April 14, 2024

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1 thought on “IOS 9: Iphone Will Now Track Sexual Activity

  1. 1984 for sure when Winston poked his pecker into Julia it was all recorded so what’s new….. we have been conned by our government’s as was Winston and Julia.
    Your government in Australia and it’s hat-full of deceivers are programmed to stifle dissent and move to more power in Canberra.
    That little Aussie ferrel called Howard, who was hybridized by the Rhodes sperm and allowed to roam free amongst the natives of Aus, introduced Gun Laws and the Patriot Act as well as committing us to the Bankers scam of “Free Trade” and “Central Banking”.
    Along with this he encouraged Central power and railed against ‘free speech’ and today it is the same agenda.
    You must understand that all this was agreed by all political parties behind ‘closed doors’….. you had no say!
    So what’s the future gonna bring….. more of the same!….. Gus

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