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“Hellstorm Audio Book Review” The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 With Thomas Goodrich

Hellstorm Audio Book

I am extremely proud to announce that an audio book is now available for HellstormThe Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947. Since the paperback was first published in 2012, people have constantly asked if an audio book would soon be available. Unfortunately, although I wanted very much to say “Yes!” my answer was always “no.” That has now changed. And thus, quietly, privately, at home, on your computer, this book can now be heard without interruption in its entirety, as it was intended.

The simple fact is, it does take work to read. Some of us lack either the time or visual ability to finish a typical book. But while many for a variety of reasons are incapable of actually reading a book, virtually all of us can listen to a book. And this audio book will certainly be an experience worth listening to. In the rich and compelling words of the narrator, Paul English, what Germany and her people passed through during and after World War II is an epic, unforgettable story guaranteed to have a profound impact on all who hear.

My dedication in the opening pages of Hellstorm was to “the Voiceless Victims of the World’s Worst War.” I am happy here to announce that the voiceless victims now have not only a voice, but a powerful and highly professional voice that will soon be heard around the world.

what others are saying…….

“Captivating!”   Doug, Kansas

“Truly a masterpiece.”  Harri, Finland

“Paul English is the best possible narrator you could have ever chosen.”    Eddie, Ohio

Hellstorm  completely changed my outlook on the world.”  Joe, Illinois

Note: Our main upload was averaging 100,000 views per month until it was banned by youtube, but there are many more copies available, though they are restricted in many countires. If you cannot view this film in your country, try using this: You can also try this torrent, or this one, or The film has been copied all over the internet, so you should be able to get it regardless of censorship.

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