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George Soros is funding pro-Palestinian student groups to cause unruliness; how should the political left respond?


George Soros, the billionaire regime change financier and CIA “overt operative,” is funding pro-Palestine activist groups in the US.  What impact does this have on those on the political left?  And how should the political left respond?

The man who as a child fantasised about being god has funded “colour revolutions” in various countries and has given at least $33 million to various Black Lives Matter (“BLM”) groups since 2016.  In July 2020, Soros’s Foundation “invested” $220 million into black-led racial justice groups and criminal justice reform in five-year grants.  Soros has also funded Extinction Rebellion.

Now Soros is paying student radicals in the USA to fuel nationwide explosions of anti-Israel protests.

Encampments at Harvard, Yale, UC-Berkeley, Ohio State and Emory in Georgia were organised by branches of Students for Justice in Palestine, which gets cash – some direct, some indirect – from the Soros family “charities” as well as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and retired Wall Street banker Felice Gelman, according to an opinion piece published by The New York Post at the end of last month.

Gelman and the Soroses also give to Jewish Voice for Peace and Within Our Lifetime, two more groups intimately involved in the protests. At least three organisers are paid fellows of another lefty-philanthropy favourite, the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.

You can read more from The New York Post about George Soros funding anti-Israel groups HERE.

The anti-Israel protests have now been broken up, at Columbia University at least, as “the NYPD was finally allowed to do its job” it was reported yesterday.  You can read the latest about the anti-Israel university protests on The New York Post’s live updates HERE.

In an Active Measures podcast yesterday, Kit Klarenberg and Alex Rubinstein from The Grayzonediscussed the funding of anti-Israel protests and what it means for the political left.

Soros’ funding is always about creating unruliness.  “It’s about creating shock troops that wash away the [existing] regime and then it creates a space that can be filled,” Klarenberg said.  A space that can be filled “with something of a powerful person or powerful agency.”

Using identity politics and racialism in the messaging, as George Soros is doing with Black Lives Matter and Students for Justice in Palestine, has been used in previous revolutions, such as Serbia’s Bulldozer Revolution in 2000 which ultimately led to the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević’s government.

The Bulldozer Revolution was the first of the so-called “colour revolutions” over the last two decades. Unsurprisingly, Soros was among those who funded a variety of anti-Milošević groups, the most prominent of which was a radical student movement called Otpor.

“[Optor] were given extensive coaching in messaging and branding … they were committing tens of millions of [dollars] into getting rid of Milošević,” Klarenberg said.

“After Milošević was gotten rid of [ ] then there was US-enforced shock therapy on Yugoslavia which destroyed all [the] socialist structures,” he said.   In the rest of Eastern Europe, these socialist structures remained in place after the fall of communism. It would seem from the political left’s point of view things didn’t work out so well for Serbia in the aftermath of the Bulldozer revolution.

Further reading: What the Media Doesn’t Get About the Protests in Ukraine, MIC, 31 December 2013

Because of the way funders such as George Soros work, “it’s incumbent on these students to attempt to create alternative an organisation to Students for Justice in Palestine – who may or may not do great work, that’s not the point – you need to break free of those structures,” Rubenstein said. “Otherwise, the financial payoff is not going to necessarily mean political payoff.”

Another way to put it is: If you support a cause, be mindful of where the funding comes from otherwise you may end up supporting their cause instead of your own.

You can watch the Active Measures’ podcast below.  Please note that you will need to turn your sound up.

Active Measures: Why is George Soros Funding Pro-Palestine Groups? 1 May 2024 (14 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube, you can watch it on Rumble HERE.

Further reading:

Featured image: These are the extremist student leaders of the anti-Israel protest camp bringing Columbia to its knees, New York Post, 27 April 2024 (left).  George Soros (right).

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