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Jim Fetzer interviews Gregory Hallett






Jim Fetzer interviews Gregory Hallett

The Show exposes the entity called Queen Elizabeth II as a fake, a Flat Lie Royal,

a usurper, rendered Greg Hallett’s Charge in October 2011 …

Prince William (UK) as the illegitimate son of King Juan Carlos of Spain and Princess Diana (UK),

which is why King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicated,

as a direct result of Greg Hallett’s exposure and near-identical photographic analysis of

Prince William (UK) and King Juan Carlos (Spain).

The proposed Laws of Succession in the UK are ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II’s confirmation of

her and her family’s illegitimacy, where Elizabeth is the illegitimate Artificial Insemination daughter

of Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid …

where Winston Churchill is the illegitimate son of King Edward VII …

and King George V (UK) is the illegitimate son of Tsar Alexander III of Russia …

and Princess Diana sabotaged the breeding of Prince William and Prince Harry

to ensure that neither were born in auspicious months …

and that Queen Victoria and her psychics predicted that all of this

would be written up by a Lemurian (New Zealander) …

where Greg Hallett was directed by Queen Elizabeth II’s doctor to King George VI’s

Natural son in New Zealand, who is/was a superior Royal to Queen Elizabeth II.

See the Five Hard Cover Full Colour Yellow Ribbon Volumes,

1200 pages, 700 photos of ‘THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND’,

wherein lies a Superior Claim to the Throne.

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