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Government shooting of heritage horses covered up by RSPCA


By Harry Palmer

Shooting heritage listed brumbies in Kosciusko National Park is again on the NSW government agenda and is raising the ire of those who remember the carnage inflicted on horses 20 years ago.

In 2000, being part of the team at SOS-NEWS (the first online in your face Australian activist website), we were on assignment to investigate NSW government-condoned gunship choppers being used to slaughter hundreds of our heritage brumbies in a national park. Evidence emerged of jaws being shot off, guts shot out, even one mare left to die while giving birth to a foal, all covered up by the RSPCA assisting government spin doctors attempting to hide the truth.

RAAF gunship pilots and experienced aerial shooters operating in Far North Queensland we interviewed confirm it is impossible to accurately kill with a single shot from a moving or hovering helicopter even with an expert marksman”

Guy Fawkes National Park, NSW was the killing ground for inhumane horse culling 20 years ago. First confirming 226 cases of animal cruelty, the RSPCA backed away from this original finding to just one. This was to silence a plethora of witnesses being called as the government plead guilty and accepted the imposed fine then walked away. This caused a public outcry about the indiscriminate slaughter.

Today the shooting should be stopped and allow suitable land owners to remove horses from the park by cutting bureaucratic red tape. There are many Australian who would love to own a brumby – NO GUNS NEEDED

Gunship culling has been resumed, inhumane killing returned. We know where the RSPCA sits, government does not care .. DO YOU?

Watch this video, although dated, nothing has changed

The video was produced by SOS-NEWS exposing a massive government cover up.
Brumby foal with slaughtered mother

Pictures are from the old SOS-NEWS archive of our investigation

Brumby foal shot in back leg


Brumby shot in the back, legs and guts – count the bullet holes

From SOS-NEWS which ceased publication in 2015. Its archives are now available to Cairns News.

Graziers on Cape York Peninsula have been experiencing similar oppression by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Biosecurity Australia who have been shooting hundreds of branded and unbranded cattle in Cape York parks and on Aboriginal-controlled land for several years.

Land owners have reported similar cruelty to cattle inflicted by gunshot to that described in the story above.

Last week a chopper pilot allegedly purchased a large amount of ammunition from a northern gun shop ready to start their unlawful shooting operation of cattle which do not belong to them.


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