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Mainstream media creating ‘fake news’ by ignoring Biden’s incoherent CNN address


The lack of commentary over US President Joe Biden’s incoherent CNN Town Hall address shows mainstream media is more interested in creating “fake news by ignoring real news”, says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Now I am not going to waste your time and mine by telling you every week that US President Joe Biden is not up to the job,” he said.

“Or that certainly on some days, and at sometimes, he appears to be lost and confused.

“But what I will point out, is that media in the US and here in Australia, that used to foam at the mouth daily with hysterical reporting about every misspoken word or eccentric statement by Donald Trump, well they are just silent on this Biden stuff.

“They just watch him stumbling and mumbling around, and provide no commentary, no analysis, and no accountability.”

“They create fake news by ignoring the real news.”



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