March 3, 2024

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London to get manned checkpoints for first time in 24 years amid MI5 security crackdown


A £5 MILLION ’ring of steel’ involving man power and tough new security measures will be introduced to the British capital, London.

The proposals are intended to protect London’s finance district and its skyscrapers from a terrorist attack.

MI5 and counter-terrorism police have proposed to install the manned checkpoints, rising street bollards and crash-proof barricades.

The last time manned checkpoints were used was in 1992 following the IRA’s bombing of Baltic Exchange.

When the IRA bombed the Baltic Exchange in April 1992, three people died and 91 people were injured.

In 1993, the IRA also bombed Bishopsgate detonating an explosive in London’s financial district, killing one and injuring 44.

A Corporation of London report said they “had identified that the area was highly sensitive to… a hostile vehicle-borne security threat”.

Security across Europe is striving to beat terror in the wake of the Berlin Christmas market terror attack on Monday when Anis Amri ploughed into shoppers, killing 12 and injuring 49 people.

The new proposed ring would border Liverpool Street, the Bank of England and Fenchurch Street, which is home to some of the council’s most renowned skyscrapers.Will Geddes, founder of International Corporate Protection, said: “Although we’ve seen of late ‘lo-fi type’ attacks, like the Berlin Christmas market where a lorry that was hijacked and driven into a crowded area, we cannot discount the type of attack that will include a large truck packed with explosives.”

The new proposal could be fully implemented by 2022.

Terrorism suspect Anis Amri crossed at least two borders this week despite an international manhunt  sparking fears that Europe’s open borders are not secure enough.


1 thought on “London to get manned checkpoints for first time in 24 years amid MI5 security crackdown

  1. “designed to protect London’s finance district & skyscrapers from terrorist attacks”

    First off ..
    * London’s financial district .. what kind of attack would make the most impact .. if hackers were to scramble the system & / or shut down the system down .. to wipe data / information & they are screwed .. this can be done from the other side of the planet.
    * The skyscrapers are just as easy target.
    article 1. March 2013. Mystery deepens as drones spotted over French nuclear plants.
    article 2. February 27. 2015. French police investigate mystery drones flights over Paris.
    There have been more drones flying over Paris .. these are just 2 cases.
    Peter Warren Singer .. Wires For War .. tell how one assailant & $50.000 of DIY drones & other devices can “take away” a big chunk of Manhattan.

    “a hostile vehicle-borne security threat” .. is very crude with the DIY off the shelf technology that Peter Warren Singer tells us is available today.
    It’s money down the toilet.

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