February 25, 2024

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Help a Christian Family Under Fire from Radical LGBTIQ Activists!



A Brisbane family is being targeted by radical LGBTIQ activists, not for doing anything wrong, but for speaking out.

An activist who is associated with the Wynnum Fringe group and its Bay Pride event has called for a protest against a Wynnum-based Christian family RIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR HOME.

This family, concerned parents, raised concerns about a LGBTIQ Pride event being held in a children’s park given the highly sexualised nature of such events, often inappropriate for children.

As a result, this activist linked to the Wynnum Fringe group doxxes them, posting the name of one of the householders and his home address online… and then she invited an angry and radical LGBTIQ mob to their doorstep.

If nothing is done, at 11 am this Sunday (26 November), this Christian family will be under siege as radical LGBTIQ protesters surround their home.

This family is aghast. They can’t believe expressing a view in Australia today can have such consequences.

Our mission is clear, folks: We must protect this family against this woke LGBTIQ mob action.

To do so, we are seeking your help to alert the major sponsors of the Wynnum Fringe group and Bay Pride event. If we inundate these major sponsors with emails expressing our concern, they will feel the heat and then they just might contact the Wynnum Fringe group. What we want is for these sponsors to force the Wynnum Fringe group to condemn this outrageous protest against a Christian family, and tell their attendees to NOT protest in front of this family’s home.

We expect these major sponsors to react. It’s about their business reputation, after all.

Make no mistake, this planned protest by the radical LGBTIQ lobby has nothing to do with free speech… it’s just outright intimidation. It not only is meant to intimidate this family but rather anyone who dares question the radical LGBTIQ agenda.

We need to show that Australia is a country where people are free to speak up without being subjected to woke mob action.

Stand up for religious liberty. Stand up for free speech without intimidation. Stand up for this Christian family by signing our petition to Wynnum Fringe group and Bay Pride event’s major sponsors.


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