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Gravy train ticket for all the wives pushing out little Jihadis: Farouk Australia


By Lyndesy Symonds

The Marxist Leninist CoVID Regime is building a Muslim population base. Can’t get enough of that Bismillah with humus and doner kebab. It is the Muslims they are massively importing. Death to the Infidel is just fine as long as it comes with an Aust gravy train ticket and all the services for the wives who are pushing out the little jihadis. The idea here is to Farouk Australia – in one generation. And the Communist Takeover of this country is running the standard issue Communist democide on the White Anglo Celtic population so they are full partners.

But before the Muslims have the numbers to achieve the Islamization of Australia (Sharia Law) as per we will have to put up with their taqiyah. For now, Queers for Palestine OK to march with them in the ‘river to the sea’ riot. After Dar al Islam – rooftop party for the Queers.

The one thing they can’t really taqiyah is what the Zionist Overlords of Australia will call ‘anti-semitism’ with the Jews winning the eternal sufferring sweepstakes and the Crescent gaslighting the Gaza Effect and deploying the Palestinian population/s (clearly getting the worst of the war) as both spear point against the West and shield against Israel. Exactly like the Aboriginal Box Tickers, Corrupto Land Councils of the Aboriginal Industry use Aboriginal populations , poor as a bag of rocks, as Exhibit A against the evilwhiteracistcolonialsettlergovernment when we are trying to pay these communities 40 billion / annum for the social infrastructure they need. To no avail – it is all heisted by the Aboriginal Industry to build their Marxist power base.

As anyone who reads my posts would know I am a Christian counter revolutionary for the Western nations. I am politically incorrect. I am semetically incorrect. I confess to holocaust apathy and Hitler indifference. I oppose Diversity is our strength policies, White Privilege Education, DEI social credit scores, Critical Race Theory, More national Sorry Days for Whites etc. I will be in Brisbane tomorrow to cheer for the illustrious regiments and ANZAC heroes who actually fought the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution and its Gook militaries and alphabet soup jihadis backed by Soviet Russia and the PRC in SE Asia, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Islam is tribal. The Caliphate was tribal. Even before it fell into its footprint of Crescent nations and tribes , the Hashimites were at war with the Caliphate over their slice of Palestine – which today is Jordan. And all the other tribes joined in the fray – as did the Zionist Turks, the Khazarian Ashkhenazi Jews. They made war on the Crescent tribes / nations of Palestine for their cut. Which they got. This is the blood feud that ignited with the crack up of the Ottoman Caliphate in WWI.

But the Muslims have ruled that the price of Palestine for the Zionists is the blood of all Muslims. The Divan laid it on the line for Herzl in no uncertain terms. The last Sultan (whoever he was) told that to the Zionist leaders. So they bought the Daily Fatwa with this whole ‘ancient Israel is ours’, Schofield Ref Bible schtick.

The Bible never gets it wrong. They are Gog of the Land of Magog and they regularly parade their tribal gods through their City of London and they took the Holy Land.

So here we are. Blinky Bill, the Jolly Swagman, good old Fair Dinkum and Fair Go and the working program of ‘let’s be Mates and find a way to work this out’ are incapable of understanding this mindset we are dealing with here. Let’s have Armageddon and bring on the Mahadi or the Messiah or Satan or the end of the world or an integrated Eurasia or whatever the program of the Big Machers is. Depend on Gog and the Zionists to wade right in measure for measure with state sponsored terror that was brought against them by the Crescent nations and the UK government, I might add.

It was the Zionists who blew up the Patria in the Haifa Harbour killing all the Jews in order to pin it on the Brits.

There is no political solution to this war. Both sides play the ‘Two State Solution’ Card and both have rejected it many times. At whatever cost the Western ZOGs must stay out of it. Australia must stay out of it. By all means human decency and humanitarian aid for the Palestinian civilians who are clearly getting the worst of their government’s latest stoush with Israel and support for the Israeli civilian casualties of the Oct 7 Hamas Attack from the South and the Hezbollah Attacks from the North – merely the latest outrages in a long list of outrages. Unlike the Hamas gov’t, the Israeli government looks after its civilians even though it uses them as pawns in the Game.

He Refused Two Billion Dollars for Palestine


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