April 20, 2024

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Experts from around the world come forward to declare COVID-19 death and infection statistics fabricated. http://tiny.cc/d1ajnz (video)

US medical doctor and state senator explains that the US government has sent official documentation telling doctors and hospitals to lie about CV-19 death and infection numbers. http://tiny.cc/zrajnz and http://tiny.cc/yqajnz

At this added link, the US government actually admits that every death counted as a COVID-19 death is either a) presumed to be caused by COVID-19 or was caused by another disease…and also counted as a COVID-19 death.

NY State admits adding thousands to CV-19 death counts with no testing. http://tiny.cc/wwajnz (article)

Medical doctor in Montana explains that CV-19 death and infection numbers are being faked by US government. http://tiny.cc/c9ajnz

German virus expert declares social distance isn’t based on science and that CV-19 can’t be found anywhere on any surface he tested. http://tiny.cc/zbcjnz (article)

At this added link Dr. Andrew Kaufman clearly explains the faults in the testing system and explain why there is no virus what so ever. https://youtu.be/qy5FD0XameI

Medical doctor explains there’s no way to test for CV-19 in the first place, so how is anyone confirming cases, even though most aren’t confirming….they’re just making them up. https://bit.ly/3eP2BbD

State Health Department in Illinois declares they are faking CV-19 death and infection numbers. https://bit.ly/2KzIJeI

Canadian nurse comes forward to testify CV-19 death and infection numbers are being faked. https://bit.ly/2S7U7mu

Investigate reporter explains CV-19 statistics are being faked. https://bit.ly/2x8nI7N

Head of UK National Health Services admits they’re padding the UK COVID death numbers as well, with people who never died of COVID. https://bit.ly/2SveoCH

After basic investigating of govenrment statistics, CV-19 death and infection numbers are proven faked beyond belief. https://open.lbry.com/@DollarVigilante:b/here-comes-the-mass-vaccinations-gun:2?t=962

Two US doctors come forward to hold a press conference, to discss that the current statistics and the science, in no way, warrant a shelter in place order. https://bit.ly/2SeCbXf

Canadian member of provincial parliament is polite but obviously hints to some major obfuscations regarding COVID. https://bit.ly/2W3KrdS (article)

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control explains that lock downs, social distancing and shutdown businesses to stop the spread of an infectious disease has no basis in science what so ever. https://youtu.be/bfN2JWifLCY

German MD calls corona lock-down measures “Collective Suicide Based On A Spook” after reviewing Sweden, a country that never locked down and didn’t quarantine at all…where everything is perfectly normal. https://bit.ly/3cG9dHA (article)

Doctor with several degrees from MIT explains the numbers are being faked and why they’re being faked. https://bit.ly/2KAcY5l

Nurse explains hospitals are empty and laying off nurses because no one is sick. http://tiny.cc/x5v3nz

Houston set to demolish a $17 million temporary medical tent for COVID victims….because it didn’t even see one patient. http://tiny.cc/sbw3nz (article)

Respiratory expert at US hospital explains that nothing is adding up and that the media reports should be questioned.

Funeral directors in NY come out to testify that they’re being pressured to toe tag everyone as COVID19 when the cause of death wasn’t COVID19. https://youtu.be/g5f_6ltv7oI

Italian Leader explains the faking of COVID deaths in Parliament…. https://youtu.be/bUCWcft6kao

In this article with English translation, we see another Italian Member of Parliament explaining why people are sick in Italy and how the entire lock down and CV-19 pandemic was a coup in that country orchestrated by outside forces. https://fromrome.info/2020/04/26/mp-sara-cunial-tears-up-the-curaitalia-law-as-a-crime-against-italy/?fbclid=IwAR2C2pEQtOzRLBAsQn0onDokGfDfj4LODYbfiFq_KL_3g4wAXdg_8_XxSDU

Trauma doctor in NY declares all deaths are listed as COVID to pad the numbers, regardless of what they really died from. https://bit.ly/2VUrriM

How many 2 week lock down extensions will it take for you to start understanding? COVID 19 exists on your TV, inside a fabricated government/media illusion….if you look out the window into reality, no one can find it.

Washington Post reports that COVID-19 the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon the American public in history by media and government. https://bit.ly/2KTIOKy

Medical doctor and surgeon out of the UK also explains the COVID hoax. https://youtu.be/pV2VKtQULEs

Nurse in United States comes forward to highlight the media is lying to the public about the numbers and busy hospitals. https://bit.ly/3bVBo5k

At this link the Ontario health force in Canada also admits to toe tagging absolutely any death as COVID, whether COVID was involved in the death or not.

At this link the CDC in the United States actually removed over 30,000 deaths due to COVID-19 in one night because of the public discovery of their inflation tactics and even with those 30,000 COVID deaths removed…..all other deaths are listed as merely being “assumed” from COVID because they are aware that the test to confirm COVID infection can’t detect COVID infections. It’s all about the CDC getting ready for the lawsuits regarding their fabrication.

Israeli professor declares that locking down and closing business does absolutely nothing to slow the spread of infection…..therefore lock down and business closure has always been completely unwarranted.

If you want to have the entire narrative linked together in a way that easy to understand hit this link. https://londonreal.tv/1000000-fighting-for-freedom/

Source: https://jchristoff.com/government-and-media-proven-to-be-lying-to-public-about-covid-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR2phmqdC5lvj8nClNdTIapf_LmCTBKeueWT7m2KDW3qzyghAbkLSA7_vcQ

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