February 25, 2024

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Jordan Peterson urges parents to fight radical sex ed: It’s ‘a form of indoctrination’

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Jordan Peterson
(LifeSiteNews) – Schools are pushing Ontario’s sex ed curriculum on students in a “completely reprehensible” way, Dr. Jordan Peterson said in an interview with parental rights advocate Tanya Granic Allen, who is running to be the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

If parents don’t approve of what their children are being taught at school, then “don’t send them to the classes,” Peterson said forcefully.

“Keep them at home,” he suggested. “And take the consequences.”


Peterson said so many parents oppose the graphic sex ed program that the small group behind it won’t be able to do much.

Parents who refuse to let their children be subjected to the program launched by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government “may find that you have a lot more support than you think.”

“If you don’t stand your ground, then all that happens is people push you backwards,” he said. “If you wanna be pushed backwards, then go along with it.”

Parents “have to decide what’s important” to them, he said. “The people who are pushing these sorts of agendas are actually quite the small minority. They’re very noisy and they’re very well-organized. But if you don’t stand up and do something about it, especially when it affects your own family, then all that’s going to happen is that it’s going to continue to spread.”

“Kathleen Wynne and her band of radical left cronies think they have a handle on what constitutes human identity and also what should constitute human morality,” said Peterson. “And I think that that’s being pushed in a manner in schools that’s completely reprehensible. It’s not education, in my estimation. It’s a form of indoctrination.”

Peterson warned Wynne’s sex ed curriculum means children are being taught a “false doctrine” and that is essentially a “social constructionist view of identity.”

“That view is predicated on the idea that there is no true linkage between biological sex or perhaps even that there’s no such thing as biological sex and that that’s not linked – even if there is such a thing – it’s not linked in any necessary way to gender identity or gender expression or to sexual proclivity,” he explained. “And I believe that that’s a false doctrine.”

“I don’t like the underlying philosophy,” Peterson told Granic Allen and Queenie Yu. “I don’t like the fact that it’s being foisted on children far before they’re able to make any reasonable decisions about this sort of thing.”

“It’s not proper for the government to intrude too thoroughly into the domain of the family. It’s inappropriate,” said Peterson. “It’s been tried before and it’s a big mistake…all things considered, there’s nobody better for children than parents. The more power you take away from parents, the more damage you do [to] children.”

Granic Allen, 37, has quickly made a name for herself in the PC leadership race. She “stole the show” and “made her presence felt throughout” the first debate, Canadian media noted. During that debate, she slammed Wynne’s sex ed curriculum and an Ontario law that prevents parents from seeking therapy to help gender-confused kids.

Granic Allen is the President of Parents As First Educators (PAFE), which has campaigned against the Liberal government’s sex ed lessons that introduce homosexuality and gender identity to third graders and anal sex to seventh graders. PAFE represents over 85,000 Ontario parents.

Granic Allen promised that if elected PC leader and premier of Ontario, she will replace Wynne’s sex ed curriculum with “something that is age appropriate that doesn’t sexualize children and that parents are okay with.”

Source: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/jordan-peterson-kathleen-wynnes-sex-ed-is-a-form-of-indoctrination-thats-fo

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