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Mind Control Scientists Using Light To Alter The Brain




The race to decode the brain continues, and quickens by the day. The mind control of the future forgoes all pretense at indirectly altering perception through media and politics, or even mind-altering drugs and environmental toxins. The mind control of the future goes straight into direct programming and rewiring of the human brain.

These new mind control techniques are being introduced in gadgets that create a brain-computer interface, magnetic manipulation via “neural dust,”  high-powered lasers, and even the direct uploading of the contents of our brain. One must then consider the subsequent hacking of our minds as our brains enter the digital realm.

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1 thought on “Mind Control Scientists Using Light To Alter The Brain

  1. Re-wiring the brain…how much money are they spending on this one ?
    The brain does not create consciousness:-
    Re-wire it all you want – you will not touch consciousness let alone control it.
    Materialist science is at the end of its days as most scientists are changing their views. The old concepts are soon to be relegated to the same dust bin as ‘the earth is flat’ as we develop a more mature understanding and trancend old beliefs.
    CERN: They are looking for / hoping for, time travel, by smashing atoms together – why is that ? – what exactly is the thinking behind this hope / expectation ?
    What they know, but have not said, is that when there is an explosion – example – The Russell St Police Headquaretrs Bombing – but any bombing will do – & there have been many, so someone noticed.
    When there is an explosion – surrounding time & space moves.
    * The Universe goes in to damage assesment mode.
    * It then uses any & all means to repair the damage.
    * Space is not empty / the empty air / nothingness is not real.
    * When an explosion occurs it has been noticed by the bright buggers that the surrounding time & space moves.
    * This is what they think they can achieve by smashing atoms together at massive speed.
    This Thinking Is Flawed – stupid is as stupid does.
    BILLIONS OF DOLLARS LATER – there are & always have been scientists that have laughed out aloud at the Big Bang Theory for the rubbish that it is.
    Main stream has kept is quiet.
    Q:- Where is all this money coming from ? Everyone cry’s poor all the bloody time so, where does the loot come from, to flush down the lavatory like this ?

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