theoritically, we could transfer our cognition and consciousness to a digital medium, namely a supercomputer. 

 But it is hard to think of it any other way: once we dismiss the possibility of an immaterial soul, we must acknowledge the mind as a material pattern implemented in physical configurations, and if other substances aside from our current neurons can meet the requirements for these configurations, then there is no reason why intelligence and consciousness could not exist on another substrate.  

If our brains really don’t have to be made out of meat, then we can transfer them to other substrates. 

By incrementally replacing each neuron with a synthetic neuron-equivalent, the whole process could go down painlessly and seamlessly. 

The transfer could be as slow or as fast as we want: from the information-processing perspective of the brain itself, nothing ever changes. Light still comes in through the eye’s lens, hits the retina, is transformed into nerve impulses which travel down the optic nerve, receives further processing in the visual cortex at the back of the brain, the highlights of which are sent to the prefrontal cortex for integration with information from the other senses.


The brain can’t tell if it’s made out of traditional meat, or accelerated biological neurons, or entirely nonbiological neuron-equivalents: the computation is the same. Sometimes this notion is also referred to as an application of the Church-Turing thesis.


If entirely synthetic brains are possible, then there’s nothing stopping such persons from inhabiting computer networks — not indirectly, sitting in chairs as we currently do, but directly, engaging in computer worlds as a sentient program of tremendous complexity. 

With molecular manufacturing on hand, reversing the process would be as simple as printing out a hundred or so kilograms of flesh and bone again, complete with memories from the networked experience.

At the start of the fake pandemic, I began doing research into germ theory and I eventually learned that much of science is not true science (I know that I’ve said this a few times now), and this fact applies to germ theory and most of modern medicine (for example, the neurotransmitter imbalance to justify anti-depressant medications) but this fact also applies to Transhumanism which would mean that like doctors, virologists, and psychiatrists, despite all of their research papers, their technobagglejargon bullshit and the rest of their professional trappings, that these scientists are chasing a pot of gold that they’ll never catch, that pot of gold being immortality in cyber space.

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.

This pseudoscience example is meant to show how an absence of theory, skepticism and critical thinking can lead to perfect nonsense masquerading as science.

Based on these points it’s possible to broadly say what science is and is not. If a field produces explanations, if it shapes theories that connect seemingly unrelated observations, makes unambiguous theoretical claims preferably in the form of mathematical equations, accurately predicts phenomena not yet observed, and can be falsified by empirical observation, it’s science. 

If a field only offers descriptions, descriptions that can be trivially and inconclusively contradicted by other descriptions, without ever rising to the level of theory shaping and empirical tests, it’s not science.

An important corollary to science’s focus on empirical evidence is an attitude of skepticism toward untested claims. This skeptical outlook is formally recognized in the null hypothesis the idea that there’s no relationship between a cause and an effect until empirical evidence supports it. 

The null hypothesis is a cornerstone of scientific experimental design — properly designed studies presume there’s no relationship between two phenomena under study, and require that evidence contradict this default assumption.

Science and Pseudoscience

An example may show the importance of the null hypothesis and of skepticism:

To the claim “Bigfoot exists,” a scientist, guided by the null hypothesis, assumes the claim has no merit until empirical evidence supports it.

To the same claim, a pseudoscientist assumes the opposite — that the claim is true until Bigfoot can be proven not to exist.

But proving Bigfoot’s nonexistence would require a search of the entire universe, an impossible burden of evidence and a requirement for proof of a negative, which in the general case is a logical error named argument from ignorance.

Properties of a scientific theory include an intellectual framework that makes general statements derived from specific observations, as well as the ability to predict empirical phenomena not yet observed — for example, Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection anticipated much of modern biology with a handful of empirically testable principles. 

Most important of all, a scientific theory must be open to unambiguous falsification by way of empirical tests, or in other words, by a meaningful comparison with reality.

So these arrogant dickweeds who deny the existence of a soul, or are positive that our our minds can be uploaded to a supercomputer and still be our true selves-They have no proof, just as I have no proof that it can be done.  

Remember that these scientists pushing the Transhumanist agenda are among the high priests of Scientism, or more accurately put-they are fucking mad scientists who are trying to play god, and there are no checks and balances for accuracy and truth in much of science today, let alone those pursuing the Transhuman agenda.

When some ass clown in a clean, starched white labcoat claims to have isolated the Corona virus in his multi-million dollar laboratory, he or she does not state how poisoning and irradiating cells in a Petri dish does not begin to approximate the nigh-infinite series of electro chemical exchanges that go on inside the human body at what billions or trillions of times a second?  

Why am I covering all of this?  Because I know that some truthers often (understandably) do not question those scientists and truthers who they think are intelligent, honest and well, sane people, when in fact, if you are hearing or reading something online it has gone through many filters, and trust me, the lies of germ theory are the tip of the iceberg as far as how our minds are fucked with-

Sandy Hook is one of who knows how many thousands of hoax news stories where no one died and no one was injured, just as much of this dystopian end of humanity by Transhumanism stuff may not be as truthful as we thought-

Do not get me wrong, they have been culling down the world’s population with vaccines during the Covid lie and long before it, just as they’ve been doing with with other chemicals and electromagnetic fields and radiation.

As I’ve said many a time now, if something is scaring the hell out of you, much of the time, there is some or a lot of disinformation which is intended to keep you addicited to the sources OF these lies so that one day, you might just find those answers that will keep you alive when the SHTF.


I’m going to read some questions about Transhumanism that must be presented to the people of the world, but I am also a realist in that as long as there is government, corporate and university funding as well as openly Communist globalist goals such as from the World Economic Forum with little to no oversight, the genetic engineering, the synthetic biology, the deep learning artificial intelligence computers, the nanotechnology, the internet of things and the rest of the plans for the insane quest of human 2.0 or apotheosis, will continue unabated.

But for fun’s sake I’m going to read some questions that in a sane world, would be taken seriously:

What are the ethical implications of controlling and altering human life?

Will a new kind of ethics be developed based on mind-body-machine integration?

How might different religions react to the blending of the human being with technology?

What about birth control, abortion, euthanasia as they relate to controlling the quality of life through technology, and who controls that technology?

Who decides which person gets which technological advancement?

Might human life value be assessed by the quantity and quality of technological integration a person possesses?

Is there a possibility of altering an individual’s “humanness” to where he is no longer human?

If technology improves the brain through computer chip embedding, how would that affect the concept of personal responsibility since harmful actions could be blamed on faulty technology?

If consciousness can be transferred into machines, would it really be “you” an exact duplicate of your mind?

If consciousness could be transferred into machines, could different consciousnesses be blended and individuality lost?

If consciousness could be transferred to machines, how then is biological reproduction to be accomplished?

Should the technologies be built with off switches in case things go wrong?  And if so, who controls the switches?

All great questions, but during the Corona virus plandemmic, there have been some very hard-hitting questions and debates about the safety and necessity of the illegal lockdown measures, the safety, efficiacy and the necessity of the Covid vaccines and boosters-You’ve had many brilliant researchers cover the lies of germ theory (online) and still the agenda is still being pushed through.

I do not give up and I do not give in but I also have gotten far better to know when I am wasting my time as I realized many years ago that it was always a waste of time and energy for targeted individuals to use activism and ask for help from the same authorities that are behind their targeting-Nearly every huge website and close to all of the largest You Tube channels and conference calls for TIs are controlled opposition and gatekeepers.

If there is some kind of AHEM peaceful protests across the world which will result in real change, hell I am all for that-But until then, I am urging all of you listening to focus on taking care of yourselves and those you care about the most.


The following falls under the umbrella of Transhumanism: 

It’s impossible to stop Transhumanism because it falls under various scientific advancements. 

Computing technology, materials science, pharmaceuticals, medical technology and related interventions, gene technology, energy generations/storage/distribution, AI, machine learning, ethics, politics, laws and much more.

These include but are not limited to biotechnological innovation and development, longevity/life extension, human enhancements such as edited genes, artificial intelligence and robotics, quantum computing, anything related to geoenginerring and climate control, 3-D printing etc. 

You can not force the corporations, universities and governments of the world to stop funding research into these fields as they fall under both free enterprise and “scientific progress,” or invention and innovaction. 

How we personally can minimize our connection to those things which try to bring us into the HIVE mind collective:

If you are listening to this or other truther podcasts or videos, then you are never going to become a part of the HIVE mind-Some people were born awake and some were jolted into becoming awake as I was from the targeting.

Try to use your cell phone as little as possible.

Never use the QR code.

Never get a smart appliance or something connected to the internet of things.

Minimize your exposure to EMFs and EMR.

Read up on something called “remote neural monitoring” because it is not only used on targeted individuals.  This radiofrequency mind control is used on the entire population of the world, so many of your negative thoughts and some of your actions may not be your own-This is not fear porn, this is so that you are aware that the mind has no firewall, which means that even the strongest mind can be influenced by low-frequency radiowaves or higher frequency microwaves.

Avoid all vaccines and over the counter and prescription medications.

Clear your body of heavy metals and synthetic chemicals SLOWLY after you have done a lot of research on how to safely do this.

Eat as food that is clean and organic as much as you can afford which includes avoiding all synthetic chemicals in packaged and canned foods, avoding anything that’s been genetically modified, eating animals fed organic feed or their native diet, avoiding all grains and all processed dairy products.

You can not get all of the nutrients from food-not in today’s world.  Plus a good percent of the population can not properly methylate meaning that they need the methyl folate and methyl B 12 in the form of a supplement which will help them detoxify better just as most of us have a poor GI microbiome, so we should all taking probiotics or eating probiotic-rich foods.

Taking a liquid fulvic/humic acid mineral supplement alone will give most people a great boost of physical and mental energy-Then you have the fact that most of us are low in Iodine, magnesium and zinc-Do your own research and look into these supplements and something called “nootropics” which actually fall under Transhumanism as they can boost our brain power, but you have to take advantage of anything which will help your body and mind work better so that you can function better in this open air insane asylum.

Do not just listen to podcasts and watch videos-Read more because this will sharpen your mind.

Avoid as much TV, movies and fear porn as possible-No one should watch or read anything from the mainstream media.

Really learn who and what you are as in your core beliefs-Ask yourselves what it would take to get you to compromise yourself or sell out.

If anyone tries to use fear or guilt to coerce you into doing something, then go full no contact with them.

Check out Shannon Rowan’s book ‘Wifi Refugee’ or similar books which tell you how to minimize your exposure to wireless radiation.

I am not looking forward to dying, but I also

know that it is a natural and normal process, and given the opportunity, I could not imagine uploading my mind to some kind of virtual reality in which I would be immortal, let alone get cybernetic implants and/or gene therapy to extend my lifespan-These very ideas are not only unnatural to me but they are hellish as well as insane.

The fuckers who run this world play on our fears, hopes, dreams, guilt and all of humanity’s great traits, so keep in mind that those who run this place and are behind the Transhuman agenda are insane liars who have been stealing from, torturing and murdering innocent people for thousands of years.

As all of us have seen how more and more people are losing their ability to think critically, while becoming more carnal or being more creatures of their senses in wanting only pleasure and instant gratification.

And its a fact that in most parts of the world, intelligence levels have been dropping due to many reasons.

More people than not have shorter attention spans and lower morals than ever-And people are becoming increasingly addicted to

television, drugs, food, alcohol, porn, and video games among many other addictions.

The rates of ADHD and Autism are rising faster than ever and those who are on the spectrum are usually very easy to control.

And thanks to the fake pandemic and many other social, chemical and electromagnetic stressors, more people than ever are mentally unstable, plus you have increasingly higher numbers of socioaths and psychopaths in our world.

We can go by the online fear porn as presented in the near-fully government-controlled truther “community,” and this “community” often uses the transhumanist agenda as presented in motion pictures and TV shows to convince us that the singulairty is unavoidable and that we are all going to be pulled deeper into the matrix into a world that is entirely virtual, while other researchers have said how many aspects of our reality go along with simulation theory, and the more esoteric or spiritual researchers such as Wayne Bush go into the reincarnation soul trap and our life scripts.

Then you have the question if not only the Covid vaccine but all other vaccinations and the nanotech that is supposedly already in us is has been merging us with technology at some level-We may all very well have high levels of graphene oxide in us, or perhaps that’s more disinformaiton.

But as I’ve said several times now, much of what we have been told is science, has not been proven with objectivity using the scientific method, and as you all know, the best way to control people is to terrify them which (in this world) usually makes them look to someone outside of themselves for guidance and salvation, be it the priests of science or actual religious “leaders,” or be these “saviors” tough-talking truthers-

I do not give a rat’s ass what government-sponsored Netflix shows, ‘South Park’ or ‘The Simpsons’ have predicted, as I do not give a damn about all of the thousands of other “future telling” predictive programming TV shows, movies, and cartoons have given us;I know better than ever when I am being manipulated by fear just as I know where and when I am wasting my time, and I focus on those things which I can realistically change.

What the hell is he talking about now?

That regardless of many very obvious long-term plans for the human race, and by long-term I mean going back far past the old and new testament, which by the way were created by the same entities that seem to run our reality now-But the point is that the future is not written in stone and there is some element of free will in this reality and whether or not they will eventually be able to upload a complete consciousness to a supercomputer, no one is going to be forced to do so-I do not believe that they can do this and I could not give a fuck how advanced their science may or may not be-I know many predictions have come to pass as I also know that nothing happened with Y2K, Jade Helm, global warming, running out of oil or the Mayan doomsday prophecy.

And for those who are (understandably) concerned about the fate of humanity and their own future-Please listen very carefully: The mainstream news which has given you “news” on science, politics, crime, and social movements-You know, the “news” that’s been lying to people about Covid deaths across the world?   

You should automatically doubt nearly everything that you hear and read from the mainstream media as WELL as the online alternative media because they are both part of the evil system that runs our world and as I’ve said many times now, I have never heard one of the large online You Tube truther channels admit that they were wrong about some kind of prediction as I’ve never heard anyone really call them out ON their years’ worth of lies because they are all controlled opposition working on your perceptions in order to use your free will to try and control your entire life.

And of course, the publishing houses for both books and magazines reinforce and propagate the mainstream (and most of the alternative media’s) media’s lies; You can read all kinds of books on Transhumanism, but how much of their content is based on the true scientific method?

Keep going back to the lies of virology if you think that I’m not correct-Go online and look up some research papers or books on virology and contagion and you will see very complex and impressive looking bullshit, just as you see with much of the Transhumanist claims for creating a computer that is aware of its own existence.

I submit that many of the Transhumanist promises for increased intelligence, super powers, extended lifespans and even immortality have been presented as a cult presents its warped belief system-We have to look at those “experts” in the religion of Scientism as skeptically as possible because these are brainwashed money-hungry and power-hungry Narcissists on a power trip as most doctors are-These are people who have no credibiilty, as the mainstream and online truther media should have no credibility to any truther with a shred of self-respect.

In other words, when looking at any globalist agenda, including creating a post-human society, it is essential for you to step back and ask yourself how realistic their goals are, given the past and current state of our world.

I wanted to cover the Transhumanist agenda from many sides because its easy for the smartest of us to listen focus ONLY on the dramatic and terrifying propaganda and not be clinically objective, because let’s face it-Most truthers seem to love drama and fear as most people need high-octane stimulation in the form of TV shows, food, movies, music, video games, ect.

I realize that the topic of transhumanism is a beast of a topic that can not be really dug into painstaking detail in the short presentation that I’ve done today-But I have covered what I know are some of the most important trends and points in order to give all of you a better idea of what the parasites that run this world have been doing to all of us for a very long time, and what they claim that they plan for us down the road, keeping in mind that they have been using passive and forced eugenics on the world’s population for a very long time and that only the most naive person will believe that they will gain “super powers” and achieve immortality after their minds have been uploaded to a super computer-or Quantum computer-If they are legit as they claim that they are.

I hope that all of you now have a clearer perspective not only on the Transhumanist agenda, but all those things directly and indirectly related to it, because the better we understand that which we fear, the less of a hold it has on us; Its a simplistic phrase, but its the truth.

That’s it, Adam.

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