March 4, 2024

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Introduction To The Selfie Of Freakenstein


***The words “nature”, “earth” and “MAN” and their definitions are stereotypes that are used in an attempt to define the reality of undefinable life forms. However, so as to make things easy to write and comprehend, we are using the words “nature”, “earth” and “MAN” to mean every living life form of undefinable reality; the sky, clouds, trees, mountains, rivers, valleys, every plant, fungus, etc, and every creature from amoeba to mammoth.

Everything of life, reality, truth, is in and of intent, but being raised in “The System” conditions us to superficiality that also comes with intent. Men and women unaware of just how deep the superficiality rules them will look at selfies (it’s a daffodil and it is yellow) and see only the stereotypes (it’s a daffodil and it is yellow) they are trained to see which means that they are completely blind to the living existence and purpose of the sensory life form they are looking at, now labelled “it’s a daffodil and it is yellow”. Reality is not being sensed, is not on the radar of reality. Instead reality is now imaginary and being impersonated. Nature and earth have become a world of stereotypes, all of them fake, including MAN centred in nature and earth. We have been trained to become self obsessed with an identity that has been defined for us by others, a reality that does not exist, even though we believe it does through our imagination of it.

The brainwashing education of “The System” has formed an alphabet language of the superficial, artificial communication of stereotypes that make up the selfies that men and women have been trained to live by. The whole of the alphabet language including mathematics and geometry is in, of and about the selfie; reality is not on the radar. My name is….., I am a ……., my nationality is……., my interests are……., my religion is……, my birthday is……, I own ……., earth is a planet….., that is the sun….., earth is a sphere…., nature is hostile….., our ancestors lived in the dark ages…..

This selfie is what we imagine we see when we go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. There is an imaginary conversation going on in-between the ears but the reflection in the mirror is not real and it is unable to think and talk of its own free will. We have to do all the thinking and talking for the reflection. Raised in “The System”, when we are observing a “natural” sensory life-form, an imaginary conversation is already going on in-between the ears, “it’s a daffodil and it is yellow”, and this conversation is the reflection of the selfie bouncing off the mirror of our imagination. We are using definitions to reflect a fake, defined version of reality while having a conversation with fantasy, the selfie, believing the selfie, “it’s a daffodil and it is yellow”, is real and normal. The selfie and the conversation going on in our imagination are not on the radar of reality. We just pretend that they are on the radar.

It is all fake because it is all indoctrination through stereotyping that we have learned to illuminate and project since we appeared in the womb because our mothers and fathers were already lost to the selfies of stereotypes and constantly saturated us with conversations they were having with their selfies because we were their selfie conversation too. The selfie is a never ending script of animation going on inside our heads with every alphabet letter, word, sentence and paragraph filled with explanations that are the stereotypes that are the imagination of images of fantasy flicking constantly through our thinking like the pictures of animated characters coming alive as each flicking page slightly changes, giving the impression that the animated characters and settings have come alive in our imagining of the story telling of the stereotypes. This is exactly what is happening to children when they are lying in their cribs, wearing their nappies, sucking their dummies, or glued to a cartoon, or lost in a fairytale. Our parents turned us into stereotypes from so young because they were lost to the stereotypes of what it is to be a good mother and father and therefore everything about them being parents and raising us as their children was a fairytale from the outset.

The relationship we have with each image of animation flicking through our thinking adds to and forms a library of stereotyped history for the life-time conversation we have with the selfie we identify with and live for, giving us an artificial sense of belonging to a defined “reality” that is all fake. The conversation is always in, of and about the selfie in relationship to the fake reality. This is how “The System” was raised from fantasy, conning us into destroying reality to construct the physical, material forms of the artificial world of “The System”. We have raised “The System” from the dead, from what does not exist, into a wonderland cinema of fantasy where we are perpetually animating a conversation with a selfie without ever leaving this cinema of fantasy. We have bonded with the illusion of reality through the selfie and the definitions we have been given; this is grass, that is a mountain, animals are cute, or dangerous, vegetables are good for us, etc., etc. Reality has been defined for us but it is all fake which means that we are fake because it is this fakeness of the selfie that we live our system lives out of. This is how we destroy our children and how we were destroyed.

We go from practising with the selfie images in the sandpit to making shapes out of reality to meet the conversations we have with our selfies, resulting in the chaos and destruction to reality that we see all around us, including the destruction of our brothers and sisters as we make them slaves to our selfie lifestyles, ostracise and discriminate against those who worship a different selfie, write off those who turn out to be having a different selfie conversation than the one we thought they were having, and send each other to war so that we can meet on the battlefield of selfies and kill each other over our selfie stereotypes.

The distorted conversations that our Freakenstein selfies have are conversations of confusion we have with reality. Sickness and disease are conversations of confusion we have with reality but we believe these conversations are of reality and the confusion is backed up and justified by the fact that we are sick and diseased, and those around us are sick and diseased, and so we have endless conversations of confusion about our health that lead to us having Ken and Barbie Freakensteins behind Big Pharma providing us with medicines, experimenting on us, cutting us open, swapping our body parts and perpetuating the confusion about our health throughout the generations.

Our conversations of confusion with reality are the social media we use, science and technology, homelessness, poverty, fast food, boxed in fashion, schooling, careers and lifestyles, all part of a conversation we are having as a social experiment with confusion to see how it fits with reality. We wear the costumes, titles and status of the social engineering to experience how this confusion with reality entertains the selfie of Freakenstein we have become. As much as we like to come across as being “good” Ken and Barbies, we are all mass murderers of reality. There is nothing more evil than being possessed and driven by the selfie of Freakenstein.

The whole of “The System” of government, politics, law and religion is a conversation of confusion with reality administered and governed by the confused who know nothing about reality because they are faking everything. This only happens in the imaginary world of Freakenstein where Ken and Barbie are slaves ruled by Ken and Barbie slave masters.

They are conversations of confusion, conversations of chaos and destruction, conversations of imagined hurts and slights but we think that they are reality but reality is not on our radar because reality has been distorted from so long ago and the confusion we have with it has left us with no idea what reality is, however much we fake it. This is the world of Freakenstein full of Freakenstein Ken and Barbies. To have a conversation with the selfie, we have to destroy everything of reality.

Even matters of the heart are overridden by the conversations with the selfies that get in the way of the conversations of the heart because of the conversations of fear, doubt, uncertainty and distrust that we are having with our selfies, all the while we are trying to have conversations with the heart and with others who think they are having conversations of the heart, unaware that it is actually the selfies conversing all along in a state of confusion with reality. The world of Freakenstein is a conversation with death with the occultists manipulating the conversations that direct our selfies. This fire of hell that is our selfie fantasy is burning up everything of our real lives because it needs death and destruction to reality to continue.

The fact is, MAN cannot define reality for another MAN; to do so is to create “The System”. Reality is undefinable and yet we have men and women trying to define reality for everyone and every living life form they come into contact with. This is the power and control behind “The System” – those who create the definitions for us gain all the power and control derived from “The System” over all those lost to the in, of and about of the stereotypes of their selfie in “The System”, of “The System” and about “The System”.

This is the Selfie of Freakenstein, Freakenstein being “The System” where the men and women lost to confusion with reality, the Ken and Barbie Freakensteins, are enslaved to the worship and demands of their selfies, carrying on the confusion of death to reality and celebrating it, giving it birthdays, New Year’s celebrations, holidays, etc. The selfie is a slave of self-obsession labouring in the imaginary prison world of “The System” for a lifetime, with all the life energy of the men and women generated in their labour for their selfie benefiting the inventors of the selfie and their bloodline beneficiaries who gave them the definitions, the administrators overseeing “The System” of self-obsession. These administrators are vampires, occultists (Freemasons) performing spell binding black magic on all their victims all across earth. If they have made a world of confused men and women, it is easy to control them all and thus have absolute power over all of reality.

From so young, we are raised in a selfie sandpit where every grain of sand is a stereotyped thought, an image of the script of the animation of selfies that we are permitted to choose from as we learn to form and animate our fake, stereotyped, selfie lives. The whole sandpit is flickering with defined images of reality that mesmerise us so that we forget all about the unique, original dreams and aspirations of the undefined reality of our living souls that we sense when we are raised by nature with no one inside our heads explaining anything to us.

We learn to play at being Ken and Barbie permaculture, Ken and Barbie taxation, Ken and Barbie sustainability, Ken and Barbie Christian, Ken and Barbie socialite, Ken and Barbie Jew, Muslim or Atheist, Ken and Barbie consciousness, Ken and Barbie recyclers, Ken and Barbie Ezekiels Of God, Ken and Barbie carpenters, mechanics and IT Professionals, Ken and Barbie nature lovers, Ken and Barbie Freemasons, Ken and Barbie raw fooders, Ken and Barbie psychiatrists and counsellors, Ken and Barbie film directors, Ken and Barbie educators and scientists, Ken and Barbie Judges, Lawyers, Politicians and Priests.

The explanations we are given tell us that we are confused about who we really are and therefore are no longer the sacred magnificence of our undefined reality, that we must have doubt and uncertainty about the undefined reality of who we really are so that we will be forever addicted to and enslaved to the definitions of confusion with reality that we labour for. If all we know are the stereotypes that we have been given to work with, we are gone, lost to the magnificence of undefined reality forever. Undefined reality is freedom.

We are given a birth certificate and a death certificate, registered and trademarked throughout our system lives as a selfie of Freakenstein. Nothing of our lives is created uniquely and originally by us. All we are is copies of definitions in random assortments that make us think that we are all “different” and we are given a world of e-motion to keep it this way; arrogance, righteousness, indifference, jealousy, lack of confidence, insecurity, shame, pride, repression, depression, etc, all of which keep us detached, removed from the consciousness of the undefined reality of who we really are by the schism of confusion in our thinking that has us adopt Ken and Barbie Freakenstein copies rather than living the promise of the magnificence of a unique, original, living soul. We are prisoners locked in the confusion of a defined reality. This is chaos and the occultists bring order to the confusion we have with reality. They manipulate the confusion of chaos to provide their order to their chaos which gives them all power over the lost.

The motive behind raising us in the sandpit of “The System” rather than in the living reality of nature is to keep us in “The System” so that we never remember who we really are and our jealous lovers, the occultists so obsessed with harvesting and using our life energy, keep us pliable and unconscious, soulless Ken and Barbie zombies without conscience who can no longer sense reality and so kill it without a qualm.

The undefined reality of MAN is sacred and must never be desecrated. The intent to do so is more sinister than putting a bullet through someone’s head because a definition of a MAN, a selfie, is lost to reality forever, if the MAN does not remember who they really are and let go of the selfie they are a prisoner to. When we define reality for a child, we are committing murder and we all have the full responsibility not to corrupt undefined reality with definitions because, when we do so, we are creating copies of MAN, Ken and Barbies, not the real MAN.

We are MAN who have given up the soul of undefined reality, the rank and file robots with our rank and file software program of e-motions downloaded, following the tax department in rank and file, the politics in rank and file, the banks in rank and file, the religions in rank and file, the statutes in rank and file, the libraries in rank and file, the land title deeds in rank and file, the economy in rank and file, the day-care, pre-school, kindergarten, primary school, high school, studies, courses, degrees, title, standing, status, exclusivity and privilege in rank and file, the TV, Internet, media, Hollywood, soap operas and fox network channels in rank and file, the polls in rank and file, the census in rank and file, the drivers licence, car registration, mortgage, passport, lease, contract, Medicare and government hand outs in rank and file, the birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate in rank and file, the clock in rank and file, the sport, booze, cinema and shopping in rank and file, the cults/occults in rank and file, the whole of our lives in rank and file and nothing changes, even when we opt out of one form of rank and file and join another, oblivious to our submission. Brainwashing does this to the best of us. We don’t really notice that something is amiss with the rank and file appearing everywhere throughout “The System” because, as Ken and Barbie Freakenstein, we have never known anything else.

How rarely do we contemplate on why the rank and file exists and why the rank and file imprints start in the womb. If we do not wake up, then the New World Order stereotyped freedom, truth, peace, consciousness and reality will just be the continuation of rank and file Ken and Barbies, all under a cashless quota system of slavery.

Raised in the rank and file order of “The System” as a collective of in-divide-u-all-s is very different to everyone being unique and original raised by nature with no one inside their heads explaining anything about reality – there is no man-made order there.

The definers of reality are unable to bring forward the reality of their definitions to prove that they are true. All they can do is act as impostors, being the mouths, the tongues talking as the definition of the reality they are defining. All they have to rely on is an opinion, which is a belief and a fusion of stereotyped Ken and Barbies all sharing the same belief in definitions forms a religion under the name of the stereotype their selfie worships and has a fake sense of belonging to. When we scrutinise our selfie beliefs and put them to the test, the extent of the infection of the selfie in everyone becomes apparent. To define reality is the original sin because this is how MAN fell from reality to be a sinner lost in the confusion of a Ken and Barbie Freakenstein hell.

If we are to remember who we really are and to set the generations-to-come free from the curse of definitions, those behind the fake world of “The System” of definitions must either immediately stop what they are doing and be seen to be doing everything possible to wake others up to what has been done to them and do what is required to fix it, working for the dream of every family having unencumbered land, water food and shelter so that they have the freedom and space to contemplate and let go of the fog of confusion, taking full responsibility for their real lives without the burden of system obligations running them, or be stopped, even if it takes a bloodbath bigger than the French Revolution to do so.

Their methods are being revealed so that they can be recognised for who they are and what their agenda is. Their biggest fear is that we will rise up against them because there are far more of us than there are of them, which is why they have trained us to be passive wimps, crippled by fear, doubt and uncertainty, too weak to take matters into our own hands and do something. They rely on their definitions of political correctness and the fake moral compasses we adopt to hide our broken wills as we act out the part of the “good guy” in “The System”, weaving the sentiments of revolution, regeneration and retribution into our speaking all the while continuing to bow down to the dictates and compromises of our selfie stereotypes and doing nothing. We raise our fists and rant and then go home to our TVs or back to our budding food forests where we bury our heads in the soil and pretend that it will all go away once the turnips are through.

Once the occultists are gone, there will be no more paedophilia, no more abuse, no more blood letting/blood libel rituals, no more Chemtrails, electro-magnetic interference, factories spewing out filth, brain pollution on the TV, rule of the clock, commuting, politics, law, government, etc. Once we let go of our selfies and the stereotypes attached to them, the occultists have no more power over us.

When we remember who we really are, the occultists have no power over us anymore because we have remembered that there is no separation between MAN and the undefinable creator of all life, often stereotyped as God in “The System”. The undefinable creator of all life dreamed the dream of life and held that image in all its purity. Then the undefinable creator of all life breathed the life of undefinable creator into the image of that dream to give life to the dream and the essence of undefinable creator is MAN in all the magnificence of undefinable creator. This is the full responsibility that we all carry as MAN. There is no god apart from MAN that we can blame for what goes wrong or plead with to make things better. We have that power of creation that we can use to destroy everything or to create living dreams of life. This is our free will in action.

There is no beginning to undefinable creator and there is no beginning to MAN. The consciousness of undefinable creator that is MAN has always existed without beginning or end. MAN precedes every thought, idea, dream, feeling MAN experiences and there has never been a thought, idea, dream, feeling or experience preceding MAN. How could that be? The free will of undefinable creator that we all have comes with full responsibility for everything we think, feel and do. Everything we experience is the result of our thinking and dreaming in our likeness. No one but us can come forward in first party to communicate thoughts, dreams, ideas, feelings, conversations, parables, insights, storytelling, philosophies, religions, occults, esoterics, lies, truths, etc, etc, and no one else can perform fantasy, illusion and delusion in 3rd party or otherwise. Whether we abuse our powers of creation or not, when MAN comes forward it is undefinable creator coming forward as the creation of whatever MAN has created as the experience of undefinable creator. When MAN is judging MAN it is undefinable creator judging undefinable creator. What a stupid blame-game that is!

Our only bond with the reality of nature is through the definitions of nature fed to our selfies. Reality, earth, nature does not even begin to be sensed because the animation of non-sense, the information we are thinking about a life form, is not coming directly from the life form. Instead it is coming from the animated script that has even nature, earth and all of life stereotyped. We have been trained to focus on these stereotyped images that are definitions of reality to the point where we are lost in a dream world that is all fake, and this is all we know because, as we think, speak and write in alphabets, we have become so assimilated into our selfies, so tolerant of the affect of living them on the living MAN, that we don’t notice how completely lost we are to this fake, alphabet world. All the while we are living in reality, we are lost to it.

The intent of Freakensteins is to fulfill the stereotypes that rule them, one of the biggest being Freakenstein sex, with the fake, secure lifestyle needed to preserve the Freakenstein images and the Freakenstein looks demanded by superficiality, hence the multi-billion$$$ Freakenstein cosmetics and fashion industries that rely on women’s (and men’s) insecurity about how they look in the eyes of others that is the doubt and uncertainty about who they really are, the heart, and what they are really part of, the life of the heart.

The intent of the pure, uncorrupted heart can never meet with the shallow intent of superficiality because we have been practicing superficiality for so long that the weight of its doubt and uncertainty crushes the pure, uncorrupted heart.

When we sense who we really are, we have no need to advertise anything about us because it is already clear in how we live, the heart of our real lives, already fully present with the presence of life. Our magnificence radiates throughout the whole of the living dream of life, not boxed in by the image measurements of time and space stereotypes of Freakenstein that are sex, looks, jewellery, fashion, cosmetics, real estate, lifestyle.

Our system lives are full of Freakenstein rituals that are all about meeting the Freakenstein stereotypes – the morning make-up, the perfect home in the perfect location, the right car, the right job, the right partner, the right babies, the right social lives in the right coffee shops, restaurants, and shops, the right holidays, the right mobile phone, etc, etc, etc. Vomit, vomit, vomit……….

We have sold out so can expect nothing more than emptiness filled by Freakenstein busyness.

The attacks of the stereotypes start before a baby (MAN) has even arrived in the womb because the lives of the parents are so full of the stereotypes that led them to having sex in the first place. Pregnancy is stereotyped (a selfie), birth is stereotyped (a selfie) and then every aspect of the child’s life is programmed to meet the stereotypes of selfies.

Unless they have the fortitude and the reservoir of the heart to withstand all the attacks until they are an “adult”, so they still sense their heart as the essence of who they really are, they don’t have a chance to meet the heart of a pure man or woman because the heart of a pure man or woman will not be evoked and drawn in because there is no life of the living heart for anyone to meet.

Deep down, in the heart of every man and woman, is that purity and that aspiration to co-create with the pure heart of another man or woman. But the constant bombardment of Freakenstein stereotypes are pitched with the intent to have us sell out, sell out, sell out, sell out, sell out, sell out, sell out………….

While we are all doing it, this is the “norm” so we don’t question it. We have to live, got to keep a roof over our heads, put food on the table and send the kids to Freakenstein schools. We have to be seen to be doing “something” with our lives, whatever it takes to meet the stereotype of the group-cult that we have chosen, even if that means doing “nothing”.

Lost to the confines of the stereotypes, we censor and discriminate against others, too blind to sense the brutality of what we are doing to them and often unable to sense what we are doing even when it is pointed out to us. We are unable to be the eagle soaring over the mountain tops and seeing every aspect of the fine detail of the bigger picture of what we are doing and how it all connects Freakenstein lives in a Freakenstein world.

We have confronted the stereotypes many operate out of over the years of the Love For Life work but they cannot sense what they are doing because they are so trapped in the confines of the stereotypes. This is why we rattle their cages, even if they hate or shun us for doing so. Maybe the seed that we plant will sprout down-the-line, during times of misery or moments of clarity, when they can sense the heart of the seed sprouting forth and go with that. If we don’t share real truths of everyday life in “The System” then there is no real light for those lost in the darkness to return to and the stereotypes reign supreme. Isn’t it worth being unpopular in order to stand up to what we know is wrong?

It is best where possible to be a beacon of truth for those still lost to deep “states” of apathy and denial and inspire them to return to Kindom (light/consciousness/conscious of doing no harm) in this life, never to return to passing the buck as confused and mesmerised men and women with broken wills lost to darkness and unconsciousness, unable and unwilling to stop harm spreading from family to family.

The abuse that has been sent our way since we started Love For Life has been far outweighed by the appreciation and generosity of those who are touched by what we write and say. Those who attack us for standing up for the living dream of MAN’S life are only showing their true colours, their commitment to their stereotypes.

When we confront others about what they are doing, the e-motion that comes up for them is nothing to do with not being loved and cared for. The reactions of aggression, depression, repression, fear or whatever come up because it is the only thing that is keeping them in the stereotypes that they don’t want to break out of. Their reactions are the suits of armour they wear to protect their enslavement.

If we don’t practice living outside the confines of our stereotypes, we will never escape them and the Freakenstein conversations in our heads that have us maintain them. We have to practice walking outside the confines of our stereotypes because it is there that we will meet the aspirations of our hearts. The more we practice this, the more we force the stereotypes to collapse and shatter because we are refusing to be subjected to the stereotypes any more. Once we recognise that it is only in the stereotypes that we find the misery, dissatisfaction and empty restlessness, why would we want to go back to them?

When we live out of stereotypes, we pave the paths before us because the stereotypes define who we think we are. We predetermine what joy is according to the stereotypes so that joy becomes the present of jewellery, the new car and the romantic holiday, even though these fake dreams all cause harm to everything of life and subject our fellow MAN to slavery.


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