February 23, 2024

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Hurricane Irma as a symbol for America

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By Jon Rappoport

For the last year, I’ve been watching a phenomenon I can only call a covert op, because that’s what it is.

Its purpose is to make people retract their energy and shrink their concerns down to a level of basic survival.

Protests, riots, wilder and crazier statements from the press, attempts to divide the country along racial lines, a stepping up of censorship by tech and social media giants, the opioid medical drug disaster…you can fill in other blanks yourself.

I am seeing all this from the point of view that carried me into launching this site 16 years ago: THE INDIVIDUAL is the fundamental reality and the force and the power and the creative center of consciousness and action.

The individual rises or falls on his determination to surpass the status quo, and invent the adventure of his own future.

This is not only a physical adventure. It is mental and spiritual and emotional. It is a totality. In mythical terms, this is the knight on his ultimate mission.

If the individual can be led to believe he must cease all that and, instead, see his future as a battening down of all hatches and inner resources, as a boarding up of all his windows of perception, as a shrinking back into a cellar of waiting and bare survival, then he evacuates his position of strength.

He is a hurricane victim, even when he is not in the path of the storm.

He is shrinking and redefining his soul-ambition into a smaller and smaller confine.

This retraction is, of course, what the elite self-appointed planners of society and civilization are aiming for. This is their war on the individual.

As you can see, I’m not talking about the real victims of the hurricane and earthquakes; I’m talking about the mind of the individual and his irreplaceable Vision. Only he can keep that Vision alive.

It takes a village to make the individual believe he must fall into despair about the future he most deeply desires. It takes a village to make the individual believe he is, at best, weak and fearful. It takes a village to assert a collectivist future is the only future.

Beyond all that, when the individual demeans his own efforts—there is where the ultimate surrender is staged.

The new dawn of a greater life is always within the individual. He can step aside and allow the rain of “the group is all” to carry the day and swallow him up—or he can say NO.

The clarion call of his own choice is always there. It never goes away.

That’s why I’m here. I made my choice. It brought me to this moment.

If that is true for you, you are whom I write for. I write for myself and for you.


The question comes back, time and time again. A great orchestra plays that question. And it is louder and more enveloping than any storm or wind or rain in the soul.

All bets are on the table. The croupier waits with a smile. You have the dice in your hand. It’s time to roll them.

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