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How Jews Forced Homosexual “Marriage” on America


SINCE “GAY” marriage was legalized in 2015, the American public has seen that the slippery slope which brings us to trannies in girls locker rooms and troubled children given hormone blockers is real. And Americans aren’t too happy about it: Jewess Alyssa Rosenberg lamented in the Washington Post that the number of Americans who express “discomfort around LGBT people” has risen for the first time since 2014.

In light of this, it’s worth looking back at how this slippery slope began and how homosexual marriage was legalized in the first place.

An interesting and very Jewish perspective on this subject can be found in an article published in 2014 by Tikkun magazine titled “How Jews Brought America to the Tipping Point on Marriage Equality” which details how “Jewish activists gathered enough force to help push the state-by-state dominoes over to legalizing same-sex marriage” and how “Jews can claim a fair share of the credit for bringing Americans to a tipping point of accepting marriage equality.”

This may sound like a shocking anti-Semitic accusation to some, especially to those Evangelical Christians who seem to think Jews are God’s Chosen People™ who can do no wrong, but this article was written by a Jewish activist in a Jewish magazine. Tikkun magazine is named after the Jewish concept of “tikkun olam,” which means “repair the world” in Hebrew.

In the article, Amy Beam explains not only how Jewish activists and social organizations pushed the homosexual marriage issue, but also how their victories can serve as a blueprint for other “social justice” issues — which in the near future will probably include such things as taking “trans” children away from parents who refuse to allow them to mutilate themselves and labeling anyone with a traditional, natural view of sexual morality a mentally ill “sexist,” “homophobe,” or bigot.

Amy Beam explains that in their battle to change the law, Jews took “a clear moral position”:

“By coming out early with a clear moral position rooted in religious values and coordinating their message at the national and state levels, Jewish leaders helped reassure voters who may have been unsure about the religious implications of voting for marriage equality.

As early as 2007, Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Post: “We have reached a point in American society where the obvious is clear: neither my marriage nor anyone else’s is threatened by two loving individuals of the same sex. And it is increasingly difficult for religious leaders to envision that the loving God of the Universe does not welcome such faithful relationships.”

The shift in attitudes is a deep one, according to a recent poll cited in a report in The Atlantic this past summer: “Even among the most conservative Christian group in America, 51 percent of white evangelicals aged 18 to 34 now support gay marriage.” And polls say Jews themselves now support marriage equality to the tune of over 80 percent. Susskind suggests it is no accident that Jews embraced same-sex marriage. “As the narrative on marriage equality in the country has moved,” he says, “Jews — as people who value equality, value civil rights, and have a long historical understanding of what it means to be discriminated against — are consistently at the front of that.”

First, note how Jews here utilize religion to their own political ends. They realize that many Christians in America, who may follow a Jew-centered dispensationalist theology and, whether they do or not, all revere a Bible that teaches them to view Jews as a uniquely holy people, as a people who have their own “covenant” with the Jewish tribal god, which the Christians also have been tricked into worshipping. So Jews use their own status to couch their left-wing political opinions in religious terminology, and then they sell those opinions as “uniquely moral” to American Christians. Most American Christians, unfortunately, are more than willing to gobble it up. After all, God’s Chosen People™ couldn’t be wrong, could they?

This is a view that we have to be willing to challenge on a fundamental level.

Second, note how Jews view their own influence in society and how they explain why they champion left-wing causes: “Jews – as people who value equality, value civil rights, and have a long historical understanding of what it means to be discriminated against.” In other words, their support for left-wing “social justice” issues like “gay marriage,” Black Lives Matteropen borders, and so on isn’t a mere political opinion — it is inherent to their ethnic and religious identity, an identity shaped by being a minority in every country that they lived in for well over 1,000 years.

In their own eyes, the Jews are on a crusade against all forms of “discrimination,” real or perceived. And it doesn’t matter how reasonable the “discrimination” they’re fighting is, e.g. discrimination against trannies in girl’s locker rooms or rape-happy migrants who hate White people flooding into the West.

This mentality isn’t held only by a small Jewish elite — but by a majority of rank-and-file Jews, as the article mentions later:

“Noting the recent Pew poll that showed that 70 percent of Jews vote and 56 percent say that being Jewish means working for justice, Abby Levine, director of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable wrote in a November 22 op-ed in Zeek magazine that she sees a rise in Jewish involvement in “projects dealing with economic justice, women’s rights and community organizing.” Jewish social justice organizations are primed to train and mobilize even more faith-based activists to take on this next wave of struggles.

“We [Jews] bring a different paradigm than the typical paradigm of the policy marketplace, which is a paradigm of morals,” says Susan Lubeck of Bend the Arc’s Bay Area office in California. “Of what’s fair and right and good, and not just what is politically appetizing.”

Unmentioned here is that the vast majority of Jews vote for anti-White, extreme leftist politicians and policies, regardless of whether or not they think that “being Jewish means working for justice.” Their support for anti-White “social justice” politics is rooted in their understanding of their own identity, which is why any attempt to win over Jews to any racial-nationalism except their own will be doomed to fail. They are not of our race, and their nomadic, parasitic mindset is a permanent biological feature that cannot be eradicated. They will always see our racial-nationalism as a threat. They will sometimes appear to support nationalism (think Ezra Levant), but always of a neutered and non-racial variety that does nothing but divert and harm us in the long run.

Amy Beam also explains the other “lesson” from the Jewish fight for “gay marriage” and other “social justice issues” in America — the necessity of a solid ground game:

“Jewish activists and leaders at both the national and local/regional levels spearheaded the recent wave of victories for marriage equality (such as state-by-state legalizing of same-sex marriage and the defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act). “We did it in a variety of smaller ways,” says Susskind. “[We had to] get rabbis signed on, get other community leaders signed on, do calling drives, get people engaged with their state legislators.” Susskind cites the work of regional Jewish groups as key to winning in several states; these include Jewish Community Action (JCA) in Minnesota, Jews United for Justice in Maryland, and Bend the Arc’s regional offices in Los Angeles and the Bay Area in California.

State Senator Scott Dibble of Minnesota said the work of JCA was “very important” in two major recent fights there: defeating a 2012 amendment to the state’s constitution that would have banned same-sex marriage, and the subsequent passage of a state law that legalized it. “They provided lots of organizational support.” Dibble said. “The support came in many forms, a lot of it very practical and tangible. JCA arranged for meeting space in several different synagogues as we were getting underway.” Beyond providing such material assistance, Dibble said JCA was “also just a real key force and driver in the aspect of the campaign that relied on bringing the faith voice to the forefront.”

Again, Jews are proud of their “very important” role in forcing the homosexual agenda (a part of the anti-White-child agenda) on America. So saying they are heavily responsible for that is not an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.”

Source: https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/04/how-jews-forced-homosexual-marriage-on-america/

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  1. Please carefully examine Bible truth because the word of God tells us very clearly that the jews are the natural enemy of the truth and way of Jesus Christ

    Jesus called the jewish lawyers, “”sons of vipers”” and called them ‘”the synagogue of satan.””
    The whole new testament covers this issue.

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