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Memories Of The Past With Giovanni Adavelli


Giovanni Adavelli was born on November 18′th 1979 in Eastern Europe.  He has lived in several countries throughout the world before finally coming to the United States in 1989 to reunite with the rest of his family in Brooklyn New York.  After graduating high school in 1998, Giovanni has moved around the eastern part of the U.S. living in different states. He has attended several universities and having many different majors before finally sticking with computers engineering as his major focus.  While living in Massachusetts, one day he was asked by a co-worker if he wanted to explore an old abandoned hospital that was built in 1873.  After finding several patient treatment files while exploring this old hospital, Giovanni began to see how people with mental illnesses were regarded and treated. This would be a start to a new chapter in his life. He was met a lot of people with similar interests and would share many new adventures. He was also included in a documentary about Urban Exploration as well. After seeing many old hospitals, Giovanni has gotten interested in the field of social work and was employed by several agencies throughout the years. His goal was to see how much modern day treatment differed from the way it was back in the late 1800’s.

Urbex-A Documentary from Digital Memories Event Video on Vimeo.


1 thought on “Memories Of The Past With Giovanni Adavelli

  1. Giovanni Adavelli didn’t even tell you his real name & lied about his education, this article should’ve been fact checked. He’s a liar & a thief of others photos. He is a psychotic headcase who is too scared to go into these buildings without people pressuring him to.

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