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Holly and Laurel: The Weaponized Lies of the Entertainment Industry


Once you know the whole truth, topics deemed “safe” by the Luciferian Elite take on dramatically-increased significance.

Laurel Canyon is a secluded district in Los Angeles, California.  It has been the epicenter of enough unusual activity for the late David McGowan to make a career of.

McGowan was an investigative journalist, author and internet activist, with a focus on deep politics.  He was an early critic of the U.S. government’s official narrative about the events of September 11, 2001.[1]  He died aged 55, on the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy, 6 months after being diagnosed with an unusually aggressive form of lung cancer. ~ WikiSpooks

McGowan was a supposed expert on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln yet his work is completely devoid of even the words “Catholic” or “Jesuit”.  Such “oversight” takes a concentrated effort to deceive.

The Jesuits in education are as invisible as they have made much of history to be.  It would be a great shock for many Americans to find out that the Company of Loyola and the Vatican were considered the chief suspects behind both the chaos of the Civil War and the murder of America’s Civil War President. …

The evidence of a vast Roman Conspiracy was so overwhelming that a military tribunal was convened rather than a civil court.200

The assassination conspirators were harbored at the boarding house of staunch Catholic Mary Surratt, at whose trial no fewer than five Catholic priests attested to her “impeccable character”.201

She may very well have had one.  It was her son John, who had been studying to become a Catholic priest202, that had brought co-conspirator John Wilkes Booth to her boarding house to plot the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.203

After Lincoln was murdered, Surratt left the country and ended up in Rome.204

He was eventually found in Egypte where he was arrested and extradited.

Like Surratt, Booth was also quietly associated with Roman Catholicism.  It would have been unusual to have commiserated with a family of passionate Catholics and not have that common thread in the conspiracy. ~ Illuminati Unmasked 1

McGowan and his friend Nick Bryant have been equally “hapless” in regards to the system of corruption that funnels all power through the abuse of children, calling it “The Pedophocracy”.  At least that left the much simpler and intuitive descriptor “Pedocracy” to be coined by the author.

In McGowan’s essays, the word “Jesuit” is completely omitted and “Catholic Church” mentioned only once in passing.

Given Rome’s role as the arbiter of the Pedocracy, this “oversight” is unconscionable.  It amounts to providing cover for the worst of the pedophile predators.

Bryant is little better.

He “re-addressed” the trafficking of boys out of Omaha, Nebraska because he saw some deficiency in the work of former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp.  What did Bryant uncover that DeCamp left secret?  None of what is in Eaters of Children

In 1979, Lawrence King was made Chief Executive Officer of the Franklin Federal Credit Union, ostensibly to rescue it.  At the time, he was a Democrat, but by the inauguration of the Reagan / Bush administration, King had switched parties.

As a Republican black businessman, he was highly prized and sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 Republican national conventions.

King was also a child sex slave trafficker and vicious sadist who had likely been earmarked for his role from the beginning.

The scandal would later be called “the Franklin Cover-up” based off the 1992 book of the same name.  In ultimate “learning against learning” fashion, the title is, itself, a cover-up designed to distract from the epicenter of the scandal.  That was the Roman Catholic orphanage known as “Boys Town”.  The focus was deflected to be placed on scape goat Lawrence King and the Franklin Federal Credit Union. …

Author, Author

The author of The Franklin Cover-up was Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp.

During the Vietnam War, DeCamp was the aide-de-camp to the CIA Station Chief in Saigon, William Egan Colby.  What got DeCamp his job was the same qualification that got Colby his — they were both devout Roman Catholics.

DeCamp and Colby worked the American end of the purposeful debacle known as “Vietnam” to include lawless war crimes committed during the “Phoenix Project”751 such as mass murder as well as trafficking in women, children and opium.

The Princeton and Columbia-educated Colby was so devout, in fact, he was known as “the Warrior Priest”.752,cvi

DeCamp is equally in the Catholic camp; having spent his formative years as a young teenager at a monastery in Minnesota.753 Whether he, too, was abused is currently unknown although he does claim to have spent time at Boys Town, as well.754

DeCamp was retained as legal counsel for the Director of Boys Town, Monsignor Robert Hupp, during the very years in question.755 On the rare occasions where DeCamp is cleared to be interviewed by Roman puppets in “alternative media”, this conflict of interest is left unaddressed.

DeCamp was personally commissioned for his work as an agent of disinformation and “cover-up” by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (what was formerly the Inquisition), Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger.  DeCamp would see his friend again, after he became “Pope Benedict XVI”.756 ~ Eaters of Children 2

In fact, Bryant even maintained the purposefully-flawed propaganda name for the story, titling his book The Franklin Scandal instead of DeCamp’s Franklin Coverup.

Holly-wood and Laurel Canyon

Holly has the rare quality of requiring separate “male” and “female” flowers for pollination.  It’s also an evergreen, maintaining its leaves through winter.  Consequently, it had strong pagan significance in “fertility” rites.

Laurel was considered sacred to the god Apollo.

Bay Laurel is associated with Apollo.  When the nymph Daphne tried to avoid him she turned into the first laurel tree, which Apollo adopted as his sacred tree.  The leaves were also chewed and burned by Apollo’s prophetic priestesses at Delphi, which ties in to its uses in divination. ~ Vaya’s Witchcraft and Pagan Spiritual

Both plants had strong significance to ancient pagan Rome.

Meet the Morrisons

On Wonderland Avenue in the Hollywood Hills there’s an eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom compound that was built in the early 1940s.  The exterior is a little drab, and there is nothing particularly remarkable about its appearance.  But the complex, once known as Lookout Mountain, has an incredible history.  Between 1947 and 1969, some of Hollywood’s most talented scriptwriters, producers, editors, and directors made furtive journeys to this place to work on a top-secret project: filming nuclear explosions.

The United States Air Force established Lookout Mountain in 1947 in order to produce movies and photographs of nuclear tests.  It was a full-service facility: military and civilian filmmakers would head to test sites in the Nevada desert or Pacific islands, capture footage of exploding bombs, and bring it back to Laurel Canyon for editing and post production.

The facility was equipped with a soundstage, screening rooms, film storage vaults, and, naturally, a bomb shelter.  During its 22 years of operation, Lookout Mountain Laboratory produced approximately 6500 classified films for the Department of Defense and the Atomic Energy Commission, documenting nuclear test series such as Operation Greenhouse, Operation Teapot, and Operation Buster-Jangle.

The compound has since been converted into an eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom residence.  In January, Variety reported that Jared Leto has purchased the former top-secret studios for $5 million. ~ Slate

Critical thinking creates several problems with this narrative.

Why was such high security required simply to process footage of “nuclear tests”?

Why was Lookout Mountain equipped with everything necessary to produce a complete film, including an animation department?

Some of the best inside information can be gleaned from agents of the Papacy who seed their propaganda with “amazing facts” found nowhere else.

One example can be found from author and speaker “Eric Jon Phelps”, the self-described “Fifth Monarchy, Seventh Adventist, Baptist, Calvinist, White Separatist and Free-man”.

As an incognito Jesuit priest, Phelps wields information found nowhere else and then poisons it with racial division and Jesuit eschatology.

Rome brags about the “miracle” of the Jesuits who survived Hiroshima.  Phelps outs the “miracle” as an unspeakable crime against humanity committed by traitors in the American military; agents for the Vatican.

From their inception, the Jesuit order has been an insurgency in every country they infiltrate.  When this was realized in Japan, Daimyō Toyotomi Hideyoshi began placing restrictions upon them.  His successor, Tokugawa Ieyasu (Japan’s first Shogun) expelled all “Christian” missionaries in 1614.  The last of Japan the Jesuits saw was the port city of Nagasaki and they marked it well.

The American Army Air Force firebombed the island and totally destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  The future Jesuit General, Pedro Arrupe was near Hiroshima at the time of its destruction.  Could he and his Jesuits have been involved in a … detonation on the ground, as no tested atomic device had ever been detonated in the air while in motion?

“At 8:15½ that August morning, every window in Arrupe’s residence at Nagatsuka was shattered by a roaring shockwave, and the sky was filled with a light he later described as [“a gigantic flare, like a magnesium flash” {118} being] ‘overwhelming and baleful’!  By the time he and his community of Jesuits ventured out some thirty minutes later, a firestorm driven by a scorching 40 mph wind had enveloped Hiroshima … That evening, one of the first survivors to reach his house in Nagatsuka was a theological student sent by a fellow priest, Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge, who had somehow survived the blast in the middle of Hiroshima.  From him, Arrupe got his first eyewitness accounts.” {119}

Whether the atomic bomb detonated in mid-air—a technical feat unknown to human history as of August 1945—or secretly on the ground (the device having been carefully constructed inside a closed building), the future Jesuit General knew all about it.  … Pedro Arrupe greatly contributed in creating the “Nuclear War Hoax” — it being the foundation for that greatest of Jesuit Inquisitions called “the Cold War” — for which genocidal reason he became the Jesuit General in 1965… 3, 4

Lookout Mountain was the propaganda facility used to bolster the threat of humanity’s atomic destruction and to legitimize the completely-fabricated Cold War.

A foundational pillar in that effort was war in Vietnam and the counter-culture in opposition to it.  Unwitting Americans were convinced that support of the War was their civic duty and that the parameters dictated by politicians and the Pentagon that made the War a meat-grinder for America’s young men was simply “mismanagement”.

The counter-culture that opposed the War also promoted rebellion against all authority, drug use, sexual immorality and government socialization rather than industrious self-determination.  It was impossible to question Vietnam without taking on the mantel of the rest of the subversive counter-culture.

A central thread to this agenda ran through Laurel Canyon and the Morrison family.  As Dave McGowan’s 20-part seriesexpounds; a predominance of 60’s Rock & Roll phenoms were birthed in and around Laurel Canyon with a surprising number of them having ties to the military or intelligence community.  A leading example is the Morrisons.

Rear Admiral George Morrison headed up “secret nuclear weapons programs” out of Los Alamos, New Mexico.  He could speak Italian and read the Bible in its original languages.  He, coincidentally, was also in command of the fleet patrolling the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964.

In July and again in August, North Vietnamese torpedo boat supposedly fired upon the U.S.S. Maddox and then again upon the Maddox and Turner Joy but with no evidence and no casualties despite claims that those vessels had sunk at least one torpedo boat.

Both vessels were Destroyers.

In command of Morrison’s 7th Fleet Destroyer Division was Captain John Jerome Herrick.  Like Morrison, Herrick was a Naval Academy graduate and a Roman Catholic.

A year after the Gulf of Tonkin non-incident, Admiral George Morrison’s son Jim emerged as the lead singer of the band The Doors.  He quickly skyrocketed to legendary status as the icon of the counter-culture even though, prior to 1965 he had no inclination towards music, had never sang or played an instrument.  Eventually, he was able to master the tambourine and harmonica.

The band got its name, at Morrison’s suggestion[4] from the title of Aldous Huxley’s book The Doors of Perception,[5] which itself was a reference to a quote made by William Blake, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”[6] ~ Wikipedia

Huxley was one of the brains behind the counter-culture along with Timothy Leary.

Cultural icons like Aldus Huxley and Timothy Leary encouraged Americans to “turn on, tune in, drop out” with LSD.

—That’s Holy Cross Jesuit-educated Catholic Irishman Timothy Francis Leary.1497 ~ Illuminati Unmasked 5

Leary was also an asset of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Berkeley Professor Timothy Leary along with his friend, FBI Agent George Gordon Battle Liddy. They frequently put on shows of debating each other, “Liberal verses Conservative”. Both were Jesuit-trained Roman Catholics.

Aldus Huxley’s brother Julian was cut from the same cloth: a vicious eugenicist and Darwinian apologist.

He was secretary of the Zoological Society of London (1935–1942), the first Director of UNESCO [The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] … ~ Wikipedia

Although Wikipedia claims Julian Huxley’s promotion of “birth control” was “anathema to the Catholic Church”, the same entry admits he was a disciple of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.

Father de Chardin was also a passionate promoter of Darwinian Evolution.  In fact, when critics claimed a “missing link” between man and ape could not be shown, Teilhard de Chardin made one and called it “Piltdown Man”.

For more on why the Roman Catholic Church is so vested in a Darwinian spinning globe Earth, see the documentary below.

Although Admiral George Morrison’s religion has been wiped from the history books there are indications that his son, Jim, was Roman Catholic—perhaps by family tradition.

Apparently, it was not a healthy association.

Jim went a little mad when they tried to cut “The End.”  The first night he had taken LSD and they failed to get a magical version of the Doors’ dramatic show closer.  On the second night, Jim had disappeared before the session started, and someone found him in Blessed Sacrament, the big Catholic church just across Sunset.  Jim brought back a prayer book and started tearing out pages one by one, mumbling to himself.  Bruce Botnick turned up the monitor in the control booth, and heard Jim chanting: “Kill the father, fuck the mother.”  He assumed that this was part of “The End,” which he hadn’t heard before they recorded it.  He noticed that occasionally Jim referred to some handwritten lyrics that were jammed into the back pocket of his dungarees.6

In June of 1970, Morrison is reputed to have married Patricia Kennealy in a pagan Celtic ceremony not legally recognized.  Kennealy met Morrison while interviewing him as the editor of Jazz & Pop magazine.  Although she claims to be a “Dame of the Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani” and a “High Priestess in the Celtic Pagan tradition”, she, too, was raised Catholic and educated by the Franciscans at St. Bonaventure University in Allegany, New York.

Admiral George Morrison guaranteed America’s immersion into the terrible quagmire that would become the Vietnam War.  Less than a year after Tonkin, his son Jim would become the icon of the music and drug counter-culture that protested it.  In fact, all of the music and movie personalities connected to Laurel Canyon managed to avoid the Vietnam draft with no trouble from the government.

This seeming serendipity played out through to Jim Morrison’s “death”.

Jim Morrison, who for a time lived in a home on Rothdell Trail, behind the Laurel Canyon Country Store, may or may not have died in Paris on July 3, 1971.  The events of that day remain shrouded in mystery and rumor, and the details of the story, such as they are, have changed over the years.  What is known is that, on that very same day, Admiral George Stephen Morrison delivered the keynote speech at a decommissioning ceremony for the aircraft carrier USS Bon Homme Richard, from where, seven years earlier, he had helped choreograph the Tonkin Gulf Incident.  A few years after Jim’s death, his common-law wife, Pamela Courson, dropped dead as well, officially of a heroin overdose.  Like Hendrix, Morrison had been an avid student of the occult, with a particular fondness for the work of Aleister Crowley.  According to super-groupie Pamela DesBarres, he had also “read all he could about incest and sadism.”  Also like Hendrix, Morrison was just twenty-seven at the time of his (possible) death. ~ McGowan

It was all completely controlled and designed for maximum harm to all involved.


A strong pillar of the Jesuit/Freemason false reality has been “space” and the “moon landing”.  With good reason were the series of rockets that supposedly accomplished the deed named after the god Apollo.

Many have attacked such a “conspiracy” with “How?”

As to “How did they accomplish it?”, Lookout Mountain adequately answers that.

As to “How did they keep it secret?”, Eaters of Children gives the explanation: all involved have dark secrets they can’t bear to be blackmailed with.

Another pillar has been the crypto-creature known as “Bigfoot”.  It is a phenomena as nebulous as UFOs yet an entire industry is built around it.  The bulk of that industry is happy to explain the mythical beast as akin to de Chardin’s “Missing Link”.

Verifiable evidence, however, remains far off.

It could be stated with confidence that the most powerful example available to Bigfoot devotees is the 1967 film supposedly taken by enthusiasts Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin.

Outside Online acknowledges that the film basically “created Bigfoot” and that meeting the survivor of the pair—Bob Gimlin—is akin to what “meeting the Pope is to a Catholic.”  Although “Outside” is supposedly the web site for outdoors enthusiasts, it still manages to highlight the evils of “racism”; a favorite divide-and-conquer tactic of the Luciferian Elite.

Perhaps part of the reason meeting Bob Gimlin was similar to meeting the Pope is because he refused to be interviewed.

While Patterson sought publicity, Gimlin was conspicuous by his absence. He only briefly helped to promote the film[120] and avoided discussing his Bigfoot encounter publicly for many subsequent years; he turned down requests for interviews.[121] ~ Wikipedia

Unusual behavior for such an important figure who had no other claim to fame.

It’s impossible to meet Roger Patterson, however.  He died of cancer just 4 years after the film was released at only 39 years of age.

Perhaps Roger Patterson’s young death contributed to Bob Gimlin’s fear of publicity.

The backgrounds of both men are nearly as mysterious as their prize achievement.  The most detail allowed is for sources like CNet to admit Patterson was an “aspiring filmmaker and ne´er-do-well from Yakima”.

Interesting that the central piece of Bigfoot “proof” was produced by a “ne´er-do-well filmmaker” who was looking for the beast.

Details regarding Patterson’s 16mm camera, lens and film used are all nearly impossible to come by.

“Sasquatch Central” claims to have it in its entirety.  It lasts just under 3 ½ minutes which is very short, even for 16mm and does not fall into a standard reel length.  Clearly, some of the original has not been released.

Of that 3 ½ minutes, the majority is spent on an unidentifiable man on horseback and occasionally his surroundings.

Not an economical use of such a short reel.

The “Bigfoot” footage is only 53 seconds long and several of those seconds are so shaky as to be of no use.

Criticism of the film is as suspect as the film, itself.  The only accusation ever levied is that Patterson hired a “man in a monkey suit”.  Two blue-collar men would be hard-pressed to create such a believable hoax with all of modern technology 50 years later; it was absurdly impossible in 1967.  The fact that the subject in the film appears to be female pushes the “man in a monkey suit” theory beyond ridiculous.  Why would a hoaxer go to such trouble or even think of that level of detail?

The only way the Patterson film is a hoax is with the power and secrecy of Lookout Mountain—which would’ve been operating in its moon landing heyday.

Such a hoax would be bolstered with the careful control of implausible criticism.  It’s even more incongruous when delivered by “sources of prestigious science” such as “National Geographic”.

The exact location of the encounter has also been kept secret beyond claiming it was Bluff Creek in northern California.  The foliage and terrain weren’t that different from what one would’ve found walking out of the Lookout Mountain studio.

It is a testimony to the lack of imagination held by Dave McGowan and the myriad of “alternative media” personalities eager to interview him that none of them ever had an explanation for why the Lookout facility was completely self-contained or what kind of movies were being made there.

Perhaps it wasn’t so much lack of imagination as it was lack of courage to voice this answer.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Another reason Dave McGowan was so popular along the “alternative media” circuit is due to his far-Left ideology.

… as I have probably mentioned previously on more than one occasion, one of the most difficult aspects of this journey that I have been on for the last decade or so has been watching so many of my former idols and mentors fall by the wayside as it became increasingly clear to me that people who I once thought were the good guys were, in reality, something entirely different than what they appear to be.  The first to fall, naturally enough, were the establishment figures — the politicians who I once, quite foolishly, looked up to as people who were fighting the good fight, within the confines of the system, to bring about real change.  Though it now pains me to admit this, there was a time when I admired the likes of (egads!) George McGovern and Jimmy Carter, as well as (oops, excuse me for a moment; I seem to have just thrown up in my mouth a little bit) California pols Tom Hayden and Jerry Brown.  I even had high hopes, oh-so-many-years-ago, for (am I really admitting this in print?) aspiring First Man Bill Clinton.

Since I mentioned Jerry “Governor Moonbeam” Brown, by the way, I must now digress just a bit — and we all know how I hate it when that happens.  But as luck would have it, Jerry Brown was, curiously enough, a longtime resident of a little place called Laurel Canyon.  As readers of Programmed to Kill may recall, Brown lived on Wonderland Avenue, not too many doors down from 8763 Wonderland Avenue, the site of the infamous “Four on the Floor” murders, regarded by grizzled LA homicide detectives as the most bloody and brutal multiple murder in the city’s very bloody history…

What Dave seemed to have missed was that so many of his “good guys” and “mentors” were either Roman Catholic, Jesuit-educated or Jesuits, themselves.  The “Man from Hope” Bill Clinton (likely an illegitimate Rockefeller) was trained at the feet of Professor Carroll Quigley while he taught at Georgetown.

Even more so, the once-and-current Governor of California, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown was once an aspiring Jesuit priest.

McGowan notes that both the Manson Family killings and Wonderland murders revolved around Laurel Canyon.

As it turns out, you see, the most bloody mass murder in LA’s history took place in one of the city’s most serene, pastoral and exclusive neighborhoods.  And strangely enough, the case usually cited as the runner-up for the title of bloodiest crime scene — the murders of Stephen Parent, Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Voytek Frykowski and Abigail Folger at 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon, just a couple miles to the west of Laurel Canyon — had deep ties to the Laurel Canyon scene as well.

As previously mentioned, victims Folger and Frykowski lived in Laurel Canyon, at 2774 Woodstock Road, in a rented home right across the road from a favored gathering spot for Laurel Canyon royalty.  Many of the regular visitors to Cass Elliot’s home, including a number of shady drug dealers, were also regular visitors to the Folger/Frykowski home (Frykowski’s son, by the way, was stabbed to death on June 6, 1999, thirty years after his father met the same fate.)  Victim Jay Sebring’s acclaimed hair salon sat right at the mouth of Laurel Canyon, just below the Sunset Strip, and it was Sebring, alas, who was credited with sculpting Jim Morrison’s famous mane.  One of the investors in his Sebring International business venture was a Laurel Canyon luminary who I may have mentioned previously, Mr. John Phillips.

Again, however, McGowan fails to connect the dots.  He dances around the issue of all these terrible events being orchestrated without even trying to name the conductor.

All of Chapter 9 in Eaters of Children details how Charles Milles Maddox (a.k.a. “Charlie Manson”) was a troubled child, abandoned by his mother and repeatedly placed by “secular” judges and officials into the hands of Catholic priests where he was sexually abused and “trained” for his future as a cult-leading patsy.  He even spent time at the “prestigious” Ohama, Nebraska orphanage called “Boys Town”.

The murders at 8763 Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon were particularly gruesome with victims Ron Launius, Billy DeVerell, Joy Miller and Barbara Richardson basically being bludgeoned to death.

The crime remains “unsolved” to this day.  Drug use and distribution were involved as was the porn industry.  Porn “star” John Holmes was repeatedly arrested by L.A.P.D. but never convicted in court.

The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland was written by Charles Ludwig Dodgson under the pen name of “Lewis Carroll”.  Dodgson was a pedophile with a penchant for exploiting early technology in taking pictures; his subjects were often naked children.

Since then, pedophiles have gravitated towards using Dodgson’s imagery as code for their activities.

In 2001, a U.K.-based “paedophile” internet club was finally taken down after long years of operation.

Everyone had a nickname …

But it was the sinister entry fee that exposed the fact that this was no ordinary club: each new member had to supply 10,000 pornographic images of children.

This was the Wonderland Club, an international online paedophile ring which ran for four years before finally being smashed by the biggest international police operation ever undertaken. ~ The Observer266

Actually, we consider “smashed” a bit of an exaggeration when no one gets brought to justice. ~ Eaters of Children 7

Deviant sex, illegal drugs and manufactured Rock & Roll legends were what went on in Laurel Canyon.  Although Dave McGowan followed the trail to the military/industrial complex, he stopped well short of where it led to: Rome.

The Bill Comes Due

If the actors and musicians went to Laurel Canyon to strike a “deal with the devil”, very often the fine print was a killer…literally.

The threads of connection run back decades.  Manson Family victim Thomas John Kummer changed his name to “Jay Sebring” after moving to Los Angeles to become a hair stylist.

Actress Sharon Tate with Thomas John “Jay Sebring” Kummer. Wikipedia

…Sebring’s Benedict Canyon home, at 9820 Easton Drive, was a rather infamous Hollywood death house that had once belonged to Jean Harlow and Paul Bern.  The mismatched pair were wed on July 2, 1932, when Harlow, already a huge star of the silver screen, was just twenty-one years old.  Just two months later, on September 5, Bern caught a bullet to the head in his wife’s bedroom.  He was found sprawled naked in a pool of his own blood, his corpse drenched with his wife’s perfume.  Upon discovering the body, Bern’s butler promptly contacted MGM’s head of security, Whitey Hendry, who in turn contacted Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg.  All three men descended upon the Benedict Canyon home to, you know, tidy up a bit.  A couple hours later, they decided to contact the LAPD.  This scene would be repeated years later when Sebring’s friends would rush to the home to clean up before officers investigating the Tate murders arrived.

Bern’s death was, needless to say, written off as a suicide.  His newlywed wife, strangely enough, was never called as a witness at the inquest.  Bern’s other wife — which is to say, his common-law wife, Dorothy Millette — reportedly boarded a Sacramento riverboat on September 6, 1932, the day after Paul’s death.  She was next seen floating belly-up in the Sacramento River.  Her death, as would be expected, was also ruled a suicide.  Less than five years later, Harlow herself dropped dead at the ripe old age of 26.  At the time, authorities opted not to divulge the cause of death, though it was later claimed that bad kidneys had done her in.  During her brief stay on this planet, Harlow had cycled through three turbulent marriages and yet still found time to serve as Godmother to Bugsy Siegel’s daughter, Millicent. ~ McGowan

The list of dead is as long as it is surreal; many of the names are intimately intertwined between entertainment and government shadow operations.

* Marina Elizabeth Habe, whose body was carved up and tossed into the heavy brush along Mulholland Drive, just west of Bowmont Drive, on December 30, 1968.  Habe, just seventeen at the time of her death, was the daughter of Hans Habe, who emigrated to the U.S. from fascist Austria circa 1940.  Shortly thereafter, he married a General Foods heiress and began studying psychological warfare at the Military Intelligence Training Center.  After completing his training, he put his psychological warfare skills to use by creating 18 newspapers in occupied Germany – under the direction, no doubt, of the OSS.

* Christine Hinton, who was killed in a head-on collision on September 30, 1969.  At the time, Hinton was a girlfriend of David Crosby and the founder and head of The Byrd’s fan club.  She was also the daughter of a career Army officer stationed at the notorious Presidio military base in San Francisco. …

* Jane Doe #59, found dumped into the heavy undergrowth of Laurel Canyon in November 1969, within sight of where Habe had been dumped less than a year earlier.  The teenage girl, who was never identified, had been stabbed 157 times in the chest and throat.

* Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson, singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Laurel Canyon blues-rock band, Canned Heat, was found dead in his Topanga Canyon home on September 3, 1970.  His death was written off as a suicide/OD.  Wilson had moved to Topanga Canyon after the band’s Laurel Canyon home – on Lookout Mountain Avenue, next door to Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash’s home – burned to the ground.  “Blind Owl” was just twenty-seven years old at the time of his death.  A little more than a decade later, Wilson’s former bandmate, Bob “The Bear” Hite, who had once acknowledged in an interview that he had partied in the canyons with various members of the Manson Family, died of a heart attack at the ripe old age of 36.

* Jimi Hendrix, who reportedly briefly occupied the sprawling mansion just north of the Log Cabin after he moved to LA in 1968, died in London under seriously questionable circumstances on September 18, 1970.  Though he rarely spoke of it, Jimi had served a stint in the U.S. Army with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell.  His official records indicate that he was forced into the service by the courts and then released after just one year when he purportedly proved to be a poor soldier.  One wonders though why he was assigned to such an elite division if he was indeed such a failure.  One also wonders why he wasn’t subjected to disciplinary measures rather than being handed a free pass out of his ostensibly court-ordered service.  In any event, Jimi himself once told reporters that he was given a medical discharge after breaking an ankle during a parachute jump.  And one biographer has claimed that Jimi faked being gay to earn an early release.  The truth, alas, remains rather elusive.  At the time of Jimi’s death, the first person called by his girlfriend – Monika Danneman, who was the last to see Hendrix alive – was Eric Burden of the Animals.  Two years earlier, Burden had relocated to LA and taken over ringmaster duties from Frank Zappa after Zappa had vacated the Log Cabin and moved into a less high-profile Laurel Canyon home.  Within a year of Jimi’s death, an underage prostitute named Devon Wilson who had been with Jimi the day before his death, plunged from an eighth-floor window of New York’s Chelsea Hotel.  On March 5, 1973, a shadowy character named Michael Jeffery, who had managed both Hendrix and Burden, was killed in a mid-air plane collision.  Jeffery was known to openly boast of having organized crime connections and of working for the CIA.  After Jimi’s death, it was discovered that Jeffery had been funneling most of Hendrix’s gross earnings into offshore accounts in the Bahamas linked to international drug trafficking.  Years later, on April 5, 1996, Danneman, the daughter of a wealthy German industrialist, was found dead near her home in a fume-filled Mercedes.

* Jim Morrison, who for a time lived in a home on Rothdell Trail, behind the Laurel Canyon Country Store, may or may not have died in Paris on July 3, 1971.  The events of that day remain shrouded in mystery and rumor, and the details of the story, such as they are, have changed over the years. …

* Brandon DeWilde, a good friend of David Crosby and Gram Parsons, was killed in a freak accident in Colorado on July 6, 1972, when his van plowed under a flatbed truck.  In the 1950s, DeWilde had been an in-demand child actor since the age of eight.  He had appeared on screen with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Alan Ladd, Lee Marvin, Paul Newman, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Henry Fonda. …

McGowan goes on to give another fifteen similar examples from the music industry, alone.

As he went into the entertainment industry, the names ran from cowboy legend Tom Mix to magician Harry Houdini.

Tom Mix died on a lonely stretch of Arizona highway in the proverbial single-car crash on October 12, 1940 (the birthday of notorious occultist Aleister Crowley), when he quite unexpectedly encountered some temporary construction barricades that had been set up alongside a reportedly washed-out bridge.  Although he wasn’t speeding (by most accounts), Mix was nevertheless allegedly unable to stop in time and veered off the road, while a crew of what were described as “workmen” reportedly looked on.  It wasn’t the impact that killed Mix though, but rather a severe blow to the back of the head and neck, purportedly delivered during the crash by an aluminum case he had been carrying in the back seat of his car.  There is now a roadside marker at the spot where Mix died.  If you should happen to stop by to have a look, you might as well pay a visit to the Florence Military Reservation as well, since it’s just a stone’s throw away.

Harry Houdini died on Halloween day, 1926, purportedly of an attack of appendicitis precipitated by a blow to the stomach.  The problem with that story, however, is that medical science now recognizes it to be an impossibility.  According to a recent book about the famed illusionist (The Secret Life of Houdini, by William Kalush and Larry Sloman), Houdini was likely murdered by poisoning.  Questions have been raised, the book notes, by the curious lack of an autopsy, an “experimental serum” that Houdini was apparently given in the hospital, and indications that his wife, Bess, may have been poisoned as well (though she survived).  On March 23, 2007, an exhumation of Houdini’s remains was formally requested by his surviving family members.  It is unclear at this time when, or even if, that will happen.

“Occult” is a favorite word for McGowan.  However, “Catholic” is not, even when it clearly has strong significance.  Although he touches upon sexual deviancy he doesn’t focus on it even though it, too, plays a key role in motivations and how many (most?) of those personalities got ahead.

In the 1950s, as Barney Hoskyns has written in Hotel California, Laurel Canyon was home to all “the hippest young actors,” including, according to Hoskyns, Marlon Brando, James Dean, James Coburn and Dennis Hopper.  In addition to Hopper and Dean, yet another of the young stars of “Rebel Without a Cause” found a home in the canyon as well: Natalie Wood.  In fact, Natalie lived in the very home that Cass Elliot would later turn into a Laurel Canyon party house.  A fourth young star of the film, Sal Mineo, lived at the mouth of the canyon, and the fifth member of the “Rebel Without a Cause” posse, Nick Adams, lived just a mile or so away (as the crow flies) in neighboring Coldwater Canyon.

With the exception of Hopper, all of their lives were tragically cut short, proving once again that Laurel Canyon can be a very dangerous place to live.

First there was that great American icon, James Dean, who ostensibly died in a near head-on collision on September 30, 1955, at the tender age of twenty-four.  Next to fall was Nick Adams, who had known Dean before either were stars, when both were working the mean streets of Hollywood as young male prostitutes.  Adams died on February 6, 1968, at the age of thirty-six, in his home at 2126 El Roble Lane in Coldwater Canyon.  His official cause of death was listed as suicide, of course, but as actor Forrest Tucker has noted, “All of Hollywood knows Nick Adams was knocked off.”  Nick’s relatives reportedly received numerous hang-up calls on the day of his death, and his tape recorder, journals and various other papers and personal effects were conspicuously missing from his home.  His lifeless body, sitting upright in a chair, was discovered by his attorney, Ervin “Tip” Roeder.  On June 10, 1981, Roeder and his wife, actress Jenny Maxwell (best known for being spanked by Elvis in “Blue Hawaii”), were gunned down outside their Beverly Hills condo.

Next in line was Sal Mineo, whose murder on February 12, 1976 we have already covered.  Last to fall was Natalie Wood, who died on November 29, 1981 in a drowning incident that has never been adequately explained.  Before being found floating in the waters off Catalina Island, Wood had been aboard a private yacht in the company of actors Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken.  She was forty-three when she was laid to rest.

For men like Salvatore Mineo, Jr. the connections were obvious and unavoidable.  Mineo was a strong Roman Catholic educated by the Dominicans.  His roles seemed to accent sexual ambivalence.

In Multiculturalism and the Mouse: Race and Sex in Disney Entertainment(2006), Douglas Brode states that the casting of Mineo as White Bull again “ensured a homosexual subtext”. …

In 1969, Mineo returned to the stage to direct a Los Angeles production of the LGBT-themed play Fortune and Men’s Eyes (1967), featuring then-unknown Don Johnson as Smitty and himself as Rocky. The production received positive reviews, although its expanded prison rape scene was criticized as excessive and gratuitous. ~ Wikipedia

Mineo’s appeal was aimed at attracting men who liked boys.  It was an appeal that he was either confused enough or comfortable enough with to ride to tragic stardom.

James Dean and Nick Adams were little different.

The idea of women selling their bodies to get ahead in Hollywood is commonly discussed but less so are men and boys.  If anything, however, they are even more prominent.

Born of Ukrainian immigrants who relocated to Pennsylvania, Nicholas Adamshock was also raised Catholic.

But rather than take to the hard coal miner life of his father, Adamshock decided he wanted to be a movie star and was willing to do whatever it took to get there.  He moved to Los Angeles and changed his name to Nick Adams.  He sold himself to men to survive and it appeared to work.  He got supporting parts in movies like Wanted: Dead or Alive and John Ford’s Mr. Roberts with Henry Fonda and Jack Lemmon (McGowan mentions that the Irish Catholic Ford was also a frequenter of Laurel Canyon “parties”).

In 1961, Adams was able to write and star in a television series called The Rebel about a wandering Confederate “trouble-shooter” in the lawless American west.  He was advised by a favorite of John Ford (and another Irish Catholic) Marrion Morrison, better known as John Wayne.  As a youth, Wayne was a member of the Jacques de Molay club for boys; a group attended by other notables such as Walt Disney and Bill Clinton.8  Later, he would also become a Freemason (apparently not seeing any conflict with their supposed Roman Catholic enemies).

The Rebel lasted two years and 76 episodes, leaving Adams to find work as far off as Japan.  He made four films for Toho Studios including Kaijū Daisensō (Invasion of Astro-Monster) in 1965 — a favorite of the author.

More than The Rebel, Astro Monster showed Adams to be deeply passionate and professional about his work.  His delivery in a foreign science fiction film was given in a manner that equaled any big-budget Hollywood feature yet with little of the motivation.

Sadly, for Nick as well as so many others who passed through Laurel Canyon, the bill came due much sooner than expected.

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  1. Sorry Johnny, I don’t buy it. If the Catholic Church is so powerful in America, how come the only Catholic President (Kennedy) was assassinated before he’d even completed one term. Every President bar Kennedy has been Protestant or Muslim (Obama), until the current 46th President Joe Biden, who is nominally “Catholic” but his position on abortion and gay “marriage” is decidedly anti-Catholic. Joe Biden could be more accurately termed a Satanist, as could Nancy Pelosi, another fake “Catholic” who was recently denied Holy Communion by the Archbishop of San Francisco. The world’s most notorious child traffickers, pimps and blackmailers of world leaders – Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are Jewish, not Catholic. Biden’s cabinet is 80% Jewish as was Trump’s before him, and 95% of Federal Reserve Chairmen have been Jews. The heads of the 5 companies who run all of America’s mainstream media – print, film and television – are Jewish. The head of Pfizer is a Jew, and most recently, a Jew, Yuval Harari has been telling the world that he is going to hack us, that we have no souls, and we are nothing special, no different to cattle. Maybe we can’t say for sure, but I think we have a pretty good idea of who runs America and the world. What I do know for sure is who does NOT.

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