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Homosexual parenting is evil and we must eradicate it


Imagine you are watching a nature documentary, marvelling at the miracle of birth, when suddenly the newborn animal is taken from its mother and given to males of the species to raise.

You’d find it cruel and unnatural. You wouldn’t expect the baby to survive, and you’d know instinctively that you just watched something that was deeply wrong.

Now picture the poorest country you can.

A child is born on a dirt floor and instantly bonds with his mother as she holds him for the first time. His father will meet him soon, the son he has been waiting for, who will carry his name and continue the family line.

The infant will feed from the breast of the woman who bore him inside her for nine months, who shares half his DNA, whose smell he will never forget, and from whose voice he will begin to learn his native language.

This child might have the odds against him, and may well live a life of poverty and hardship.

But he enjoys the most basic human right of all – the right to have a mother and father.

Yes, throughout history mothers have died in childbirth, single-parent families have sadly always existed, as has adoption, fostering and community care, all out of necessity.

But none of our ancestors would ever have dreamed of stealing a baby from its mother to present to a pair of sexual deviants playing as parents.

To allow a child to be raised by two strangers of the same sex is to rob them of an experience so vital to what it is to be human that it beggars belief.

The same boy born in a state-of-the-art modern hospital and sold to selfish homosexuals would never know his mother’s touch, be nourished by her milk, or comforted by her scent.

Instead he’d be raised by genetically defective individuals, who if male are likely to have intestinal parasites or sexually transmitted diseases while being predisposed to paedophilia and abuse, and, of course, he was never given a choice.

And we don’t know what the long term effects this might have on children, as this sick experiment has never been done before, even at the lowest points of human history.

It’s pure evil.

Anyone who would deprive a child of a natural upbringing to satisfy their own desire to be a parent is evil.

The hospitals, doctors, nurses and midwives who help facilitate it are evil.

The surrogate mothers who give their own children away to such people, an unimaginable act in our culture within living memory, are evil.

The politicians who enable it are evil.

The journalists who defend it and normalise it are evil.

And evil must be recognised so it can be destroyed.

This is what is missing from the “book ban” debate – it’s not about censorship, it’s not about keeping the books away from children, it’s not about respecting the opinions of the multicultural residents, and it’s not about democracy.

It’s about good and evil.

And the response by politicians and the media, who want you to think it is so normal for two men to raise a baby that public libraries should even be allowed to have books about it in their children’s sections, tells you everything you need to know about them.

They are trying to override your instincts and brainwash you into accepting what you know in your heart is wrong.

Everyone knows deep inside that humans cannot change “genders” – biological sex is one of the most basic of truths – but through unrelenting propaganda they have managed to convince the well-meaning by malleable masses to lie to themselves, and others, about it.

They are doing the same here with so-called same-sex parenting, which is orders of magnitude worse, because the victims are innocent babies.

Our critics will say, “but what about adoption, isn’t is better for a child in need to have ‘same-sex parents’ than no parents”. But this is a trick to break down your defences and get you to move towards their position.

It is also evil to place an orphan in a homosexual household, although not to the same degree as via surrogacy, because you are similarly robbing a minor, who by definition cannot consent, of the right to grow up with a mother and a father.

But the wicked and twisted people pushing all of this on us can only get away with it if we allow them to. If we stay silent, or if we allow ourselves to get distracted by side debates and sucked into using their frame.

This great evil must be called out what it is, it must be stamped out, and everyone involved must be put on trial for crimes against children and humanity.


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