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Just like the deadly mRNA jab, the new DIGITAL I.D. is not “mandatory” yet, but it will seem that way very soon

Biometric technology digital Face Scanning form lines, triangles and particle style design


Everything related to the plandemic is about getting billions of people injected with billions of deadly protein prions, including the all-but mandatory digital ID. Do you like your rights to travel? They can easily be taken away. Do you like your rights to get treated at a hospital for sickness or injury? That too can easily be taken from you. Do you enjoy having money in a savings account, 401k or retirement account? That too can be “shut off” like a faucet controlled by the globalists. Get ready for the seemingly mandatory digital ID coming right at you like a needle full of poison.

The police-state digital ID enables the communist democrats to freeze all money, mandate permanent lockdowns and force-inject the masses with prions

The Police-State Digital ID will make it ripe for the Feds to seize all of your money or “freeze it” for “national emergency” purposes. This could be anything the Biden Regime stages or causes, like a massive grid-down scenario, a 2nd January 6th “insurrection,” or World War III. “The money in your bank accounts will be used to save America,” we will all be told (or at least every conservative in the country). That’s one major reason the digital ID will be “mandatory” soon, or at least seem like it is.

You will need your Police-State Digital ID to show up at work (unless AI took your job), travel anywhere abroad (or you won’t be able to return to the USA), get gas (what’s left of it), shop for groceries (if there are any), and use ATMs (which magically won’t work).

The Police-State Digital ID replaces the “vaccine passport” the Biden Regime and World Health Organization so desperately tried to install worldwide. The Police-State Digital ID will use face scanners, eye scanners, hand scanners, fingerprint scanners and anything else that prevents anyone from cheating the communist system. This will ensure every brainwashed and brain-dead zombie gets jabbed with millions of toxic prions yearly (or maybe even quarterly) so the Bill Gates dream of reducing the world’s population by several BILLION people by doing a “really good job with vaccines” plays out in full.

The Police-State Digital ID instantly deletes the value of cash, so that anyone who has money the communist American government does not know about can’t survive by using it. No black market bartering for you. It will also most likely become illegal to use precious metals, like gold or silver, to barter. The feds will need to control this also.

The Police-State Digital ID lets the criminalized government know exactly where you are at all times, what you are spending money on, and how much. This is vital to communism, as the government must know if you are buying guns, ammunition or anything else that you can use to protect your family, land and resources during the big takeover of the Republic.

Land owners with automatic weapons can save America

You see, the biggest threat to the Biden Regime (or whatever it’s called when he croaks or can’t remember who he is), is conservatives who own large swaths of land and have automatic weapons, grenades and other vital weaponry from wars, gun shows and gun-buying frenzies during gun-grab attempts by Obama and Biden. Imagine the Bundy Ranch rebellion times a million. The Police-State Digital ID would help the Biden Regime know what ranches to invade first, using the armed-to-the-teeth FBI, DHS, CIA and other New World Order 3-letter “agencies.”

Tune your internet dial to for more tips on how to survive the next plandemic, and prepare for the U.S. government coming for your land, guns, food and medicine.



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