March 1, 2024

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6 thoughts on “JEWS BEHIND THE JABS

  1. On previous performances it would be no surprise.
    The centre for world control is the Crown which is the City of London and is not the Royals who control England a colony of the Crown.
    The Crown is a separate Corporate entity controlled by the wealthy Jewish banking Families with an estimated wealth of some 10 trillion. The real NWO.
    If we ever get to Nuremburg-2 as has been forecast then the line up to the gallows will be the Jews this time round. The Bio-weapon Covid jab is a real holocaust.

    1. Hear hear Gus !!! This information makes me enraged and screaming with despair sadness and fear at the same time! How can these disgusting excuses for human beings seem delighted to be so bloody evil! Isn’t this terrorism ?!

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