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Most Alternative Media Ignoring Truth That Many Mass Shooting Events Are Truly Faked: Why This Reality Is So Dangerous To Modern History: Take the Purple Pill
Revised, Edited & Supplemented Edition with Many Citations (September 3, 2019)
By Anonymous
Many citations have been included to substantiate what may seem like unfounded conspiracy theories. This message may not be what people want to hear—but it will challenge how many think—and being challenged about presumptions can be a good thing. This is not message a sane person willingly wants to send—but sometimes the import over-rides other considerations. ]
[Note: this essay was written just prior to ‘another’ alleged mass shooting occurred in Dayton Ohio! Mass shootings are statistically on a wild roller coaster that makes little sense—save some sort of manipulation of perception.]
There is little need to cite references on the Internet for the “small minority” of savvy truth seekers (small indeed) on the latest mass shootings—there still are enough ‘real’ news episodes seeping through (if you know where to look like 153News.Net ) to give us super-strong witness evidence the recent Gilroy Garlic Festival ‘event’ and the Walmart shooting in El Paso (dubbed “mass shooting”) were both staged “practice drills” but deceitfully reported as real killing news stories by an ever-increasingly corrupted mainstream media. Moreover even most right wing news sources refuse to go to the root of the problem—professional deceit and ulterior political motives.
[Note: Do checkout , etc., as it still is one of the few real news websites on such matters. Or specifically watch these videos while they are still available (it is likely they will disappear before long):
… checkout other citizen journalism at 153news.net ]
Disconcerting as it is true, within the last couple of years major powers behind the Internet Curtain, such as prominent Search Engines, have been censoring / disappearing quality refutations which were actually exposing ‘faked’ MainStream ‘mediated’ dis-information (deliberate deception) campaigns for what they really were and were meant to accomplish. See for example website StateOfTheNation2012.Com regarding “Operation Gladio” write-ups.
Yes, the evolving Mainstream Internet Complex (MIC) has power house companies with real market share, such as search engine Google, and related video sight YouTube, have been censoring the most revealing of truth news on important and controversial topics, while allowing for some poorer quality citizen journalism.
Amateurish episodes actually distract and operate as red-herring; But they are allowed to play out so as to allow confused audiences to readily conclude the “truth movement” or labeled “conspiracy theory websites” seem lame (as in better to ‘ignore’—the root of being ‘ignorant’).
One tactic for distraction is to promote videos that focus on the hocus-pocus of Masonic ‘numerology’ as essentially esoteric garbage (with numbers like 33 and all manner of crazy coincidence conjectures) which stand in place of those perceptive and articulate citizen journalists who actually show real red flag deceptions regarding these ‘purported’ death events (that are falsely reported by the DEEP STATE).
The extent and quality of alternative journalism, as real journalism, still to be found on the Internet has shrunk because a once freely flowing Internet has quickly becoming another tentacle of social control as mind manipulation by the Powers-That-Be (who are quickly taking it over).
Intimidation has a lot to do with why many potential truth seekers and truth hunters tend to stay ever-more quiet on issues. See article and video at:
Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential Terrorist According To The FBI
Another mainstream media complex tactic is to allow for some mediocre opinion videos by everyday people, meant to more or less suggest there is some balance by sly Silicon giants (but the truly revealing videos and prose opinion pieces disappear—or are ignored by websites that could share them).
Even alternative ‘conservative’ web-sights ignore the deeper and important truth that people are NOT DYING at these mass shooting event ‘stories’ as deliberate faked events.
One obvious reason is because, by far, most people will not believe such assertions. They simply cannot believe that practically the entire mainstream media complex, especially at the national level, and prominent politicians are in cahoots with branches of governments (and paid actors) : as if ‘all’ these people could possibly be in on this form of deception—which simply seems impossible for such a thing to be pulled off—especially over and over again. Most people are too skeptical to believe this line of reasoning—but they are also to afraid to truly look into these conspiracy theories as well—as ample time and effort must be spent (a lot).
Many Americans, especially older ones, but surprising younger college students as well, still trust the main media, or whatever form of deceitful media they attend to (as there is quiet a bit of deception on the Internet now as well). Therefore it is hard to convince most people, who essentially have masses of wool pulled over their eyes, that what they have been led to believe is wrong (as deliberate deceit). So it is understandable why some websites do not bother to tell the truth as they would be labeled tin hat conspirators—not to mention how potentially dangerous and career wrecking such whistle-blowing stances have become. Also there is the chance of ostracism and loss of revenue if one tries to convince the majority, who invariably think they know better, that they essentially are deluded.
Therefore many alternative websites cater to the false ‘official’ premise that these events really are happening as reported by mainstream media. Instead they differ in interpretation and as what to do about them. BUT THEY DO NOT RIGOROUSLY EVALUATE OR REFUTE THESE LIES, AND THEREFORE THEY ARE ALLOWING FOR CONTINUATION OF MAJOR REPRESSIVE CHANGES TO OUR CIVIL RIGHTS FREEDOMS—NAMELY THE DEATH OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT (which is really the only thing that has a chance to protect the 1st Amendment).
Note: A previous article along similar lines was written back in the fall of 2018 (not much has changed since then): “Much of Alternative Media and Alt-Right is Allowing for the Subversion of America: The Resistance Has Been Usurped” at:
Note too the above article goes into details and references that debate the red herring lies of several past mass shootings as faked events most Americans seldom question.
The 1st Amendment is being especially attacked because Jews are claiming people do not have a right to question and criticize Zionist and Jewish voices and points of view—especially as related to Zionism and Israel in particular—but hardly restricted to these controversies. Note as well that in several western countries, such as in Germany, France, Canada, you can be imprisoned for challenging the official Zionist Nazi Holocaust version of history. The very discipline of History is normally built on revisionist research but not in the case of Zionist controlled history on World War 1 and WW2. In this case only the officially approved Jewish version—which was created by Zionist control of the news media in the first place—is now allowed. Meanwhile governments mandate controlled “non-revisionist” Holocaust stories must be taught in schools to inculcate how people must think.
Attacks on the 2nd Amendment are related to other reduced freedoms here in America, as we examine who, primarily, has been primarily behind many gun laws.
The Alternative Right does not seem to understand the gravity of potential danger involved and is massively failing to truly fight this serious challenge (even while they pay lip service to the Constitution and Bill of Rights). They refuse to challenge the real sources behind these events—beginning with Jewish power within the United States and Israel that is heavily involved in pulling off this type of “Operation Gladio” (in this case staged violence called mass shootings) that will eventually allow their gun grab—taking away of the last line of defense against governmental tyranny (even as many people do realize the elite and government here in America is highly, highly corrupted and dangerous).
By far, most Internet websites that deal with news and politics, along with ALL Main-Stream Media sources “of course” (mainstream media being one of the most corrupt industries in this country) are either fronting the official deceit story or condoning their narrative (to only argue what to do, or not to do, about it); but still reinforcing the idea these shooting events actually happened, as in people really died and were wounded—thus heavily reinforcing and further conditioning people, this nation’s masses of dis-informed sheeple, to conclude these reported stories are essentially and substantially true—when they are in fact hoaxes perpetrated onto this gullible society.
Think back to all the many shooting episodes that have happened in the last three or four years—they add up to being far off any statistical norm. Meanwhile none show any real evidence of real blood, real carnage and real suffering (or even real tragic drama—even interviews with witnesses and supposed victims are highly suspect). Instead there seems to be a formulaic pattern that has evolved: as of late you see ‘many’ police cars and some ambulances with lights flashing. You see a few triad staging areas that often are not busy or cluttered (nor truly reflect killing and death reality). You see the police chief or sheriff giving press releases. You see helicopters filming people moving around, and you see TV camera interviews with bad actors that cannot even sound honestly devastated (sometimes even smirking or laughing between camera pans).
Not even much in the way of photo images that could be downloaded to the Internet from cell phones. Yes, there are some fake blood scenes from poorly conceived Hollywood-like make-up artists (but often the artistry is bad just as the acting is bad). Nevertheless the majority of the gullible public is too easily convinced they are fed truth—some who believe what the want to believe to support a political agenda.
A few years ago you did see more official MSM (mainstream media) footage and interviews but “citizen journalists” were showing the phoniness and lies highlighting various red flags—so the ritual has now become streamlined to basically establish the record, to build up a case of many multiple cases of deaths, especially related to assault weapons, and by white nationalists, etc., as to destroy the right of average Americans who fear their own government (and rightly so since it is not their own government—but rather a government that has long been taken over by special interests by way of the DEEP STATE).
People simple cannot understand there are political motives behind these ever increasing number of mass killing events. Moreover people do not comprehend how dangerous governments can become when common people have little to nothing to protect themselves. See the documentary: Gun Control…The True Story of Innocents Betrayed at:
By far, most Americans do not understand how much, and how sophisticated, is the deceit involved, and how routine these “dis-information campaigns” are, for the mainstream media to blatantly lie and to do so with an animated spirit of seeming to be sincere while speaking truth directly into the news camera to the public.
Most Americans have not even heard of “Operation Mockingbird” that is public information. Watch video:
Go back to the Las Vegas supposed massacre for example, take a look at this following video that appeared shortly after that Mandalay Bay Concert shooting. This 15 minute video zooms in and out all over the so-called killing field concert area where supposedly 50 or more died and hundreds were wounded. This video is taken by a high-powered zoom video camera panning the entire concert area the next day during cleanup, and shot from the same hotel up high. You do NOT SEE ANY BULLET DAMAGE ANYWHERE after Steve Paddock supposedly shot for many, many minutes with the equivalent of a machine gun? Check it out:
And you need to understand there were about 10,000 people at the concert and practically 90% of the them had cell phones! Yet there were almost no convincing photos taken that showed up under “images” on the Internet (except a few that exposed more the fake blood and fake professional actors (crisis actors) used to stage these kinds of events. There were some amateur cellphone videos that showed people running out and escaping but little to nothing that truly looked like a real massacre.
Several cogent ‘truth’ arguments were made back on the Internet after this faked Las Vegas hoax but few Americans bothered to question or doubt the official stories (save red herring stories promoted mostly by a few Alt Right websites such as Muslims were involved—essentially promoting the lie with new political twists). Also look at this Denver Post photo of the cleanup of the grass at the concert where people ran away after hearing “gunshots from a PA system” and running because paid actors had plotted to start screaming and running on cue (starting a panic herd reaction). The photo is taken the next day viewing green grass and no blood! When you click on this link you will likely only to see it for 2 seconds and then and advertisement comes over it to sell the paper (and if you close the advertisement the page jumps away to current stories—thus hiding the original page—clever censorship—they might as well eliminate the photo altogether). If you re-click on it a few times you will not see ‘any’ evidence of a war zone or killing carnage:
One high power bullet ought bleed out a couple pints of blood? 50 dead and hundreds wounded and no blood on green grass? This is just a tip of the iceberg of deceit that had once been documented by citizen journalists! A lot of good stuff has disappeared such as Debbie Lusignan’s brilliant analyses. She became so discouraged by being ignored by so many websites (and then intimidated by smear campaigns) and her stuff has since disappeared altogether.
This story was supposed to be a huge win for the deceivers but the story kept changing and the Sheriff was so obviously intimidated when on camera by the FBI agents that the story simply disappeared and suddenly the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal broke and completely obscured what was supposed to be a big game changer for the conspirators. So they had to come up with other events such as the Parkland High School plot in the “Little Israel” Broward Country of Florida.
What do people imagine when they hear of 50 dead and another 52 wounded in Orlando by an assault rifle? Do they not understand how much blood and body parts they are talking about? Or 59 dead and 400 (later inflated to 500) wounded at the killing field of Mandalay Bay (and empty cartridges supposedly to be found)? Or 17 dead and 15 wounded in Parkland? They have no imagination to think what such a REAL SCENARIO would look and feel like?
Ever since Pizza-gate we, collectively as an Internet society, have been educated, mostly by some in the Alt Right, as to what is often referred to as various forms of modern day ‘Satanism’ (and no doubt pedophilia is a truism in the political realms such as with Jeff Epstein—see “Jake Morphonios Blackstone Intelligence videos for the best details and investigative journalism);
… but the “real” super-abundance of what can be called Satanism in this culture is the enormous amount of deceit coming at us from the mainstream media and political parties (especially from the Democratic Party). Lucifer is routinely referred to as the “great deceiver” as one of his major roles to notoriety. And deceit is far more the form of violation the American public is subject than other forms of what people argue as satanic influence.
And it is more than ironic these last shootings events happened just after two Democratic debates were showing their current roster of Democratic presidential candidates to be so poorly electable. The Democratic Party was a sinking ship that badly needs a lifeboat as something to rally behind as they were shooting at each other (metaphorically).
Americans need to understand these continuous forms of deception projected to the American public by big media and Powers-That-Be (shadow government) are about so much more than a corrupted Democratic Party and so much more serious than which party controls the federal government. Even most astute pundits do not really understand the larger core of evil (using the word ‘evil’ as a secular term—not as a biblical referent—as evil is real as a psychological meaning regardless of religious point of view).
By far most Americans have little idea how badly they have been lied to and brainwashed on many important topics in respect to history as well as current events.
They cannot fathom how vulnerable would this society be without the Second Amendment, nor can they imagine how many millions of people have systematically been starved, murdered, tortured and worked to death by government forces (such as by those atheist Jews who dominated the Bolshevik revolution in Russia) that is tortured, murdered and starved millions of traditional Russians a mere hundred years ago. That historical reality is so far removed from most people living today—they simply cannot comprehend how dangerous a powerful empire can become and quickly.
And note it is ‘not’ anti-Semitic to tell the truth about real Jewish history. The fact is a huge percentage of the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution, and its Police State and the Gulag system, were from Jewish families—one of many facts that have been white-washed from history.
Meanwhile it is ironic the Wikipedia entry “Jewish Bolshevism” claims that the claim this revolution is being blamed on mostly Jews is an anti-Semitic canard. This is so typical of the deceit that has infiltrated so much of the Internet as Israel employees thousands of Israelis to edit websites like Wikipedia.
In the same way it is a fact that the Atlantic Slave Trade was dominated by Jews, both as slave shippers and slave owners in the New World, and yet we Americans have been led to believe, by dishonest Hollywood movies, as well as Jewish dominated news media and equally by education propaganda, that it was mostly white Christians who were responsible for slavery in the New World. Nevertheless the real historical truth is that Jews were the primary instigators of the millions of black Africans who have suffered terribly, and this is verifiable truth. For example, as not just coincidence, some of the major slavery ports along the Atlantic had large Jewish populations such as Charleston Virginia and New Port RI (the same for Caribbean and South American cities where the slave trade flourished).
Even Christopher Columbus and several of his colleagues were Marrano Jews (conversos) who were leaving Spain and Portugal at a time when Jews were being forced to convert to Christianity or leave those Iberian countries altogether. Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Columbo) was financed by a Jew from the Spanish king’s court (Luis Santanel) as Columbus and his Marrano buddies were on a mission to find slaves in India (and they did bring slaves back to Spain from the Caribbean Islands).
This truth too is one reason why there is so much propaganda about White Privilege used against white gentiles (especially white Christians) because it is a common trait of fake news media regarding Jewish history—that is to accuse other designated enemy peoples of the very things the home tribe is guilty. This too is one reason why the likes of Louis Farrakhan and Dr. David Duke are so notoriously labeled as anti-Semitic racists—because both shed light on some Jews heavy and dominate role in the Atlantic slave trade. (And it may be true the likes of Louis Farrakhan says things hostile to the Jewish race but we must realize their Zionist reality has violently treated both African slaves and Muslims like enemies for a long time.)
And yes, surely, we ALL well know not all Jews, nor even most Jews, are doing things that violate other peoples’ presumed rights (which is not being stated about supposedly white privilege Christians or nationalists). But to point out several cultural conflict issues are in fact being perpetuated by some Jews is not the same as alleging most Jews are involved in such conspiracies (by far most people who think of themselves as Jewish are just as naive and lied to as their goyim counterparts). Still there are cabals of power within Jewish populations around the planet that are in fact at cultural war with the gentile populations of this world—and lots of evidence shows these glaring realities to be true (which has not changed since Henry Ford wrote about such matters in the 1920s—100 years ago).
For example, Henry Ford wrote about how Jewish religious law (via the Torah and Talmud) has allowed Jews to treat all gentile races differently. He wrote about the “law of the stranger” in an essay on Jewish character:
    “Jewish law permitted the Jew to do business with a Gentile on a different basis than that on which he did business with a brother Jew. What is called “the Law of the Stranger” was defined thus: “unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury.””
The point to Ford’s article is some Jews do not play on a level field with gentiles—as these double-standard realities are literally spelt out in the Talmud—which is why historical figures like Martin Luther are referred to as anti-Semitic—because he exposed the opportunistic truths about how Jews were religiously allowed to treat all other peoples as second class citizens to be exploited (religiously condoned and encouraged by the Talmud). Nicholas Donin, a Jewish apostate, in 1236 did as well. He submitted a statement to Pope Gregory IX annotating 35 charges against the Talmud (in similar fashion to Martin Luther charges against Catholicism). There was then a burning of the Talmud in Paris and subsequent burnings thereafter. The take away here is, despite of all the humanistic understanding that may be found in such a monumental work as the Talmud—it is still a fact that the “average” opinion and dictum on Christianity and Goyim in the Talmud is racist, and frankly can be argued to condone psychopathic behavior toward outsiders who are not Jewish.
And this is why both the 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment have to go or be castrated. People are starting to find out how much they have been lied to about a myriad of topics, and this new awareness is breeding resentments including resentments regarding how a Jewish minority is dominating this American empire (exploiting tax dollars and controlling our politicians) as their Diaspora has done in various European countries such as England (and is continuing a record of adept skill in media deception and control of politicians such financing campaigns as well as what amounts to as persuasion by way of blackmail).
These staged events as attacks on the 2nd Amendment are primarily being carried out because of Zionist motivations: See references to understand how the gun control issue has finally come to center stage:
What’s the deal with Jews and gun control?
Jewish Gun Control
Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun
control campaign at:
Question of the Day: Why Are American Jews ProGun Control?
After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns by Rabbi Judah Freeman
** Understand these are not allegations and assertions any mindful person wants to make—allegations that masses in societies have been psychologically trained to think of as “anti-Semitic” and presumingly motivated by hatred and misguided thinking. No group of people wants to be singled out as exploiting others. No one wants to realize such realities happen. Moreover smearing or killing the messenger is a common reality. And frankly it is not just about guns. It is about deliberately creating mindsets that are fomenting resentment and hatred between groups (divide and conquer). It is about dominant exploitation of our tax revenues, military and political priorities, and having to fight wars we should not even be involved in, etc.
It is only when Americans can truly see how ‘all’ the many real dots are connected—the multiple conspiracies working together—will they then begin to grasp the truth about phony mass shootings and other faked events, or reporting on real events that then are blamed on wrong parties.
And not being able to allege crimes against Zionists is exactly the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one wants to see or face—as gentiles are accused of anti-Semitic racism simply because they are willing to tell the truth about how deceitful and criminal has been Jewish exploitation of gentiles (by some elitist Jews) around the world over the last centuries.
For example there were many white slaves who were sold to the Muslim world by Jewish merchants before and during the time of the Ottoman Empire—as too there were many Jewish slave owners who lived in the Muslim world as well, at that time in history) and this is another reality we White Privilege gentiles do not know about.
In fact the world ‘slave’ comes from the Slavic race as both Muslims and Jews were capturing white women and men to enslave them. But our current educational system, as politically in-correct PC, does not tell you about these realities (or the fact that slavery is condoned by the Old and New Testament as well as the Koran—so called Holy books). Three references:
Why were and are some Jewish elitist newspapers, like editorials in the Los Angeles Times, especially promoting the idea of reparations for ancestors of slavery in the United States—when in fact it was primarily a Jewish phenomenon? Now however they have apparently realized there is enough information on the Internet to show they themselves we responsible—so some are taking a different tack—even as they continue to exploit Germans with reparations for ‘millions’ of surviving Jews who never died, as well as for the state of Israel:
Specifically they are not discussing how some of their own ancestors, who became rich off slavery, should be doing the compensating.
We well know its ‘not’ considered politically incorrect to suggest certain powers within the Muslim world are evil (as long as whites do not use too big a broad brush). Equally it is never politically incorrect to suggest certain German powers were evil (and if you suggest otherwise you are a Nazi racist). Equally it is not politically incorrect to suggest certain white European powers were and are evil. No one is advocating for laws that will imprison people who say bad things about these groups (when in fact some of what is said about these in-the-dog-house-groups is deception)?
But why is it so taboo to say similar things about some Jewish powers—especially when such statements happen to be true? Is it because if realizing such a culmination of realities realized would equal treason to a very high degree?
If statements were false then cogent arguments could refute those allegations. But simply out-lawing contrarian points of view is a coward’s way of dealing with inconvenient truths. It’s not like the Jewish community, as intellectual as it is on average, doesn’t have articulate debaters—why then are they banning free speech? But note it will be so much easier to ban free speech overtly and covertly when Americans no longer have guns to protect their persons and families.
Why then is the Christian world so naïve (and not just Christian Zionists)? Most Christians, especially, simply cannot fathom some ethnic group organizations, like the ADL (ironically) would actually conspire to lie and cheat, as some prominent Zionists have done for a couple hundred of years of history; and, meanwhile while doing so, in conjunction with dominating their huge respective media markets (brainwashing their gentile victim host countries’ masses—while also claiming these actual victim classes’ ancestors were the ones who were exploiting the perpetrators’ ancestors throughout history!).
Projecting one’s own sins onto others along with the manipulation of guilt has been the master plan that has succeeded so well in blindsiding millions of actual victims to believe in their status as victimizers. How Stockholm Syndrome can the European and white world get? Millions and millions of white gentiles running around feeling guilty for things they never did (nor their ancestors). Feeling guilt for slaves their ancestors never owned. Feeling guilt for privileges they never really had (as if most white people were raised with a silver spoon). Feeling guilt for one’s ancestry when one’s ancestry never engaged the kind of distortions that are constantly passed down from generation to generation.
For example, plenty ghettos within larger cities were self-imposed by Jewish communities who deliberately chose to live together as apart from goyim communities—to maintain their close-knit cultures and to not readily assimilate. Yet this is not to imply poor areas of cities were chosen as desired such as in New York City immigration quarters.
Therefore think about what you think you know about Jewish history, in which Jews have portrayed themselves as history’s eternal victims (and just because they are Jewish). They have overwhelmingly dominated in the telling of their own supposed historical experiences—and supposedly no goy has a right to reinterpret those experience especially if such a reinterpretation suggests their ‘official’ versions are fictitious or highly embellished).
Imagine that just maybe the opposite is more the truth—that some Jewish peoples have been more the perpetrators of unethical offense than victims of others.
Why are Jews demanding ALL students be taught about the Holocaust history (according to Jewish points of view)?
It is exceedingly important for people to understand the massacre of Russians, mostly Christians, but also people of several ethnicities (including Jews as Stalin supposedly turned on them), and understand this Bolshevik conspiracy evolved partially from New York City where Trotsky resided until the revolution began, and where it was partly funded by Western bankers such as Jacob Schiff (but as well from other western European bankers—as in a “banking empire” was on a war path):
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his Two Hundred Years Together claims over 60 million people in Russia died because of the Bolshevik revolution.
Equally people need to understand a truth about about Germany—and how greatly the German people have been victimized and still are being so:
There were and are ‘many’ benefits to the Jewish community for the world to believe in the evil deeds of the Nazis—not least was the creation of modern Israel and the billions and billions of dollars and Deutsche Marks in reparations. Millions of Jews and Israelis collect money for surviving the Holocaust—there are ‘many’ millions of survivors (more on this later).
Hard to believe Jewish history is really being more the victimizer than victim?
Why: because our Western cultures have been so successfully brainwashed (even if it is true plenty of Christian societies, historically, expelled Jewish populations) because, for decades, Zionists have dominated the mainstream media, as they dominate the TV industry, the movie industry, and as they dominate the banking industry, as well decide who becomes successful politicians (by donating the lion’s share of the campaign contributions to both sides the aisle and especially against politicians they want to loose), and also they have a stronghold in the world of law and the court systems, and equally a heavy influence in schools from grade school to college—not to mention control in a plethora of the publishing industry (and this is true of many Western countries as well). They, Jewish elites, more than any other culture by far, have the strongest influence around the entire world (as compounded with their diaspora and coordinated goals). Their International Order is truly the Empire of the world—starting with control of most Central Banks and powerful public relations firms.
Is it just coincidence supposed mass killings are happening in various once white countries—such as England, France, New Zealand, United States, etc., and the same guilt trips are being plied all over the Western world—and the same “anti-white” blame games and reverse racist tactics? Hardly.
Who dominates various non-electable bureaucracies of the European Union? Who dominates various agencies of the United Nations and various NGOs? Who are the people who spread millions to billions of dollars to get their way in various political arenas—such as Sheldon Adelson’s huge campaign donations to candidate Donald Trump?
What ethnic group has so much of the wealth in the first place—and how did they get to be so wealthy? Besides slavery some Jews have also plied their efforts to the liquor and tobacco industries (such as the rum created in the Caribbean Islands and used in trading for slaves in Africa and the Canary Islands); as we can well learn more recent involvement in illegal drugs as well as legal pharmaceutical products, and investments in various military industrial complexes than have enriched many investors and bankers.
Some small minority in the gentile world are well aware of these realities. Some people are cognizant of the fact that since Israel’s inception there has been plans to coordinate a form of world domination that requires both central planning and diaspora control of all peoples and all races—which is one reason why there is such a war on nationalism except for Israeli nationalism.
We Americans are well aware of Israel’s and Zionists’ exploitation of our government and the billions and billions of American tax dollars that go to Israel or are spend on Israel’s behalf (including the latest of military technology) as well as subordinating our military goals to Israel’s demands. We white gentiles are resentful of this outsider domination of our government and this is one major reason why Israelis and Zionists worldwide want to destroy peoples’ right to own guns (of any sort).
Jewish domination of critical industries and channels of communication, such as in the mainstream media, has been in effect for many decades. Jews, in fact, dominated the news industry here in America even before World War 1 started (as well as had dominate power of media in England, France, Russia, Germany, etc., before World War 1). Whatever much of the West was to learn about WW1 and WW2, such as its reasons for evolving, were already in their biased hands. Jewish elites have had considerable control on how people have been led to think about matters for many decades already.
They can and do overwhelm societies by sheer repetition, as the same prevarications are announced over and over and over (and over many years) and through skillful variations on the same themes by way of books, novels, movies, political rhetoric, etc. What we think we know as “given truth” is what these avenues of idea have fed us since our childhood days, over and over until we automatically assume we are in touch with reality because the reinforcements have become so strong for so long.
Nevertheless many voters on the right today are dumbfounded by how the mainstream media and politicians lie and create anarchic chaos and conflict today such as through groups like Antifa, anti-free-speech protests, and as many in the MSM talking heads repeat insane distortions about Donald Trump and his backers.
But this is an old play book.
There are plenty savvy people in power who know that if they repeat lies about Donald Trump long enough, then within some decades masses and masses of people will be convinced President Trump was even more evil than supposedly was Adolph Hitler. Many people underestimate the long term power and control of “the media” and how it can in fact shape peoples’ perceptions of reality.
Your own skeptical thoughts and attitudes today will not necessarily be sustained by masses of people 20 or 30 or 40 years hence. Many fictions and lies can and likely will come to dominate as to what future generations come to think as history (the politically correct history). Even today the naive young are quickly brainwashed in political correctness:
For example, most people realize no connection in what might have happened during the time of assassinations of Czars in Russia and cases closer to modern times; or connection between anarchic violence and assassination in Europe around the time of the two World Wars, or what could be happening now; or between anarchy from Marx in Spain, Italy and Germany before WW2 and what is happening in the West today.
We do not even get any connection between “Operation Gladio” after World War 2, and during the Cold War, in Europe and what is happening here in the United States today with all these supposed mass killings. Instead we somehow see our situation as unique as does every generation born naive. Whereas if people happen to see such connections then they are more likely labeled conspiracy theorists.
Or consider another aspect of naivete: most Christians have too little clue as to the perceived differences in how religious Jews think of an Israeli so-called Messianic era versus what Christians think of Messianic times to mean according to Christian literature. Christians think of an apocalypse end-times in which souls get sorted out to go to another realm beyond life, whereas many believing Jews think of a Judaic-dominated Kingdom here on planet earth in which gentiles (all other peoples other than Jews) are subordinate to the Jewish race—and which gentiles are here to ‘serve’ this supposedly superior and chosen race status. See videos by Adam Greene at KnowMoreNews.Org to get an idea of how delusional this religious belief stuff truly is playing out. The rise of Chabad Zionism, delusional beliefs in Messianic prophesy, and more delusional beliefs in end-times building of the Third Temple, etc., is all driving foreign policy to the brink.
Think about it—these people are still into the idea of sacrificing a red heifer and other anachronistic rituals. In our modern era, animal sacrifice is considered satanic by those who believe in such superstitions.
We get doses of alarmist whistle blowing about Hilary Clinton’s campaign advisor John Podesta’s inviting the likes of performance artist Marina Abramovic to host a “spirit cooking” blood ritual. Everyone is all agog! But sacrificing a red or blue or orange heifer (nothing too quaint for the Middle East tribe and its mystery religions that has engaged all manner of human and animal sacrifice—after all those temple high priests of Jesus time lived an indulgent life style, in which common Jews were expected to spend serious money on the best of animal sacrifices—contributing to various heart attacks and clogged arteries no doubt).
Nevertheless Israelis especially still believe in their special “chosen” right to rule the entire world (after all it is prophesy) even if it is also megalomaniacal delusion). See video:
And when some Rabbis cannot believe in the literal interpretation of their religious literature they assume a right to interpret it as literature and mythology (anyway they want to). Watch this next video as revealing because this humanist intellectual, Yaakov Malkin, admits that Baal worship was a big part of Jewish history (and Baal worship did include sacrificing children).
But Yaakov Malden tells us so much more about why religions, in a positive sense, orientate people toward a sense of reality within a universe of chaos. Religions historically help people make sense out of life—no question about this truth—even if making sense can be a cause of exploiting and destroying others in the process.
There is little to argue against the idea the Jewish religion has far too much baggage about itself—and far too much contradiction and variations on religious authority. Malkin himself readily admits the history of the Jewish religion believed in different things and different Gods, and in different interpretations—just as he admits many people who consider themselves to be Jews do not believe in many of the so-called Biblical stories of Jewish belief writings such as the Old Testament.
And yet the Christian world too would be wise to understand the very same thing about Christianity. There has been many, many opposing view points as to what constitutes the essence of the Christian religion—hence many heretics.
One recent interpretation is a book by Reza Asian, “Zealot: The Times and Life of Jesus of Nazareth”. This book is as interesting as it is controversial. If we can overlook the jackass hyperbole of Reza Asian today as a political commentator and focus instead on his scholarly history about Jesus time frame and cultural reality, via Roman history, we can witness a fascinating mind taking a fresh and seemingly realistic view of what the real Jesus might have been like (the audio version is very good). Here Jesus is concerned about Roman occupation, here Jesus is concerned primarily with other Jews (and not really about outsiders as even the Samaritans were Jewish) and here Jesus could, in fact, had been the son of a Roman soldier (a bastard child if you will), etc.
But one thing is clear from many interpretations and that is Jesus, as a historical figure, was not in support of a corrupt Jewish priestly class in Jerusalem. In fact he, according to John, called the Pharisees the children of the devil, etc., because he had such a low opinion of the corruption that was taking place in the Temple of Jerusalem. And the fact is that religious corruption has been going on for a very, very long time—even within Jewish society of ancient history.
Even during time frames of the Roman Empire there was concern of undue Jewish influence in Rome’s government—ditto for Greece, etc.
Moreover, as still related to our own age (supposedly) there are intellectual forms of alleged sabotage on what Christianity, such as the controversy between Christian Zionists and those who claim, through research, the Scofield Bible was deliberately sabotaged by Zionists and the Oxford University Press: See videos:
Yet there is something deeper than which version of the Bible you believe or which form of Christianity you indulge.
The whole complex history of Christian is far more complex. There has never been a perfect set of beliefs “carved in stone” on Judaism or Christianity—although many sects have indeed declared that they, and they alone, have the one and only true interpretation of the correct salvation religion. But why was it so important to have the correct religion and the correct beliefs, actions and attitudes in the first placd—because of fear: fear of God’s hell (that he supposedly allows Lucifer to control—how convenient he was having to deal with other power brokers in that society of souls?).
Or more contemporarily: Why is the human race so much in the grips of stories that were created thousands of years ago—stories that clearly show the ancient religion of the Hebrews to be intolerant, ethnocentric and racist (as in how President Trump fans are labeled)? Nevertheless many people still believe those stories about Moses were true, such as his claims that Yahweh “commanded” his tribe to kill off all the other Canaanite tribes, as something their supposed ‘righteous’ God would have advocated!?
And we European gentiles, over the millennia, have come to believe is righteousness (similar to how we overlook the atrocious murders of Palestine civilians and children).
Jonathan Kirsch skillfully and cogently refuted such stories in his book: Moses: A Life. Do not the chosen people, some who think they are some of the most intelligent people in the world, understand how ‘yesterday’ all those mythical stories were and are?
Is political correctness only applicable to gentiles?
Do they not understand how chauvinistic and ethnocentric their whole cultural religious mindset remains (even without the Talmud)?
The very idea religious Jews believe they will rule the entire world (as well as their religion) as in rule over all other peoples and territories on the entire planet, from Jerusalem, is the highest form of chauvinism imaginable.
They somehow are convinced they are somehow more qualified than all other races to dominate the planet—and to do so in process of exploiting others—and more importantly by decree from some high God their culture essentially created—when such a state of affairs of delusional grandiosity is beyond laughable—save the immense violence already lent to such a project? How can Christian peoples in the modern era be so brainwashed and so manipulated to blindly accept such poppycock—no doubt by childhood upbringing and control over who and what allows the mind to think and in what terms?
Christians are blindsided by their ‘fear’ of what is essentially terrorism within the Book of Revelations: fear of an evil and supernatural Satan as a true reality and not some delusional imagining; and fear of being tempted to think and act other than what the Bible demands because such a violation will land one’s eternal soul in a torture of suffering; and fear of an authoritarian god who would indeed punish his inferiors with so much cruelty as eternal torture—is in fact the ultimate form of terrorism for the imagination—so much so that people will commit crimes of real evil and violence just to escape such delusional assumptions—such as burning witches at the stake and killing heretics (which is part of Christian history as is the massive amount of killing third world peoples in conquest of riches as did the Spanish Conquistadors).
Judea-Christianity has little to nothing to do with real morality and justice. The terror and fear, that is the paranoia, has never allowed the subjects of Christianity to think clearly. Most Christians are too tunnel-blinded to understand the psychological and political ramifications of what the Old Testament, or Torah and Talmud truly represents. More than anything the days of Moses, as myth, was about war propaganda—the right and duty to follow the commands of God to destroy tens of thousands of men, women and children of tribes who believed in other tribal gods.
So many believers today, especially Zionist Christians, still act and think, as did common Catholics who were then buying indulgences from a corrupt Catholic church before Martin Luther’s intellectual rebellion of the 16th century.
Christians, seemingly, are the last to understand that being ‘possessed’ is a matter of being gripped by delusions they have been taught to believe, as reality, when in fact they never were reality.
Being possessed is believing in lies, or untruths, especially if one acts on those beliefs as they were truths (even if going against one’s true interests). This is the real demonic possession that occurs in so many people of implanted fear—what they have been led to believe as important, but actually based on disinformation and fairytales. Real exorcism then is the coming to terms with what is, and what is not, reality, and ridding the psychic mind of false delusions.
Still even the psychiatric and psychology professions do not address this matter of religious mass delusion. For one reason it is considered too taboo. But another reason is the intellectual corruption of such professions—and cowardliness. To this day the DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders has yet to come up with an unequivocal category of religious psychosis based on belief in religious delusion and mass hysteria—and yet a lot of Christian preaching is based on hysteria and fear—least of all the Fear of God—which is essentially the fear of the Middle Eastern religious brainwashes that still hold sway on the mental mindsets of people like Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Donald Trump, and millions of other Christian Zionists who are living in a world of mass delusion and naive vulnerability (they actually cannot imagine the people of the United States as a nation ripe for being victims in big ways such as war).
Therefore it goes without saying that when major news agencies are professionally trained to routinely lie to the American people, and their audiences actually believe such lies, then it can be said (and should be said) these same naive American audiences too are people equally “possessed” by belief systems that allow them to act in ways that are not truly in their own self-interest.
Metaphorically this is a form of being spiritually possessed (as in being mind-controlled). You do not need Manchurian candidates who have been secretly trained in elaborate mind control experiments—this sort of stuff is happening every day with average Americans who turn on the TVs for their dose of administered lies—being doped up and duped at the same time. Here exorcism would be a matter of breaking one’s TV with a sludge hammer—see video:
Still many millions and millions of people have been attracted to Christianity because it theoretically called for treating all humans as equals in God’s creation. Modern Christianity does not recognize a chosen people. People have been attracted to Christianity because it did not matter if you were poor, or a woman, or whoever. All people were and are welcome in the Church (metaphorically into society as equals).
Also people were attracted to Christianity because it overtly preached about love and forgiveness—that one could be accepted back into the fold no matter how bad one had sinned—as long as you were willing to repent and mend your ways. Christianity allows for a certain sane humility and a social environment in which morality ought exist—as do a lot of religions—and necessary for a functioning society. So then religions do have a place in the scheme of things—especially if they are based on sane precepts.
This essay is not meant to argue religions, per se, are mostly harmful and should be abolished. There is something healthy and social in comporting oneself in congruence with a moral code. But people can equally come to understand ‘many’ atheists too are moral and law abiding citizens as well—it is not a bad thing to be skeptical and a doubter.
There may in fact be something that can be thought as God—but for ‘any’ man or prophet, throughout history, to declare that he or she speaks for such a God is beyond delusional—no matter how many biblical prophets have claimed to do so—again Middle Eastern religions are especially built of power struggles and delusional propaganda (something a rational society ought understand by now).
No just God would blame his creation creatures for sins that are in fact an outcome of God’s own creation. Why is nothing ever God’s fault in the Bible?
Or for that matter Israelis’ fault? Why is it the case that only Israeli enemies are terrorists and evil?
Only a brainwashed soul could believe in such a form of tyrannical thinking, the idea that the God of the Old Testament is just, based on fear of a ‘mediated’ terrorism, that is believing in hell as after life.
If this Christian God did not have a hell to terrorize his subjects then he (or it) would have to depend on actually earning some respect from his so-called subjects—beyond the attitudes ‘he’ supposedly cops (which so-called prophets claimed he maintained) with those ancient Hebrews in the Old Testament (in which he seems to throw temper tantrums and other human-like guilt-trips ever so often).
No just parent would demand to be loved and respected by his or her child and neither would a truly loving Creator God. The God of the Old Testament is tyrant and a fraud—deal with it!
Realize you have the right to think for yourself without being subject to punishment.
Furthermore the Adam and Eve story was likely a story about censorship—in the sense of being punished for learning of the forbidden tree of knowledge.
How is this kindergarten primer not a metaphor for the burning of books?
What kind of so-called creator God, who is supposedly all-knowing, reduced to playing mind-games with his so-called creatures who are vulnerable and naive? There seems to be something ‘staged’ as some kind of manipulative theatre in Eden in which God’s newly created ones are told not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil—while allowing some ‘tempter’ snake to persuade otherwise? Does this really sound like a mature relationship of respect—or does this sound more like some manipulative boss trying to play power trips? Rather we are to believe Adam and Eve were given a ‘paradise’ and the mere little price for it was to restrain from eating of the knowledge (that is as tempted to think they might become more aware like their creator god himself—so megalomaniacal huh—but not too megalomaniacal for the power broker)? Still people cannot see this fairy tale is a form of censorship as if something Google and Facebook would strike?
Heck most Americans are not even sure about the importance of owning firearms—let alone of more abstruse philosophical arguments about religious metaphors? They cannot possibly see they are being lied to in basic ways—that are always demanding more laws, more government intrusion, more restrictions, and more ostracism of certain groups of people (while at the same time allowing for a more powerful and centralized government, and more tax dollars to be collected, and more laws that violate personal freedoms and liberties). Nothing strange here?
So why are Christian nations especially so easily brainwashed and trusting to these Machiavellian manipulations?
The Western / European world became Christianized because the Roman Empire became Christianized.
Northern Europeans were not originally Christian—which is a religion from the old world of the Middle East.
Emperor Constantine chose to convert to Christianity based on winning a war—because he thought Jesus was a better War God. The same was true with other European tribes being forced to convert based on war calculations or the King’s preferences (like Charlemagne) .
Northern Europeans did not read or speak Latin (the Vikings did not even have a written language). They did not sit down then and actually examine all the convolutions of the Old and New Testament and then decide it made sense. Vikings were not debating the “early Christianities” at some Oxford College, or various gnostic tracts not officially allowed in the Old Testament (nor officially verified until the 1945 as the Nag Hammadi Library)—nor did they much know or care about ancient Middle Eastern history or religions. We all have our areas of naivete.
And the reason this is argumentation about religion is intertwined in this statement about false flag shooting events is because the fault lines are both cultural and religious. Christian culture is under attack, as are people who are of Caucasian and European ancestry.
Attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments are not being carried out in a vacuum. Many cultural and historical things are all happening while people are demanding an end to the right to bear arms. For example our government is building up its own stockpiles of munitions and war weapons ‘within’ the United States, as it has created a military command within the continental United States. Google (but do not use the search engine called Google): “DOD Program 1033”.
Many veterans who have served this country (or assumedly thought so) are on the priority list to get their guns confiscated because some are alienated as they now know they have been lied into unnecessary wars.
Equally so-called white nationals (read white gentiles) are on the list because whites are being hugely discriminated against, demonized and disenfranchised by the deliberate infusion of third world peoples with different languages and mindsets into once European culture territories. This is ‘deliberate’ disempowerment of the white gentile and Christian nations.
There has been an unannounced war on white gentile cultures for a long time and most white people have been too blind to see this from the big picture. See these articles at The Occidental Observer coming out this summer and fall (two example citations):
These cultural wars have been going on for a long time. For example if you really study the French Revolution you can see it was a lot more than just a war against the idea of Monarchy—it was also a war against Christianity—and it was a war in which many, many Catholics were murdered. The Notre Dame was turned into a stage for ceremonies to honor pagan Gods.
The French Revolution was a war several so-called conspiracy theorists claim was planned by an elaborate Masonic conspiracy (and financed by big money and supposedly had plenty of Jewish influence). Whether this is true or not this writer is not sure but the violence and leftist politics was horrendous in which tens of thousands of people were slaughtered (something that should not be lost on Americans—that happened a mere 230 years ago is something that can happen again). But even within all that bloodshed and killing by guillotine there was still a lot less painful dying than the kinds of death inflicted in other forms of torture, starvation and murder that also happened during modernity.
Now going back to our original focus—mass shooting reporting—arguably, much of the Alternative Right knows many of these mass shooting events, such as the recent Gilroy Garlic festival, as presented to us by way of mainstream media, are being faked as “false flags” and yet the alternative right does little to nothing to counter the lies (especially since Alex Jones of InfoWars.Com was accused of saying the Sandy Hook shooting was a faked event—which it was). Later Jones backed down and denied what he more or less implied. But there is no question Sandy Hook was a faked event—there was ample citizen journalism then that proved it even if 96% of Americans never bothered to look for alternative explanations.
After Jones’ denial and then ignoring current to future furtherance of more lies about “staged” gun-disarming events, other Zionist-influenced, Alt-Right websites too ignored the truth about many mass shootings as faked.
Much of the Alt-Right has been more or less quiet about this core issue—that these events are not real—even as they claim to fight fiercely for the 1st and 2nd Amendments?
Several prominent Alt-Right websites are media arms of Zionist-Israeli propaganda coordinated with right-wing Likudites of Israel. And not so ironically this fits well with leftist Jewish domination of the Democratic party (as left-wing media applauds Presidential approved bombings in Syria, etc.) as both the left wing and right wing are actually in cahoots with media lies that promote Zionist priorities. The old school of the Democratic party and Media have no problem with attacks on Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, etc. Thy have no problem with the Israeli government violating human rights in any imaginable way, or with a future war with Iran as they all lie about how much a threat Iran is to the West.
In fact one would be reasonable to argue the reason the left and the Democratic Party are so obviously corrupt and biased is to covertly affect a deliberate push of middle America towards Donald Trump (even as they play their obvious hatred toward him) since he actually is so pro-Israel.
Surely there is plenty of real hatred and fear of Trump and his followers by run-of-the-mill Americans—since so many Americans have learned to co-dependently exist in toxic hatred—still it is not unreasonable to see a double game being played here as well. Trump is owned like so many politicians who get that high into elite political circles.
This is why there is no push back on these elaborate contrivances, allegations of innocent peoples being killed in public spaces, such as schools and shopping malls (when in fact no one was killed in Los Vegas, except the likes of a one claimed to be a Steve Paddock?). There is little to know pushback because Zionists are OK with Americans loosing their Bill of Rights. They do not care as long as the U.S. Government is an Israel-first government (which it now is and has been so). And even if a Democrat does win he or she will invariably be pro-Israel. The Steve Paddock story was supposedly coordinated from casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper—the Los Vegas Review Journal
Why were there not mass killings reported on a monthly basis 15 or 20 years ago? Why have alleged mass killings skyrocketed as a media phenomenon? Phony theorists claim it is a matter of being contagious. More honest psychologists admit it may relate to medications. But it is clear to people who have looked deeply into these events this is mostly a massive and elaborate deception scheme to create more gun restrictions.
Equally important is there are also some local sheriffs and police officers to go along with this deception. More and more law enforcement agencies are being manipulated into this elaborate police state hoax.
Simultaneously there is more and more scrutiny of peoples’ use of the Internet—and therefore one’s right to associate in private—completely destroyed with politics and modern technology.
Whereas the Christian Right is naive if it think it is only the left that wants guns disarmed from Americans. Both political parties are persuadable to violate our American traditions. Even within the Christian majority, as sad as it is to suggest, especially at the political level, there are wishy-washy give-away-the-farm stables of naive sheep—who will work with the wolves to disarm America.
For example, many traditional conservatives believe every word that comes out of a Fox News anchor’s mouth (and yes Sean Hannity does tell the truth about high corruption levels of Democrats and the Left—because even Fox News will tell the truth if doing so helps their conservative principles). But once FOX News people address foreign news—then you can bet much of it is fake news—save maybe what Tucker Carlson says most of the time.
And it needs to be stated, and should have been said much earlier in this essay, that not all Jews in the United States are for gun restrictions (even if a majority are). The organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is one group that goes against the grain of the Jewish majority, in which this leftist majority argues gun ownership is an outdated concept because government has so much fire power anyway—but this is not true. Government would still defer to avoid unnecessary violence if there was a likely possibility things got ugly for both sides.
JPFO WHITE PAPER:  Why Jews Hate Guns: Are they right? And who are The Shomrim? at:
Think about the last two hundred years of European and Anglo-Saxon history. Think on how many wars have been about white Christians killing white Christians in Europe—and in the American Civil War (supposedly blamed dogmatically on slavery and not about Federal concentration of power versus State rights, and not the cotton industry as related to England and the South, and not about banking and money made on war)?
Both World Wars 1 and World Wars 2 pitted white Christians against white Christians and in all these wars bankers and financiers were making money on munitions manufacturing and on lending money to governments feeling a need it to engage such wars.
Whereas “21 million” Germans died in World War 2 and yet we never hear anything about any German suffering (because after all “they all deserved it”—stated under one’s breath “sotto voce” as a lie few skeptics understand).
The reality back then was various propaganda news media powers in England, France, United States, Russia etc., were heavily influenced by Zionist/ Jewish control over their respective war propaganda efforts in which they essentially called for the murder of the German race.
German civilians were deliberately targeted by phosphorus bombing with fire temperatures over 1200 degrees—in which whole cities and towns of humans were burnt by aerial bombing raids (just like Koreans and Vietnamese). War propaganda was full of lies about the German people and the German military.
To this day Hollywood has literally made one hundred movies portraying the Nazis as the ultimate evil of all evils (and yet there are dozens and dozens of very intelligent and courageous “history revisionists” who have shown the many fudged false-realities about World War 1 and WW2 (as “not” about a final-solution to kill all Jews—while Zionists were deliberately trying to scare European Jews to move to Palestine before, during and after the war), etc., etc.. Here is a sampling of truth:
Dare to study the taboo topic of “HOLOCAUST DENIAL” as you are not to know about—rather you must be schooled according to the ADL version that will be mandated as law.
People should, by now, be able to grasp why the Deep State and the Globalists are in such a panic—their evil schemes are being unraveled—and it is truly unnerving to many people who have been drugged into various levels of sleep (even with the miraculous red pill).
Another Zionist disinformation campaign the West was subject to by dominate international media had to do with Russian pogroms around the 1880s and these too were highly exaggerated (in order to get Western countries like the United States to feel sympathy and to accept massive Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe and Russia).
And this is not to argue Jews have not suffered by host countries and populations. They have made such arguments endlessly and some of it is likely true. But no doubt they equally suffer, and especially suffer (their real genius) from the distortions and delusions they too have come to believe as true. Most people believe Jews, per se, have been, and will alway be, the world’s greatest victim group—and therefore the group needing special class status as a protected status in which they cannot be thought about or accused of anything labeled Jewish aggression.
They suffer more from their own brainwash elites then they suffer from reality or history. Nevertheless many, many, living Jews too actually think all these exaggerations and lies really happened to their ancestors. They actually think they have a duty to educate the white, goyim world, per se, about how evil and insensitive white goyim people are (as if just claiming to be Jewish means one is a light to the rest of the world and Jerusalem is actually thee city on a hill—so enamored with their own victimology and mythology).
Their own history claims they, as Jews, that is their ancestors, have been run out of over 100 geographical locations over the last two millennium (and just because they were Jewish—as in nothing but unadulterated innocent sheep in every instance). Blame is entirely put on the opposition in practically every case. For example when they were kicked out of Spain in the 15th century, subsequent modern books about that history, as another case of deceptive bias, highly exaggerates the case of the Spanish Inquisition against Jewish subjects:
Certainly some, and maybe sentient, Christians had issues, as an equally brainwashed Christianity was revengeful about a supposed Crucifixion of Christ, etc., but more likely some knew Jews were actually helping the occupying Muslims stay in power in Spain (and frankly the Sanhedrin were involved in death and trial of Christ—at least according to the mythology of sources trying to grasp truth relevant to today’s meaning—even if it is true that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi, and even if he was far more likely a child of a Roman soldier as just “another” mundane human animal).
Still the ‘exclusiveness’ of various Christian religious sects have demanded the conversion of other pagans including and especially Jews. This much should be appreciated. Therein the Middle Ages had been advanced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilizations, and not so much, by most major means, evolve from Northern Europe (which did not even yet have a written language—even as English would later come to be a massively successful world language).
Still, two wrongs do not make a right. Many peoples have suffered evils at the hands of other tribes and races. This is not unique to one group which claims the Lion’s share of pity and special privileges.
There is something inherently antagonistic in how this kind of story plays out—in which one unique group, namely Jews, are ostracized dozens and dozens of times by various host groups (never really assimilating). Nevertheless Jews, per se, according to their own story line, have historically interacted with the gentile world throughout history—but still constantly being expelled across history?
Even before Russian Jews immigrated to the United States around 1890s, they, Jews in the old world, had already been expelled 100 times elsewhere. So now modern Americans, naive as ever, are supposed to assume substantial guilt, and some need to provide political compensation for all the evils Jews claimed to have suffered throughout history, when in fact, hardly any of these people living today have suffered anything substantial. Go to any city in the United States and see if the Jewish community is living in the poor side of town (like when they first came as poor people to New York City) and yet white gentiles seem like a vulnerable group to ostracize as always guilty (that is when not subject to diatribes of how guilty are Muslims).
Back in the 19th century most Westerns did not have the means to know if what they were hearing about Russian pogroms was in fact true to any degree. Such stories were taken as face value. Nevertheless exaggerated stories were coming out of Russia by a few media manipulators (in which the number “six million” Jews were being persecuted in Russia—how ironic—and this figure was used in several stories for several years):
But how can it be that this one ethnic group has been expelled so many, many times historically, as such a statistical anomaly? Perhaps it is not about claims of poisoning wells or blood libel—or just being Jewish (or anything to do with the label of Christ killer)?
Maybe it has more to do with excessive lending charges that basically bankrupt peoples?
There are payday loan operations today that charge inordinate interest rates and there definitely are Jewish business people involved in this business.
Certainly people have a right to make money on lending strangers money—after all there is a substantial risk involved in the lending business—and investing in poor people is not a great idea unless it pays off on average. No one should feel obligated to loan money to others for mere risk of maybe being taken advantage. Still one can argue some lending operations get greedy—quite greedy with interest rates way up in the double digits.
Meanwhile Christians are naive to think people ought lend their private property (wealth) to strangers and not be allowed to make any money—how naive and socialist! Yet on the Internet today there are plenty advertisements for interest free loans for Jews—no discrimination here?
On another note, how can so many people stand by and watch a powerful military like what the Israelis consists, as they routinely kill and torture Palestinians (all the while naive Zio-Christians are too pre-occupied, as worried about a so-called Second Coming)? Meanwhile Israeli dominated American news conglomerates use every excuse and deception in the book to manipulate how sleeping Americans think.
Even if there was a just Messiah coming back why would he bother to give eternal life to so many mediocre souls who care more about saving their own hides than about the real suffering and oppression happening day in and day out, year after year, as Caucasian Jews take over the miniaturist state of Israel—and blatantly violate gentile peoples’ rights? Moreover, if there was a supposed “civil war” between the good angels and the bad angels in heaven prior to creation (Michael and Gabriel against Lucifer) why then do so many people think of heaven as some blissful place beyond human-like politics and less than idyllic bliss?
Israel, as a land, is no more sacred than any other place on the planet (and arguably is far less sacred). Arguably the Levant was the center of civilization for millennia as even 10s of thousands of years of immigration out of Africa—never allowing Palestine to be some pristine land a mere couple thousand years ago.
Furthermore, most Caucasian Ashkenazi Jews have no connection to the ancient Hebrew peoples—ancestrally they are not of any Semitic race of the Levant:
Nor is the historical record of ancient Israel true. The so-called 1st and 2nd Temples were more like shacks than grandiose architecture monuments:
Plus Judaism evolved out of pagan religions and plenty stories in the Old Testament are actually from older religions as :
Meanwhile one can come to understand, at least as far as modernity is concerned, major stories about Jewish persecution have been highly exaggerated in order to exempt Jews from the same scrutiny and standards expected of other peoples. This is a reality that has to be directly dealt with or there will always be anti-Semitism.
Moreover the problem is not that people feel hostility and resentment as much as what are the real reasons for such alienation and why are such arguments not allowed to be aired? There are real grievances not allowed to become public. Thomas Scheff wrote books about how episodes of humiliation motivates violence—and yet that is precisely what Israeli and American (as tag team) seem to promote. So too is this true for people who are never allowed to truly air their grievances:
But peoples are starting to catch on because the Internet has allowed some of us to learn through channels that are not, or were not, entirely controlled.
Yet lately with current Tech Giants in cahoots with the Deep State, things are changing quickly, and more and evermore primary elections and White House elections will be dictated by the Powers-That-Be.
So let us summarize this long essay to conclude that only by this byzantine spelling out a variety of themes of “many conspiracies” working in concert, can people then begin to understand how deep are the rabbit holes of disappeared reality. But take a deep breathe as this essay (or this part 2) is not yet over:
Contemporary phony mass shootings, which are a consequence to a larger drama, will not make sense unless to most unless one can see a historical continuity of massive deception and psychological warfare. Only when the world-at-large starts to realize how real and serious are these cultural wars—and how truly dangerous they can be for many in the long term—or at least understand how many, many, other peoples have suffered in big ways in the recent past—such as the Russians and the Germans—as the Germans were very good to the Jews—and yet they too were, and still are, betrayed, and lied about, as they were literally forced into wars, even as they were accused of starting such wars (and then being expected to pay for war costs of other countries—this was complete and major treason than is still being carried out today).
And all you military historians out there worthy a grain of salt, unlike the likes of one John R. Bolton, read Captain Russell Grenfell’s: “Undonditioned Hatred: German War Guilt and the Future of Europe” (c1953)!
Whereas Israel was ultimately created by terrorist thugs like Menachem Begin—then ironically was not even meant to be a religious country but a socialist Kibbutz.
Whereas honest Jews like Steve Piezcenik, as a high level intelligence operative and psychiatrist, states truths few other Jews dare do (this is as rare as it is courageous) :
In fact some of the fiercest critics of Jewish Power and its exploitation have in fact been Jews. One such critic is Gerard Menuhin in his book: TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL.
[Note: Look up this book title without the name of the author and look how it is being hidden with similar titles and similar book cover presentation—why?Even Amazon seems to hide this title by Gerard Menuhin with a Melinda Marchetti book of same main title? Read Menuhin’s book and you may be shocked (that is you should be).]
The Internet has been a god send—at least for a short while. As the Gutenberg printing press allowed for common people to read titles when it first came out (and cause revolutions) the Internet for a short while was engaged with the same “democratization of ideas”.
The Internet is how we know (or we could know) that Israel was behind 9/11. And it is equally important to understand how much of the mainstream media was in deception mode immediately after 9/11 happened. If most Americans knew big media covered up this massive attack from Israel on American soil—while would Americans be so passive to allow the destruction of their gun rights and freedom of speech? People are lulled into a dream world of illusion.
The Internet is how we know also many of the wars in the Middle East benefit Israel and countries like Saudi Arabia and do not benefit the American people.
It is our bankrupt government that is feeding the military industrial complex and the surveillance complex (and now they want to stop civilian voices that want some say and some justice).
This is why it is primarily Zionists, who have been the primary beneficiary of such corruption, who have been behind destroying the 1st and 2nd Amendments in the United States.
Much of their war profit-making was in relationship to fighting Israeli enemies by convincing Americans, with their huge control of American media, that Israel’s enemies are indeed part and parcel American enemies. How convenient and how transparent is the “alt-right” betrayal too of average Americans’ real interests.
Free speech then is apparently only for non-controversial arguments. Free speech only if it does not rock their marian of boats and ships.
As harsh as all these statements and allegations made seem, in this long essay may sound (or parts 1 and 2 and you really should be grounded in the first essay section); and as shocking as they may seem, they are true (as far as this writer can deduce).
But of course this picture is not what you have been encouraged to think. Rather you were and are encouraged to think in opposite terms. And “many” forces have been arrayed against the naive mind (even before you were born and no matter how old you are the same is true).
There is a war, a cultural war against white gentile America and white populations around the world—primarily instigated by “Caucasian Jews” (who have the real sliver of White Privilege) and whose ancestors were more real racists by dominating both the slave trade and slave ownership in the new world (such as supplying ships for Dutch Trading companies); and, yet leftist Jews are the ones using the corrupt Democratic Party to play divide and conquer, by pitting minorities and women and whatever diversity of genders against white gentiles and especially white Christians as well as focusing on white men.
For all the many things white gentiles and Europeans are routinely accused—there is some Jewish / Zionist ancestry guilty of actually doing these things on a significant scale.
Still this ‘rant’ (as one has labeled it) must seem like a storm of a hundred allegations and conspiracies; but these truths have been systematically suppressed from mainstream opinion, and yet they have been lurking in the hidden world for a long time (as taboo thoughts condemned to supposedly the inane and insane). Nevertheless we Americans have been psychologically blackmailed with false guilt as it has always been about psychological warfare.
But now, at this late stage of being strangled, as a people, such as by anaconda about to kill its prey, hidden truths have to start coming out to save our American Bill of Rights before it is too late. Americans and the world has been lulled to sleep thinking these shooting mass media events less significant. And frankly it is unfair that so much hidden reality has to be brought out all at once, since few have understood, or dared to spell out, these cultural frauds that have been perpetrated on the naive for a very long time.
It seems overwhelming because it is overwhelming. It seems impossible because it is so contrary to what most of us have been led to believe or assume.
Nevertheless, over decades of time, there has been a deliberate intent on destroying white gentile cultures in all countries in which white European people have built up much a culture (nevertheless animosity to Christian influence is somewhat understandable). And for the most part Caucasian societies have become mostly Christian.
This cultural war is not just here in the United States—it is also in England, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Europe as a whole, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, etc. Certain Jewish powers with plenty of wealth especially are trying to demonize and destroy anything called white European or white gentile culture, such as promoting the idea white gentiles are more guilty of racism than are other peoples—and if white society feel disadvantaged as unfairly discredited—well soon there is nothing they can do about it because they will loose their right to own weapons against tyrannical government or engage in free speech that carries any clout.
So demographically, in respect to lower ratio of white populations to minorities, it is not just that white people are having fewer babies and more abortions—which is true. It is equally true that third world immigrants are being deliberately shipped into Western welfare paying states to bankrupt those economies and ultimately cause resentment and animosity between groups who have different mindsets. Hollywood and the television industry is constantly insinuating whites should be inter-breeding with people of other countries. Multiculturalism is a war against white people because white people are made out to seem racist and exploitive while minorities are reinforced to take on victim-status and demand more economic status (simply because they were born somewhere on the planet).
Already, and as for longer than most can comprehend, white gentiles do not control the monetary systems, nor assert excessive influence in politics, nor the media, nor various forms of intellectual influence, and now the Right is willing to give up on fighting for the right to bear arms (not honestly by looking reality in the face—and calling out the deceit by the major media and politicians). And frankly who is not going to side with the accusers who have the an abundance of clout versus the accused with little cultural clout—most that is who.
This Anonymous (and it must be Anonymous) statement is not composed of flimsy conspiracy theory—these realities have been coming for a long time. Furthermore it is dangerous to make such arguments that go against the grain of what so many have been conditioned to think. People have been murdered for less. Peoples’ lives and reputations have been ruined. Our own government and our media has been infiltrated by Zionist power: The FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, State Department, White House, etc., are infiltrated. This is all risk and nothing to personally gain.
For example the State Department is behind the changes in immigration quotas and which immigrants are allowed. These immigration laws were changed big time in 1965 and this is now coming to fruition.
It was not an original intent to argue many social issue that relates to cultural identity could also be related to gun control and the 2nd Amendment in this paper. But all these issues are related to power and resentment in the real world on the street. Minorities are routinely taught to blame white people for everything they think is unfair in this world. The Democratic Party and mainstream media has deliberately made it their policy to use divide and conquer issues between groups which is one reason why we constantly hear about the racism and fascism of President Trump and his followers. This cultural war is real and it is being funded by the likes of George Soros funding millions and millions of dollars to NGOs for political reasons.
Cultural war has also been declared on law enforcement and ICE even while American police departments go to Israel for training via ADL cabalism? Why would AntiDefamation League even be involved in such arrangements—save the fact they are working for Israel?
Do Christians really think they will never be treated as if they were third world Palestinians—psychologically they already are being isolated and ostracized?
Especially significant to demands against gun rights is the fact that American National Guards and the police departments are coming more and more under the control of a centralized Police State—all in the name of fighting domestic terror and domestic violence and more and more pointing a finger at domestic terrorists (read White Nationalists—read white gentiles).
AND!!! just recently a new draconian law is being proposed to create more spying on Americans: “Did You Hear About HR 838, It Creates a Behavioral Police Force” at:
Donald Trump has allowed for the imprisonment of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. These heroes are languishing in prison and people are forgetting about them! Maybe not too soon we will have many more political prisoners.
Insightful voices have been predicting for a good while these faked shooting events were also going to lead to spying on Americans for political purposes and the use of psychiatric evaluations by deep state instigation. If people allow for the likes of HR 838 (after many police state laws have already been implemented)
… then they might as well read both of Alexander Solzhenitsyn books:
This is how the Bolshevik Cheka police state evolved to spy on counter-revolutionaries. Then soon after they came to capture, torture and kill, or work to death in gulag millions and millions of Russians.
Listen today what America’s politicians and the media talking heads are saying—they want internal monitoring of more and more social media and have more and more psychiatric evaluation, and more and more monitoring of young people (especially those deemed loners and alienated).
And yet the last thing they truly want to do is to discover or educate the populace as to the real reasons why people are alienated—such as because they are being deprived of their individuality and identity, such as it is not OK to be OK with being white, but rather considered anathema (as here it is OK to paint with a broad brush).
Anthropologists and sociologists have given lip service to the so-called “structural violence” against minorities for a long time. This would include institutionalized forms of oppression such as the argument blacks go to prison far more than do whites. But    if you look at, for example, college employment, white men have not been hired to be college professors (in any numbers) for a long time except for Jewish college professors (and enrollments in Ivy League). This is just one example of how white gentile men have been discriminated against already for a long time.
Do America’s minorities, such as blacks, who are heavily promoted these days such as in Hollywood as real masculinity and awareness, really believe that their current allegiance to Jewish power and leaders is going to land them in good stead in the long term—as they are used as pawns against the so-called enemy—white Christian men?
It was mostly some white Christians who created the abolition movement against slavery—not Jewish forces. And it certainly was not the Democratic party.
Another example of discrimination against Teutonic or Germanic peoples is the fact there are 20 to 30 times as many blonde women who are hired as actresses, models, and news anchors versus blonde men by Jewish controlled and owned media companies (whereas black men are very heavily represented as a deliberate antagonism). This has been the case for a long time and no one notices or seems to care—after all it was supposedly Scandinavian Nordics (the males of course—not their pretty counters) who supposedly killed so many Jews (but not true)?
In truth, some Jews in Germany were interned as radical Marxists between WW1 and WW2, as many of Germany’s Marxists happened to have been Jewish—this is after the Bolshevik Revolution that murdered millions of Russians, and when “International Communism” was trying to take over Germany as well—as well as many European countries and across the globe. There was a lot of anarchy and protests going on back then—but American law makers do not seem to mind the idea today of thinking about “concentrating” espionage on certain white groups here?
And yes Marxist prisoners were concentrated in German prison camps, and prior to them being put in close quarters they were indeed sprayed with Zyklon gas to kill the lice that was spreading typhus throughout the camps, etc. (which is what caused a lot of emaciation as the entire country of Germany was being starved by boycotts). So yes they were stripped of their shoes, clothes and hair cut. But if they were to be truly gassed to death there would be no reason to strip them of anything. Read Benton Bradberry’s “The Myth of German Villainy” (if you truly are a truth seeker). This is a very good and interesting book to start a journey to doing your own investigation on the ‘taboo’ topic of the Nazis and Hitler. Hitler may not have been an angel but he was far from the monster politically correct media has made him out to be:
Discrimination against white men by Jewish owned businesses is not unusual but not discussed or thought about, meanwhile hiring plenty of white women by these same companies is similar to the mentality of the Old Testament which allowed for God’s Chosen people to “mass” kill all other Canaan tribes but save some of their woman.
This is not too different from Hollywood to have hundreds of white, gentile female actresses at their Hollywood parties and casting couches and meanwhile rub it in the face of the white Trump supporters such as at their Oscar Awards.
Do you actually expect to see a movie about a blonde male who is not a Jewish lacky (like the Sutherlands) become much of a Hollywood sensation? Donald Sutherland plays the Nordic racist in The Hunger Games depicting German-like people dominating the poor peoples of the world. Kiefer Sutherland plays the useful idiot going along with the idea that it is mostly Muslims being the terrorists in 24/7. Brad Pitt like Leonardo DiCaprio both die their hair darker to be the real man (and seldom paired with a blonde woman if they did not). No movies exist of healthy and esteemed relations between a blonde male with a blonde woman (as deliberate). This has been true since Hollywood came into existence.
And despite the fact that Hollywood has discriminated against blonde men for decades no one thinks about it or talks about it. Sure you get an occasional Owen Wilson as play thing but not someone who plays a sole lead part as some real heavy weight who will win an Academy award for a truly worthy role. Rather he was once paired with Reese Witherspoon to show how ‘unworthy’ he was as a potential lover—as Wilson played like a Hugh Hefner playboy treating women as toys, and also a rich kid from a banking family (how ironic) in the movie How Do You Know (one can only imagine who came up with such a perfect couple to reinforce the idea that a blonde male was not worthy of a blonde beauty).
And this is not just about Hollywood. Many nightclubs and restaurants are more likely to have blonde women employees than blonde men as well (and in other good tip jobs). But it is also true in college campuses. For example, there must be over 20 law schools in California and not ‘one’ has more blonde male professors than blonde female professors (and it is not just the law departments). This is the unseen form of discrimination that the self-righteous social justice warriors never bother to notice. Or take pornography—how often do you come across heterosexual videos in which a blonde woman is having sex with a blonde male (when Jews dominated the porn industry especially before the Internet)? Very seldom. Why is that?
Most elitist Jews have no intention of treating gentile white men as equals—besides they own the “white” narrative, and no variation is allowed, just like they have owned the White House and the Neo-Con domain in foreign policy—and if the Untied States is destroyed in process in alienating so many countries so the heck what. Israelis do not care about the American people—only to the extent of how American resources can be exploited for their land of Greater Israel.
If all this essay sounds anti-Semitic it is because it is really description of what has been anti-Gentilism or anti-Teutonism (terms we never here or contemplate).
Note that there is no call for discrimination or criminal acts against Jews or other groups in this writing. Rather this is a description of the acts of violation against white gentiles mostly motivated by the people really in power.
You see are not allowed to voice opinions on how you are being discriminated or oppressed against if you are a white male. You must allow yourself to be victimized and you cannot be allowed to organize. The FBI works for the AntiDefamation League that is a front for the Mossad and Israel.
All of this reality has been going on while Alt-Right and Christian sources allow these faked shootings to go unchallenged—when they are really “false flag operations”, and if this continues, as we are going to lose every freedom ever imagined.
And pray tell how much Israel’s domination of our foreign policy has caused so many foreign countries to hate and despise the American people. World War 3 will likely come to this land this time and Americans will finally understand what war is really all about—as we too are dispensable —even in our blind naivete.
This cultural war was not created by Northern Europeans. It certainly was not instigated by the minority of writers who dare to call out Zionists for what they truly are involved. Rather, they, the powerful and well-connected elite, instigated this long evolved war that has been described in this paper in its many faucets. Meanwhile the white race is sitting back too stunned to understand what is taking place. Wake up.
P.S. Over a long time people have talked about a so-called Jewish Question—as in how should gentile host countries and communities relate to Jews. But the question really should be how do people who define themselves as Jews relate to themselves as a group, nation, religion (or whatever ambiguous notion they may have about their identity).
Obvious self-proclaimed Jews cannot be converted to think of themselves as other identities, such as equals in the family of humanity, unless they themselves individually choose to do so. But why should the rest of the world continue to go along with all their delusions (even if the rest of the world too has its share of other delusions)?
Moreover it seems few of even the movers and shakers within the Jewish community (the cabals) who are actually involved in conspiracies against the gentile world seem to understand the depth and breathe of evil their historical amalgamation has created. Their own naivete, ignorance and willingness to believe their own community of lies seems to be one of their biggest strengths. They seem unconscious of how violating and exploitative their history has become. Most live in a world of illusion and delusion and few are ever confronted with the enormity of falsehoods and crimes their people have actually engaged. This is not only ignorance is bliss, but ignorance that allows for an immensity of special privilege to commit crimes (because their own people have suffered so greatly). Their own unconscious awareness, combined with ethnocentric grandiosity, is what seems to allow for massive crimes of murder against so many other ethnicities.
So things today have been too hostile and too dangerous—and only a relatively small group of elitists have really prospered—including some white gentiles who are willing to play their games (as they violate against their own roots).
Maybe it is time for a “Derrida deconstruction” of all the myths and fables of ancient religions in general—including Christianity and Islam (and of course Judaism) as something like what Baruch Spinoza was famed to have done with his identity and reality?
How much longer can the world live in mass delusion? Maybe new forms of religion can be created. No one is required to believe that religious end-times is set in stone. New prophets can evolve and likely should. But one thing is for certain—mass delusion can happen under any ideological rubric—be it religious or not.
FINAL NOTE: Israelis—you are COMING DOWN YOUR MOUNTAIN—you and your God.
[ Feel free to share, post or publish this anonymous article. ] [Sorry for the lengthiness of this wordy statement—much of it is pertinent and much relates together in the current political time.]
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