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HUGE: The WEF agenda could be BANNED from this U.S state

The senate in the state of Louisiana just voted to ban all rules and mandates from the WHO, WEF and the UN from being enforced.

This is absolutely massive news – And you did not hear about this on the mainstream media.

Louisiana’s senate just unanimously voted to pass a bill that will ban any rules and mandates from the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum and the UN from being enforced in the state.

Really weird that nobody in the mainstream media is talking about this…perhaps they do not want anybody knowing about it since they are part of the same agenda?

Let’s take a look at the text in the bill that was just passed.

“The World Health Organization, United Nations and the World Economic Forum shall have no jurisdiction or power within the state of Louisiana. No rule, regulation, fee, tax, policy or mandate of any kind of the World Health Organization, United Nations and the World Economic Forum shall be enforced or implemented by the state of Lousiana or any agency, department, board, commission, political subdivision, governmental entity of the state, parish, municipality, or any other political entity”.

So there we have it.

This should mean that they are rejecting the UN Agenda 2030 for example. The WHO pandemic treaty that is being worked on right now also won’t have any power in the state.

Did you know that Bill Gates recently donated a whopping $1.27 BILLION towards funding the UN Agenda 2030 “Global Goals”?

You can read all about that in my investigative article here:

Bill Gates push for DIGITAL ID with $1.27 billion donation to Agenda 2030 ”Global Goals”

5 OCTOBER 2022
Bill Gates push for DIGITAL ID with $1.27 billion donation to Agenda 2030 ”Global Goals”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a $1.27 billion commitment to advance ”Global Goals” which are the 17 goals outlined in the UN Agenda 2030. As part of this, a ton of funding is going to push for global digital ID. Yes, you read that correctly. Global digital ID.

The bill still needs to pass the house and the Governor. If that happens then we have seen something truly historic.

A state standing up and saying NO to the WEF agenda. A state standing up and saying NO to Agenda 2030. A state standing up and saying NO to the WHO pandemic treaty. Will more states and possibly countries follow suit?

Again, I’ve searched the internet and I cannot find any mainstream news outlet that is reporting on this massive news.

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1 thought on “HUGE: The WEF agenda could be BANNED from this U.S state

  1. What Louisiana did is to stop in its track the current power grab implemented by the WHO and its puppet masters under the guise of International Health Regulation amendments and the so-called “Pandemic Treaty.”.

    A subject that you should address thoroughly as it is taking place now:

    The International Health Regulations are existing, legally-binding international law. If the proposed amendments are presented to the 76th World Health Assembly, they could be adopted by a simple majority of the 194 member nations. According to the already agreed upon rules of the IHR, if the proposed amendments are adopted, the the member nations would not need to take any additional actions. The United States Senate would not be required to provide a two-thirds vote to give their “advice and consent.” No signatures by national leaders would be needed.

    Please report on this issue A.S.A.P.

    SOURCES: The Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations:

    100 Reasons To #StopTheAmendments

    The proposed amendments would:

    1. Change the overall nature of the World Health Organization from an advisory organization that merely makes recommendations to a governing body whose proclamations would be legally-binding. (Article 1)

    2. Greatly expand the scope of the International Health Regulations to include scenarios that merely have a “potential to impact public health.”

    3. Seek to remove “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.” (Article 3)

    4. Give the Director General of the WHO control over the means of production through an “allocation plan for health products” to require developed states parties to supply pandemic response products as directed. (Article 13A)

    5. Give the WHO the authority to require medical examinations, proof of prophylaxis, proof of vaccine and to implement contact tracing, quarantine and TREATMENT. (Article 18)

    6. Institute a system of global health certificates in digital or paper format, including test certificates, vaccine certificates, prophylaxis certificates, recovery certificates, passenger locator forms and a traveller’s health declaration. (Articles 18, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36 and 44 and Annexes 6, 7 and 8)

    7. Redirect unspecified billions of dollars to the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex with no accountability. (Article 44A)

    8. Allow the disclosure of personal health data. (Article 45)

    9. Greatly expand the World Health Organization’s capacity to censor what they consider to be mis-information and dis-information. (Annex 1, page 36)

    10. Create an obligation to build, provide and maintain IHR infrastructure at points of entry. (Annex 10)

    The 76th World Health Assembly is scheduled to occur from Sunday May 21, 2023 to Tuesday May 30, 2023.

    They make noise, a lot of noise to deflect our attention while they implement their coup.



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