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Migration to hit highest level EVER with 400,000 entering Australia this year

Traitor Albanese & State Premiers Set To Flood Australia With Migrants


Migration to hit highest level EVER with 400,000 entering Australia this year – and another 315,000 to follow next year as the doors are thrown open.

Up to 715,000 new migrants are expected to arrive on Australia’s shores this year and next according to revised government figures – with an all-time record 400,000 arriving this year alone

Now tougher visa requirements are being considered to stem the tide after the Prime Minister met with Premiers to discuss the surge of new arrivals .

Anthony Albanese promised the national cabinet meeting on Friday that he would give state leaders more say over who can come into the country.

A surge of new applications will see 400,000 people come in 2023 – the most Australia has ever seen in a year – after Covid lockout restrictions were lifted.

Government figures warn another 315,000 are expected next year, for a total of 715,00, compared with an earlier combined estimate of just 470,000.

New measures will be included in the federal budget to ease pressure on the housing crisis, including a $2 billion investment and tax cuts to incentivise the development of more homes.

 In October, the estimate for incoming migrants for 2023 was 235,000, with Mr Albanese citing reduced border restrictions as a primary driver for the new estimate, but that numbers has risen rapidly in the months since.

‘If you look at the numbers for this year, they’re high,’ said the PM after Friday’s national cabinet meeting.

‘But that’s recognition that the borders were closed previously, so the population is lower today substantially than it would have been in terms of the projections that were there prior to the pandemic.’

He added that Australians remaining at home was also affecting the population increase as they’ve chosen to stay in the country.

‘Australians [are] not leaving in the numbers, and that’s continuing to be the case, not leaving to work overseas, to do the six-month visitation that occurred.’

‘I did it as a backpacker, as a young fellow, so did most of my generation.’

Students coming to study in Australia make up almost half of the 400,000 figure, and around 70 per cent of the 165,000 increase since the October forecast.

Despite these explanations, opposition immigration spokesman Dan Tehan claimed Albanese was creating a ‘big Australia by stealth’ which will further fuel the housing crisis.

‘What will be the impact on housing, on rents, on congestion and on interest rates,’ Mr Tehan said.

‘The Australian people will suffer as a result given the size of these numbers.’

The Labor government plans to build one million homes over five years from 2024 to ease the crisis, as well as other budget measures to ease the cost of living.

State leaders pledged to increase protections for renters across the states and territories at National Cabinet, but didn’t promise uniform laws across the country.


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