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JFK – A Very British Coup: The Definitive Truth Of The Assassination With John Hamer

There is an absolute mountain of both circumstantial and physical evidence plus hundreds of eye-witness testimonies, that points to the ‘real’ perpetrators in the Kennedy assassination plot and therefore I believe it is now fair to conclude that it was certainly not an individual ‘lone nut’ gunman who carried out the assassination and neither was it one isolated group such as the CIA, the Mafia, MI6, the Secret Service, the FBI, the Cubans etc. Whilst each of these individual elements may have had their own specific agendas and motives for carrying out the ‘coup,’ for that it most surely was, there can now be no doubt that the assassination was a result of an extensive, highly-organised and co-ordinated, joint-campaign, of necessity involving almost every element of the American establishment and to a lesser extent, Israel, directed by forces of the British ‘Crown.

JFK – A Very British Coup: The Definitive Truth of the Assassination

Hi.  My name is John Hamer and I have been a full-time geo-political researcher and author for around fifteen years.  In fact ever since the events of 9/11 which really awakened me to the realities of what was happening in the world at large.

My first book, ‘The Falsification of History’ was published in early 2012 following several years of intense research and this was followed in 2013 by my two ‘sister’ works on the Titanic disaster of 1912, the non-fiction ‘RMS Olympic’ and its companion, the novel ‘Titanic’s Last Secret.’

In early 2016 after more than two years of writing, I completed my latest offering ‘Behind the Curtain’- an expose of the fraudulent bank and world monetary systems.

My next work will be a companion book to ‘The Falsification of History,’ ‘The Falsification of Science,’ which is my humble attempt to demonstrate how it is not only past events that have been faked and distorted but also that the discipline of science has been similarly, fraudulently manipulated to benefit the Elite few, atop the pyramids of society.,p_82:B00B8X4CB6&sort=author-pages-popularity-rank

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