April 22, 2024

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Meet Greyson: Another VACCINE VICTIM.

Brandy Vaughan shared Ashlee Julia‘s video.
 Meet Greyson. Another VACCINE VICTIM.

His life changed forever on April 21, 2017 when he was 14 months old. He got four vaccines at a doctor’s visit that day and his behavior and life changed forever. He will NEVER be the same.

Instead of going to jail for permanently harming him, his doctor is cashing bonus checks for vaccinating his patients. Instead of staying up all night with Greyson when he is ill, his doctor sleeps in a huge expensive house.

Here’s is Greyson’s story as told by his mother Ashlee (link to her post in the first comment).

“We got his official diagnosis on in May: neutropenia which was caused by a vaccine reaction. April 21st was the day everything changed at Greysons Well Child Visit with the doctor.

I thought the doctor was looking out for my sons best interest by recommending the MMR and Varicella Vaccines. Whether he knew so or not, he wasn’t. He was looking out for his own interest and abiding by what doctors are taught, do you know doctors offices receive bonuses based upon how many fully vaccinated patients they have?

Not only did the vaccines make him ill physically, Greyson’s behavior changed drastically overnight. He began to bang his head repeatedly to the point of bumps and bruises all over his face, pull his hair, smack himself in the face. He has screaming fits. He has drastically regressed verbally and hardly talks anymore. We have had evaluations done and he is now behind in categories he used to excel in.

If this was a problem prior to the vaccines my son would have been constantly sick which he wasn’t, at all. Exact opposite actually. The second those chemicals entered his body they began working to damage his body. His bone marrow stopped producing a sufficient amount of white blood cells to fight off germs. As this happened he began to get sicker and sicker and sicker. As he got worse the doctors continued to down play the severity of what was happening, every time I asked if the vaccines could cause this they squirmed and told me no. They didn’t want to get to the bottom of what was wrong because they knew it was their fault. They knew they caused this, that they had lied over and over and over again, and made it even worse by being so negligent. I was at the office multiple times a week in tears telling them something was wrong with my son and begging them to find out what it was and help him. Only to be hushed, brought into far away rooms where other parents couldn’t hear what I was saying. Dismissed as paranoid. Questioned for going above the pediatricians head and taking my son to the ER multiple times right after he was seen in the drs office and sent home with diagnosis like teething. This was 100% preventabley. All of it. Had he not gotten the vaccines.

Please don’t make the same mistake that I did. Please. Your child depends on you to protect him/her, especially from the very people who are supposed to help keep him/her healthy. Don’t be naive. Do not trust what doctors tell you. Doctors aren’t bad people, they are simply taught by the government textbooks which support big pharmaceutical companies who manufacture vaccines for reasons much bigger than you or I, reasons they deem more important than the lives of OUR CHILDREN.”

Does your doctor tell you the real side effects of vaccines? Or does he just cash the check?!!

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2 thoughts on “Meet Greyson: Another VACCINE VICTIM.

  1. While governments whine & cry poor – they spend millions of the nations dollars to facilitate & promotion these harmful vaccines.
    With so may children damaged by vaccines – we need to ask our nations leaders how much the nation is paying for special services & to provide the healthcare needs for these children.
    It is all borrowed money to be repaid with interest.
    The U.S.A. is in debt to the tune of $21 TRILLION – plus interest – monies they will never repay – on top of that amount they have allocated $700 BILLION – plus interest – monies to facilitate more arms & defense spending.
    Not a cent is spent on infrastructure spending to improve the nation.

    1. I wonder
      Exactly what is the Australian government using as security to borrow the monies that they are recklessly throwing in all directions ?
      No one can borrow money without security.
      It is easy for the Prime Minister of the day & his mottle crew to borrow to high heaven & splurge.
      They leave office & wash their hands of the messy affair.
      Leaving Australia in financial debt crisis.

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