April 20, 2024

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Labor and Liberal pushing digital ID bill into Senate: Act now says One Nation


Federal Labor, most likely to be aided and abetted by the Coalition, has dropped the Digital ID Bill in the Senate, prompting an urgent call from Senator Malcolm Roberts for people to contact their senators to stop it.

The Bill comes in conjunction with the Federal Government announcing it will end the 3G bandwidth service across Australia on June 30th and turn on the highly controversial 5G network. 3G currently serves all emergency services, which will force an expensive replacement to be made.

It also comes in conjunction with McDonalds introducing an “optional” log-in facility at its national fast food outlets, raising fears of food being withheld from consumers who cannot provide a password, in preparation for a cashless digital society.

The so-called “massive international systems outage” on March 16th affected multiple parts of the global business, including, significantly, payments. The company’s Australian arm issued a statement saying the issue was not related to a cybersecurity event.

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More than likely, it had something to do with their new optional (for now) log-in system. When the powers that be decide or some global event demands, the fast food giant and other food retailers are likely to introduce a totalitarian, digital, no-cash system.

Media reported that the outage started around midnight local time (4pm AEDT) “during a configuration change” and was close to being resolved about 12 hours later, the Chicago-based company said.

Also intriguing was the company’s claim that the outage “also wasn’t related to its shift to Google Cloud as a technology provider”, which means it probably was, given the proclivity of big corporations to lie about anything connected to global digitalisation plans.

Last December, McDonald’s announced a multi-year partnership with Google to move restaurant computations from servers into “the cloud”, allegedly to “speed up tasks like ordering at kiosks and to help managers optimise staffing”.

Source: https://cairnsnews.org/2024/03/26/labor-and-liberal-pushing-digital-id-bill-into-senate-act-now-says-one-nation/

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