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Imbecile Of The Week: Claire Harvey



IF you take your child to a naturopath, there’s something wrong with you. google_ad_section_end(name=story_introduction)

I mean, something really wrong — way wronger than the ingrown toenail or funny rash or, I don’t know, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia you are seeking treatment for.

Because — well, let’s be honest. Naturopaths are quacks. So are chiropractors*, traditional Chinese herbalists, iridologists, palm-readers, homeopaths, Bowen therapists and reiki practitioners.

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1 thought on “Imbecile Of The Week: Claire Harvey

  1. What poor old mis-guided Claire has overlooked, yet again, is that Homeopathic medicine has been practiced by mankind for thousands of years and that Allopathic medicine is the new chum on the block and therefore the ‘alternative medicine’.
    However, Claire’s propagandized journalism is appropriate for the Terrible Tele so she is doing her job with mindless gusto!…… bravo Claire!

    A study of Iatrogenic injury in Australia.

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