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Corporate Media Covering Up Cardiac Related Deaths With Propaganda

With statistics for cardiac related deaths off the charts, the media and their ‘experts’, have had to come up with an ever increasing array of incredible things, that can apparently cause heart issues.

I list some of them here, there is only one caveat, you must be mentally retarded to believe it.

Skipping breakfast ⁃ Being an older, lonely woman ⁃ Living under a flight path ⁃ Pandemic stress ⁃ Physical activity ⁃ Hot nights ⁃ Soil ⁃ Falling asleep with the tv on ⁃ Shoveling snow ⁃ Laughing or crying inappropriately ⁃ Liquid diets.

The only thing that does NOT cause cardiac arrests is the experimental jabs, that actually are known to cause cardiac arrests. No, no, those are safe and effective, are we clear?


1 thought on “Corporate Media Covering Up Cardiac Related Deaths With Propaganda

  1. ALL the political Big Medicine Big Media and Globalist Psychpathic Lunatics who are involved in any way in the Global Governments Mandates and Tyranny against the people of the world MUST BE STOPPED permanently by the people of the World.

    This has always been about total control over global populations power and $$$$$$$$$$$$ as per the Architects of this the Monstrous World Economic Forum and it’s Head Tyrant Klaus Schwab and his pack of Globalists and their lust for Totalitarian Regimes.

    Canada hits new COVID TYRANNY LEVEL

    Another “Mysterious Death” and States continue to wash hands of Vaccine Liability

    Remember originally Two weeks to flatten the Curve
    Then it became Total Tyranny and
    Another Jab to flatten your Pulse

    Remember > The common cold is a virally related syndrome and has been associated with over 100 different viruses, including Human Coronavirus and Rhinovirus. Common symptoms include throat discomfort , followed by sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing and decreased energy level. Fever is uncommon with colds, except in young children.

    And the Global Governments are just going to continue doing this until all the global Populations DEMAND THAT THEY STOP.

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