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Medical Assault In All It’s Ugliness

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Just imagine the brain

Out of 10,000 babies born today – 3,000 will be neurologically and adversely affected by something. And what would that something be?

Post from SD:

“I just posted this on my page And the sad thing about this is it will never be reported to Vaers because doctors “forget” to add it.

Every day a child is injured and turned away sadly people don’t wake up till it’s to late . This is not rare it’s common it happens every day and so many parents don’t know it and don’t see the connection because they’re told it’s a coincidence yet SIDS is listed in vaccines insert as a side affect children receive
3 vaccines and they’re combos 6 in one at 2months 4months and 6 months
and guess when SIDS is the most common…
you got it around 2-4 and 6 months.

The United States has the highest infant mortality rate want to know something scary

We are injecting potassium chloride into the tiny bodies of our children. potassium chloride is what is used for lethal injection for prisoners on death row. Potassium chloride stops the heart.

The United States has the highest infant mortality rate in the world – we also have largest pipeline of vaccines within our recommended schedule.

Along with potassium chloride, there are two HUGE players that need to be discussed (despite the other 69 toxic excipients and foreign animal DNA) these are


Polysorbate 80 (or Tween 80) is what is used in the cancer industry to open the blood brain barrier, so pharmaceutical drugs can enter the brain (that would not normally be able to do so). Polysorbate 80 is present in vaccines.

Aluminum is used in vaccines as an ADJUVANT to stimulate a condensed immune response. The adjuvant’s job is to stick around to encourage the attraction of white blood cells and the production of antibodies.

Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and is NOT within trace amount range. An injectable aluminum adjuvant is not meant to be excreted. That’s not it’s job. So here we have a chemical that opens the BBB, a known neurotoxin (one of many) that sticks around as adjuvants are suppose to do, and a chemical that stops the heart.

Yet we’re lead to believe healthy babies die suddenly for no reason, and neurological disorders can’t arise from TOXIC injections we could easily find out if we asked every parent that lost a child to sids if they where vaccinated but guess what since vaccine manufacturers became protected from liability) has never been tested for safety.

There hasn’t been a randomized double blind placebo controlled study Wake. Up. ”

“In the era of information ignorance is a choice.”


2 thoughts on “Medical Assault In All It’s Ugliness

  1. How did it come to this ?

    The amount of fluid in the two syringes amounts to more fluid than the infant can drink.

    Evil is not the correct word to use here.

    That they do it to generate wealth is not true.

    So what is the agenda.

    Why are they doing this.

    Why has Tony Abbott – followed by Malcolm Turnbull decided that injecting toxic poisons into newly born infants a positive thing to do ?
    But hey – Australia Labor party also supports compulsory infant vaccination with toxic substances.

    What did I read last night …. let me go find it …. Aletho News – Recently pardoned Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori – now 79 – says – “I Dream Of A Peru Without Resentment” – Fujimori also dictated the forced sterilization of 300.000 women on top of heinous war crimes – murder & kidnapping.

    Go figure what these people are ?
    Most certainly a different species to us.
    Maybe that was Charles Darwin’s mission – to hide the truth about THEM.
    The NON HUMAN FACTOR that walks amongst us.
    But in fact is alien to human life.

  2. Just to say that – TODAY – Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is considered to be a load of RUBBISH by the world at large.
    A lot of Stuff & Nonsense by a wannabe – that’s all.

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