February 23, 2024

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Germany Welcomes Immigrants & rewarded with Rapes

Germany Welcomes Immigrants & rewarded with Rapes

Germany Welcomes Immigrants & rewarded with Rapes; This is what happens when you invite Barbarians

Although the rape took place in June, police kept silent about it for nearly three months, until local media published a story about the crime. According to an editorial comment in the newspaper Westfalen-Blatt, police are refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration.

A 13-year-old Muslim girl was raped by another asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother reportedly fled their homeland to escape a culture of sexual violence.

Approximately 80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter in Munich are male… the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros. — Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk). Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old-girl was raped on September 11, have issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied. In the Bavarian town of Pocking, administrators of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium have warned parents not to let their daughter’s wear revealing clothing in order to avoid “misunderstandings.”

“When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, will follow girls and bother them without their realizing it. Naturally, this generates fear.” — Bavarian politician, quoted in Die Welt.

A police raid on the Munich refugee facility found that guards hired to provide security at the site were trafficking drugs and weapons and were turning a blind eye to the prostitution.

Meanwhile, the raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace.

A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social workorganizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.

Many of the rapes are occurring in mixed-gender shelters, where, due to a lack of space, German authorities are forcing thousands of male and female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom facilities. Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that females are being described as “wild game” fighting off Muslim male predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent, social workers say.At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national Full Story

Read the full story for the information is quite shocking. And Merkel still defends her actions.  Why is not Europe pointing fingers at the real culprits? Who are they?  Who do you think? If the US never invaded Syria and tried to force its insane form of democracy on other nations, we would not have this mess. There is overwhelming evidence against the House of Saud and its minions, but instead, we chose to attack Syria when the House of Saud is the one that should be taken down.  Our government has gone insane; you cannot force your culture or on another nation, no matter how hard you try.  Europe instead of giving the US the middle finger rolled over like a dog and did what it was told.  As it bit the hand that Fed it, it is now doomed to lick the boot that kicks it.   To end this trend, Europe needs to side with Russia and eventually China and bring an end to this mess. The fastest way to solve the refugee crisis is to end the Syrian war.   Europe needs to be ready for the next wave of immigration, and this will come from Africa.  This is the only continent that is experiencing a huge increase in its population, but with little economic relief in sight. So millions of Africans (many of them are uneducated and from different religious backgrounds) will start to look towards Europe for relief. The clash of civilisations and cultures has just begun.  If the situation is handled properly, there is still a chance that the damage can be minimised especially in the Nordic and Eastern European countries.

If our religious provocation index should gain 700-1000 points this year, then we expect all hell to break lose in Europe so let’s hope that it starts to correct. It has not experienced a strong correction even once since its inception.

German authorities accused of playing down refugee shelter sex crime reports

Germany’s police union and women’s rights groups accused the authorities on Tuesday of playing down reports of harassment, sexual assault and even rape at refugee shelters because they feared a backlash against asylum seekers.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere called on Germans to avoid succumbing to a blanket suspicion of the hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving in the country, saying an unbelievable number of rumors were being spread on the Internet.

But police union chief Rainer Wendt said he believed that authorities in Germany’s federal states, which are responsible for housing asylum seekers, were playing down the problem of assaults on women in the shelters.

“It is understandable that there is the desire to calm things down politically,” Wendt told Reuters. But he, along with women’s groups, believed that ignoring the problem would be counterproductive. “There is a lot of glossing over going on. But this doesn’t represent reality,” he said.

With public opinion hardening on the refugee influx, German authorities appear anxious to avoid giving extreme-right groups any opportunity to stir up hostility towards migrants, many of whom are Muslims including those fleeing the Syrian civil war.

“There are an unbelievable number of rumors regarding this issue, which are being spread massively over social networks,” De Maiziere told a news conference.

“The federal authorities are investigating these resolutely and often the rumors are not true,” he said. “There are things worthy of criticism. But there is no reason for a general suspicion of refugees.” No comprehensive official figures are available on the extent of the problem at the shelters, which local authorities are setting to provide temporary accommodation around the country in places such as sports halls and empty office blocks. But Wendt said the police were reporting cases to the state governments, which have their own interior ministers. These people should take note, he said: “The interior ministers would be well advised to have a look at their own reports to know what actually happens on our streets at night and in the shelters.”

Wendt said that a high number of cases went unreported as women rarely dared to file complaints with police or public prosecutors. This is a general problem with sex crime, regardless of the community where it is committed, due to the victims’ feelings of fear and shame. However, Barbara Helfrich of the charity Paritaetischer Bund in the central state of Hesse, said some women had come forward. “We have several trustworthy reports on sexual violence and assaults from victims, as well as advisory groups and NGOs,” she told Reuters. Full Story

The far right is going to gain power in Europe and launch a massive attack against immigrants; this could lead to a civil war type situation in some countries.  Bottom line, Europeans should be gearing up for a surge in violence; the only difference is that the Europeans will be the ones beating the war drums this time.  Remember, we only base our observations on trends and we take the observers viewpoint.   We never force our opinion down anyone’s throat, to do so would be unbecoming and childish. Use the information provided as you see fit.

Source: http://tacticalinvestor.com/germany-welcomes-immigrants-rewarded-with-rapes/

2 thoughts on “Germany Welcomes Immigrants & rewarded with Rapes

  1. * Germany WELCOMES Immigrants .. IS THAT WHAT IT WAS ?

    You mean Germany INVITES
    Angela Mutti Merkel INVITED
    What is more .. Angela Mutti Merkel INSISTED that ALL of the 28 Member Countries of the European Union .. ALSO .. take in the same immigrants
    AND at first she wanted every member country to take in ONE MILLION IMMIGRANTS
    Then she Upped it to ONE & A HALF MILLION IMMIGRANTS

    WHY ?

    * and as a result of their generosity Germany is REWARDED with rape

    According to Barbra Lerner Spectre .. she is all over youtube just go have a look for yourself ..


    who have deliberately made this immigration possibly
    so as to cause Europe to become MULTI-CULTURAL inheritance
    so as to reform Europe

    Therefore the .. RAPE .. is part of the .. METHODOLOGY .. being used to SUBDUE the people of Europe / to OVERPOWER the populations of Europe / to bring the peoples of Europe to a state of acceptance of the multicultural mind set.

    Soon the European Union will be a proud ISLAMIC NATION .. thanks to the efforts of the Barbra Lerner Spectre’s Jewish allies & the vigorous efforts of THE EUROPEAN UNION LEADERS

    The loose women of the EU will be beaten back into a virtuous state of being .. so as to be acceptable.

    Here in Australia, it is none of our business, they all seem to know what they are doing.
    I don’t see the masses of the EU in the streets protesting this colonization & conversion to ISLAM of their countries.
    My concern is that Australia is not also expected to take in ONE AND A HALF MILLION IMMIGRANTS.
    For one the political arena would not survive the blow out cost to Australia’s welfare system.

  2. These immigrants are on a retainer .. paid to them by their employer .. the state .. thugs for hire .. so far we see the tactics employed by the men in the .. “TRANSFORMATION” as Barbra Lerner Spectre calls it .. but how about the females .. don’t we have any footage of the Muslim chicks in TRANSFORMATION action.

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