April 22, 2024

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Jews/Mayors Arrested For Harvesting Illegal Organs!

Jews Arrested For Harvesting Organs From India, South America and Africa for profit illegally! A Jewish Israeli American pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of brokering a kidney transplant as part of a black market organ business. This is the first human organ trafficking conviction in the United States. For many years, Israel has been at the top of unwilling organ harvesting. Rosenbaum received at least $450,000 for trafficked organs.

1 thought on “Jews/Mayors Arrested For Harvesting Illegal Organs!

  1. Tip of the iceberg….. they should do an investigation on human live trafficking along with the satanic ritual abuse of children…… how many kids go missing each year?
    Wherever there is illegal money there are Jews…. assisted, of course, by their compromised cowardly Goya gofers who hang around these predators like dags on a sheep’s backside.
    This evil combination of sub humans have been doing their tricks for centuries now….. are we due to rise up or just keep turning the cheek?….. Gus

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