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“PODCAST” Health Truth With Dr. Dena Churchill

Howdy Members, i connected with the beautiful, Dena Churchill for a great podcast show to chat about her incredible work and holistic approach to healthcare. 

Dr. Dena Churchill is a International Speaker, Author and Innovator of Women’s Health and Wellness. She is remembered for her ability to deeply connect with audiences through clarity, wisdom and humour. With a humble confidence, she draws on a wealth of real-life experiences to help you “Envision and Achieve Your Best” in a way that is both entertaining and informative.   As a holistic health provider and mother, she helps women unleash their power, by loving themselves and embracing the feminine.  Dr. Dena combines the ageless wisdom of the mind, body, spirit balance, integrating her studies in psychology, biology, nutrition, neurology, chiropractic and spirituality to provide you with fresh ideas in healing and transformation. 

Her yoga practice is a source of movement and meditation to balance the perspectives of the colourful waters of this world.  Her mission is helping mothers keep themselves and their families healthy, their work inspired and their feminine powerful.  She is the author of the book entitled, Divinity in Divorce and Co-author of Pearls of Wisdom; Pure and Powerful and the amazon best-seller,  The Thought That Changed Your Life Forever.   Dena is published in international magazines and loves networking with women’s groups all over the world.

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