April 20, 2024

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Genomicidal Vaccines With Dr Rima & Ralph Fucetola


Weaponized Pathogens…

Weaponized Vaccines and Drugs…

Weaponized “Phude”

(It may look like food, but it’s not!

GMOs, Degraded Organic Standards, Codex and Toxins…)

Weaponized Energy Production…

Weaponized World leading to Genocide through Genomicide!Are all of these threats leading to an end to Health and Food Freedom… NO! Not if we Push Back together, and not if we take the reasonable steps needed to protect ourselves and families as best as we can, through Natural Solutions…

War is hell. Anyone who has lived through one knows that in their bones and can never forget it. One part of the hell is what war does to the helpless, the innocent, the civilians, the children, the land, the unborn.

Wars are fought for ideas that cloak economic motivation, for flags that cloak aspirations of empire, for oil, for water, for food, for greed and for dominance. They are fought, in the main, by good men and women led to believe that they are serving an ideal worth laying down their lives.

But what of a war in which the weapons are stealth, the victims are everyone who is not anointed as part of the elite or their servants and the means of death are food, water and air? Where the very genomes of the plants and animals of the world are altered into weapons of mass destruction?

What of a war so vicious that it is fought to destroy not just the will to resist, but whole populations; whole genomes. What of a war waged with a willingness to despoil a whole planet?

Is this a war or is this an extermination campaign without borders, order or sanity; authorized not by politicians and generals and publicists, but by faceless, nameless, shameless and truly irredeemably evil genocidal (and genomicidal) madmen.

See: Dr. Rima Reports: Plague DNA inserted into super e. coli


We did not elect them. We did not select them. We did not anoint them. We did not appoint them. They have done so themselves in secret, over many generations. They view themselves as the hidden masters of the world.

And are we to die for their whim and convenience? I think not.

We have natural, legal and effective means of thwarting their plans.

Take, for example, nano silver. Please. I do. A cap full a day if you are well, more if you are ill. There is no organism which can become resistant to it and it leaves the beneficial ones alive and well. Therefore it must be made unavailable, demonized, criminalized, before the killer bug, riddled with the Black Death’s DNA, is unleashed on a vulnerable and trusting Europe.

Take Vitamin C. Please. I do. On a regular basis. Cancer loses its deadly threat when met with sufficient IV Vitamin C. So it is turned into a NEW drug by the genocidal organization called the Fraud and Death Administration.

Take EDTA chelation. Please. I did. To prevent cancer, premature aging, cure osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Since it cuts into cardiac surgery and medication profits, it, too is demonized.

Take vaccination – in mental form, only, please. There is no scientific evidence that injecting foreign proteins, heavy metals and other poisons prevents or cures ANY disease, yet that is what we do on a wildly increasing basis to create permanently immune-impaired customers for Big and Bigger Pharma.

I would love to be able to reject the notion that we are fighting for our lives against an enemy of freedom and of our survival. How comfortable that would be! If it were only corporate greed; if it were only grasping politicians…





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