Since the whole Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew saga came out it seems that there has been nothing but sensationalism in the mainstream media. Everything from The Amazon forest burning to the Queen shutting down British parliament.

Now I’m not saying that there there isn’t an element of truth in these stories, but how convenient that all this happens at a time when this whole cesspit saga is rearing its ugly head.

I also find it all extremely suspicious that these distractions came at a time when Fiona Barnett, who has been exposing high level paedophiles for years, just released her new book ‘Eyes Wide Open’ which blows wide open the levels of infiltration in the higher echelons of society of paedophiles. You can download her book for free here

I have a general rule of thumb these days in that whenever a big story comes out then look for the story that they are trying to distract you from. This is exactly what I feel has happened over recent weeks.

The Amazon may be being abused but the fact is that this has been going on for years! It is certainly nothing new. This doesn’t make it any less important but its critical to see the trend of how they bury one story with another even more outlandish one.

Its the oldest trick in the book and it has been used against us time and again over eons. This World is full of distractions that keep people away from the things that TRULY matter.

Bread and circuses in the form of sports for the men, for example football keeps men distracted for most of their waking hours! Mindless TV programs that people spend hours on end watching, and then you have shopping for women. Buy, consume, distract and deter.

Anything that will keep people away from the truly disturbing reality that people in positions of power,  the Royal family, politicians, Hollywood stars, celebrities, banking families etc are involved in Satanism and the ritual abuse, torture and murder of children. Paedophile rings that are entrenched in child trafficking and truly horrific crimes against children and humanity.

It is this truth that they don’t want you to hear, this is why so much is done to bury and hide the truth. Epstein went because he knew too much, whether he is dead or not or just hiding out in some faraway Island in luxury we can speculate on as we know they all protect each other anyway.

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