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Germ Theory Of Disease Is One Of The False Foundations Of Modern Medicine


I was searching through my resources and stumbled upon this article from 1997. Here is the article, then I will discuss:

“Dr. Joyce Marshall, Nov. 1997

Germ Theory Of Disease Is One Of The False Foundations Of Modern Medicine
Submitted by Dr. Joyce Marshall

Pasteur realizes mistake!

Around 1880, Pasteur himself admitted his mistake regarding the “Germ Theory of Infectious Disease.” Pasteur finally realized that microbial species can undergo many transformations. These facts were not consistent with his germ theory and destroyed its very basis. It is overlooked by modern medicine that Pasteur changed his theory.

Pasteur admitted that germs were “ordinarily kept within bounds by natural laws, but when conditions change, when its virulence is exalted, when its host is enfeebled, the germ is able to invade the territory which was previously barred it.” This is the premise that a healthy body is resistant and not susceptible to disease. With the advent of Pasteur’s mysterious germ, medicine cloaked itself under the guise of “science” and ever since has succeeded in keeping the public ignorant of the true nature of disease. Yet upon a theory so constantly at fault when thoroughly sifted there has been erected a whole system of inoculation. Had it not been for the sale of sera and vaccines, nowadays grown to such vast proportions, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity. Thus it can hardly be denied that Pasteur committed an offense in dragging medical science down to a commercial level.

Eminent bacteriologist Dr. Rene J. Dubos, the 1968 Pulitzer prizewinner, contradicted the “germ” theory assumption by showing that the virulence of microbial species is variable. Considering that bacteria are not fixed monomorphic entities as the germ theory insists they are, but are in fact, form-changing or pleomorphic. So-called germs are not hardwired but are capable of adapting to their terrain or environment. As more and more bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics and actually using antibiotics as a food source we are seeing an epidemic of virulent forms of pathological bacteria.

At the Mayo Biological Laboratories as early as 1910 Dr. E. C. Rosenow began a series of experiments in which he took bacterial strains from many different disease sources and concluded that they all had the capacity to change their structure with the changes in their nutriments. The virulence of germs can likewise be altered in the laboratory at will by the technician. This completely contradicts the germ theory that states that diseases are due solely to invasion by specific aggressive micro-organisms.

On May 10, 1999 U.S. News and World Report reported in its cover story “The Battle of the Bugs” that common bacteria are building resistance to most of the antibiotics on the market. Research into new drugs has languished, and the public-health system is faltering. Scientists are scrambling to come up with new plans. Common bacteria are now so resistant to antibiotics that they can kill. Up to 40% of pneumococcal infections have become RESISTANT to a variety of antibiotics. Doctors are resorting to increasingly powerful drugs. In 1980, 876,000 prescriptions for cephalosporins were recorded for the treatment of acute otitis media. By 1992, the number had jumped to nearly 7 million, a 687 percent increase. In 1999, 30 million prescriptions will be written to treat an estimated 10 million cases of acute otitis media in children. (May 10, 1999 U.S. News and World Report).

In 1993 H. Hugh Fudenberg, M.D., a pioneer in the field of immunology, in an interview for the University of Natural Healing explained, “I can trace down almost all of the cases of “viral infection” or exposure to someone who has been immunized <poisoned> with a virus vaccine.” Dr. Fudenberg also explained that there is “a risk from being exposed to a child who was just immunized.” Dr. Fudenberg further warned, “One should be cautious around recently-vaccinated babies, children, adults, and pets.”

With the germ theory of disease, we do not have to take responsibility for sickness caused by our own transgressions of the laws of health. Instead, we can blame germs that invaded the body. The germ theory shifts our personal responsibility for health and well-being onto the shoulders of the medical profession who are the ONLY ones who supposedly know how to kill off the offending germs. Our own personal health slips from our control. We have found a soothing complacency in placing the blame for our ill health on malevolent, microscopic “invaders,” rather than face responsibility for our lifestyle habits.

We have been educated to be terrified of bacteria and to believe in the idea of contagion. We have also been programmed to believe that healing requires some powerful force to remove whatever is at fault. The acceptance of the germ theory and widespread bacteriaphobia resulted in frenzied efforts to avoid the threat of germs. The medical-pharmaceutical industry began the relentless search for the perfect drug to combat each disease-causing microbe. A whole new era of modern medicine was inaugurated including vaccination, which was instituted to confer “immunity” against specific germs by way of vaccines and sera.

Not many people realize that germs, viruses and bacteria are the result, not the cause, of disease. Bacteria have an important role to perform in the vital process of healing. Germs take part in virtually all disease phenomena that require the disintegration of refuse and toxic matter within the body that the system is endeavoring to remove. They act as scavengers in cleaning up the affected area of toxic saturation. As soon as their role is complete, their numbers decline. For this reason, bacteria are associated with disease processes but are not its cause, for bacteria no more cause disease than flies cause garbage.

Bacteria are capable of only one action in regard to the disease process: the processing of dead materials as their food. Bacteria proliferate because there is dead organic matter for them to feed on, not because they suddenly become malevolent. It is inappropriate to call bacterial activity an “attack” or an “invasion” on the part of germs, unless we mean it is an attack on the toxins. The only real attack that takes place is the one we make upon our own body as we continually assault ourselves on the average of some 30 poisoning acts each day including the devitalized foods and beverages we consume, the drugs we take, the vaccines we blindly accept all of which create enervation and exhaustion of the body. “Pathogens” cannot thrive in healthy blood. It is the environment and the host that determine disease symptoms and the type of bacteria that proliferate. Germs do not cause disease; rather, the body generates disease occasions for the germ proliferation that takes place. In order for a particular germ to exist, it has to have a suitable environment created by the toxic and pathological pollution saturating the body. Systemic poisoning then creates the specific germ culture, depending upon where the body has accumulated the wastes and according to the unhealthful lifestyle habits of the sufferer.

The key point is that it is the diseased toxemic condition, where the body is overwhelmed with poisonous waste, which creates an environment favorable to the mutation of bacteria into those commonly associated with particular diseases. The disease condition favors proliferation and increasing virulence until their function of devouring toxic debris is accomplished.

When a bacteriologist is asked what comes first, the soil or the bacteria, the answer is always the tainted environment, in order for the bacteria to thrive. Germs do not directly produce disease; rather, the body-generated healing crisis produces the germ by providing a suitable environment where non-toxic bacteria mutate into toxic micro-organisms within septic surroundings. For germs to become dangerous, they must be intermingled with concentrated waste products before a germ metamorphoses into a toxic entity.

It is true that germs and bacteria exist everywhere, the micro-organisms only proliferate in the body when a person develops toxemia as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. A state of internal cleanliness is essential for health and well-being. A pure bloodstream, free unimpeded circulation of all body fluids, and unobstructed excretion generate and maintain healthy tissue. Virulent bacteria soon die in this environment for want of suitable nourishment.”

I and others have well described how viruses do not exist and germs (including parasites) do not cause disease, that they are scavengers inside of a disease (healing) process.

Here is what I find most perplexing. At the bottom of the link to the article, Mercolaclaims copyright to it. It cannot be found on his website any longer. What does this mean?

The situation with Dr. Mercola brings up serious concerns about the consistency of public health messages. Historically, Dr. Mercola has not shied away from presenting the terrain perspective, which recognizes the environment within our bodies as the critical factor in health and disease, rather than germs being the problem. This view aligns with recognizing the germ theory as fundamentally flawed. Yet, paradoxically, much of his content, including articles that push narratives about viruses like COVID-19 and theories about their origins, seems to bolster the very germ theory he seemed to once question.

Bioweapons Are a Germ Theorist’s Fever Dream

This inconsistency raises critical questions: Why does Dr. Mercola support ideas that propagate fear and align with the germ theory if his previous insights acknowledge its flaws? The removal of content from his site that might contradict his current stance is particularly troubling. It suggests a selective presentation of information that could mislead readers who trust him as a credible source. This selective reporting undermines the integrity of terrain awareness and holistic perspectives and could potentially misguide individuals about the nature of diseases and their true causes. I suppose self-empowerment and terrain health aren’t as triggering toward fear which isn’t as easy to market. Perhaps there is another agenda a play here.

You may remember my colleagues Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Tom Cowan in this response video to Mercola to refute his pseudoscientific statement that SARS-COV-2 is a real virus. Yet still, here we are.

As followers and consumers of health information, it is crucial to critically evaluate the sources of our knowledge. Why are we trusting figures who, on the surface, appear to challenge mainstream views but may also, simultaneously, support those views when it suits other narratives? The commitment to transparency and consistency in health communication is vital, especially when it comes to challenging deeply entrenched medical doctrines like the germ theory.

Let us close with a little reminder from Professor Béchamp:

”If virulent germs were normal in the atmosphere, how numerous would be the occasions for their penetration independently by way of the lungs and intestinal mucus! There would not be a wound, however slight, the prick even of a pin, that would not be the occasion for infecting us with smallpox, typhus, syphilis, gonorrhoea.”

–Professor Béchamp, as quoted in Béchamp or Pasteur?: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology By Ethel D. Hume on page 308 [prefaced by Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter: The Germ Theory Exploded By R. B. Pearson], ISBN# 978-1-46790-012-6, 2011

In a world with more disease states than ever before and a medical industry that is dominated by the pharmaceutical cartel (begun by Rockefeller and fueled by the false one disease=one suppressive treatment mentality), integrity and honesty are needed the most here. We must be very careful with our information-gathering and conclusion-making on so many topics. The real answers come from both knowledge and intuition, filtering thoughts and ideas through the internal world and bringing them toward practicality and resolve.

Amandha Dawn Vollmer, affectionately known as ADV, is a celebrated health expert and bestselling author with over two decades of experience in natural healing practices. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology from the University of Lethbridge and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. ADV has dedicated her career to empowering individuals to reclaim their health and vitality through holistic approaches.

As the founder of YumNaturals Emporium, Amandha creates and offers hundreds of all-natural healing products. She is also a skilled product formulator, wildcrafter, and practitioner of herbal medicine, specializing in making medicine with herbs. Her extensive training includes homeopathy, herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), applied kinesiology, and various vibrational therapies. Amandha’s work emphasizes the importance of terrain physiology, which focuses on the body’s internal environment as the true foundation of health.

In addition to her work as a product formulator, Amandha is building a private membership association through her website, She is a sought-after speaker and educator, sharing her knowledge through books, websites, and speaking engagements. Her mission is to inspire and educate people on the importance of holistic health and natural healing.

Amandha is also a mother who has raised her child without reliance on conventional doctors or medicine, embracing natural childbirth and holistic parenting practices. Her personal experiences enrich her professional insights and dedication to natural health.


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