March 4, 2024

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MN Democrats Vote For Elementary School Pornography


On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Minnesota House Democrats voted in favor of including pornography and sexual perversions as part of the Minnesota House Education Omnibus Bill, HF2400.

The Minnesota Child Protection League (CPL) tried to warn parents and stakeholders to call their legislators to urge them to remove Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) from the 258-page House Education Omnibus bill HF2400 before it was debated on last Tuesday. Of course, the bill was debated two days after Easter Sunday, when parents were distracted and just getting the kiddos back to school after the holiday.

Planned Parenthood will provide the CSE curriculum for Minnesota public schools and has lobbied hard for this legislation. The Guttmacher Institute, which was started in 1968 as a part of Planned Parenthood, is expected to be developing the state model policy, according to, a website to educate parents on the harmful effects of CSE.

At the center of the CSE curriculum debate is a book called, “It’s Perfectly Normal” which is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and boasts of “more than one million copies in print”. The book contains explicit drawings of the male and female anatomy and covers such topics as vaginal, oral and anal sex, homosexuality and abortion which will be taught to elementary students as part of CSE. “It’s Perfectly Normal” was written in 1995 by Robie Harris, who was a member of Planned Parenthood’s National Board of Advocates. A new edition of the book states it is “updated for the 21st century” on the cover.

During last week’s debate on HF2400, Minnesota Rep. Peggy Bennett (R-MN 27A) put forth an amendment to remove CSE from the bill. Every House Republican (except for three missing members) voted to remove CSE from the bill with two Democrats joining the Republicans (Rep. Gene Pelowski-D, MN-28A and Rep. Dave Lislegard-D, MN-6B). The vote was 58 to 73. All 73 people who think that “It’s Perfectly Normal” should be in included as part of the CSE in Minnesota’s public elementary schools are Democrats.

Rep. Eric Lucero (R-MN 30B), who was visibly upset when he read parts of “It’s Perfectly Normal” to the members of the House, asked Rep. Bennett during the debate if Planned Parenthood references this book as part of their Comprehensive Sex Education. Bennett replied, “They endorse it on their web page as their model curriculum for what they’d like to see for Comprehensive Sex Education for elementary and secondary.”

Lucero emphatically said on the House floor, “This is not the goal that I have, to expose 4th graders to masturbation and that it is perfectly normal. No way.”

Jim Sedlak of Celebrate Life Magazine stated in a recent article, “The bottom line is that Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling sex. In order to do that, it must get our children involved with a sexual lifestyle. It does that through pushing pornography. If you want to keep pornography from our children, shut down Planned Parenthood.”

A Senate conference committee will determine the final outcome of the Minnesota House Education Omnibus bill, however no conference committee has been appointed yet. CPL said in a Facebook post that the CSE language is not included in the Senate Education Omnibus bill.

In the meantime, parents, get involved. Let your legislators know how you feel about CSE being taught to young children in elementary school. Minnesota House Democrats have made it very clear that they want push this curriculum to children at a very young age to get them hooked on pornography and other sexual deviant behavior in order to keep Planned Parenthood in business. After all, in 2016, Planned Parenthood spent over $38 million to elect democrats.

It’s a vicious cycle. Your kids are being used to keep Democrats in power and Planned Parenthood in business for years to come and neither Democrats nor Planned Parenthood care what will happen to your children as a result of this damaging curriculum.


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