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At least Ann genuinely believes she’s right, unlike many other NewsCorp journalists who know they are lying about vaccines to push their hidden agendas.

However, let’s challenge Ann Moore’s rhetoric, shall we?

Firstly, she claims Gardasil protects against the HPV.

“Trade named Gardasil or Cervarix, Australia invented the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine that protects against several strains of the sexually transmitted virus – which triggers 99 per cent of cervical cancers as well as other diseases”, she writes. 

Correct, and probably the only skerrick of truth in her article. However, she claims HPV triggers 99% of cervical cancers and other diseases. Really, Ann?

Please show your readers independent scientific studies stating this or proving that HPV is even the cause of cervical cancers, and not just a convenient unproven theory to sell billions in vaccines.

Then she claims experts predict Australia will be cervical cancer free in 40 years, thanks to Gardasil.

Moore wrote: “In fact, experts predict Australia is likely to become the first country to effectively eliminate cervical cancer, expected within the next 40 years thanks to the vaccine’s effectiveness”.

Wow! I bet that can be backed up with more Gardasil funded propaganda… sorry- studies!

Maybe that’s because it will have killed, maimed or damaged so many of Australia’s young daughters; or they’ll be so fatigued or sick that they’ll have no energy or libido left to ever have a healthy sex live. Therefore, there will be no need to protect them from STDs.

Ann claims that according to experts, the risk of taking Gardasil is next to none.

“And the risk? Well, according to those in the know – and by that I mean people with actual science and medical degrees, backed up by decades-long research and studies – is next to none”.

Again, really Ann?

Would you like to interview the girls damaged from Gardasil with shot immune systems or worse- paralysed and in wheel chairs, or dead?

Has NewsCorp ever run a story on the vaccine injured? Must be just a figment of tin-hat wearing people that these vaccine injured people even exist. We should ignore them and let them suffer in silence because according to your science, they don’t exist!

Here are some articles that show the risks associated with Gardasil and HPV vaccines:

Gardasil: The HPV vaccine is linked with permanent devastating health issues

Oncology Dietitian Exposes Fraud in CDC’s HPV Vaccine Effectiveness Study

Moreover, here are some statistics from the CDC’s VAERS Reporting System:

  • Abnormal Pap Smear ……………. 636
  • Cervical Dysplasia…………………..300
  • Cervical Cancer……………………….146
  • Deaths……………………………………406
  • Disabled………………………………2,467
  • Did Not Recover………………..10,980
  • Emergency Room………………15,102
  • Total Adverse Events…………55,788

So, are the effects next to ‘none’?

In fact, the so-called vaccine to stop cervical cancer has even given those vaccinated cervical cancer with 55,788 cases of adverse effects reported to the CDC.

What’s reported to the CDC is a tiny fraction of those having adverse effects to Gardasil, as the entire medical system works hard to limit what’s reported.

Plus, what about the millions of people that have had their immune system damaged and are yet to realise that they fall sick frequently because of the damages caused by vaccines such as Gardasil?

There is one Facebook group in Australia consisting of over 4000 parents with children suffering from the adverse effects of Gardasil.

Yet journalists like Ann believe that the downside is next to none!  They are content to lie with impunity and total disrespect for their readers’ intelligence.


“While the tinfoil hat wearers point the finger at ‘Big Pharma’ and its alleged desire to keep us all in ill health and themselves in the money, this just doesn’t add up. There is far more money to be made from a population riddled with the diseases this jab prevents than from the jab itself”.

So, the theory that Big Pharma wants to keep us in ill-health to profit is not true?

I don’t think Big Pharma cares if we are in good health or not. They care about boosting their vaccine sales to cover up for patents ending on drugs making vaccines the new profit-generating segment for Big Pharma.

Vaccine sales have increased from $5 billion in 2002 to over $50 billion today. That’s what they care about.

Big Pharma is solely concerned about the sales of their products and they can afford to fund the PR to have newspapers spread their propaganda.

It’s interesting that over 100,000 car airbags have been recalled in Australia as a few of them displayed some minor faults. That’s good as the car industry has strict oversight.

Vaccines, however, have almost zero independent oversight. A vaccine can kill, damage and maim- yet there is no recall, no press alert to its dangers and no compensation by the manufacturer.

They just keep selling their product.

Ann, journalists like you enable them to speak their lies that leads to death and misery of so many young Australians and girls worldwide.

What diseases does Gardasil actually prevent versus the ones it creates? Please show some proof, after all, you expect it from those who have concerns of its safety.

She claims, anti-vaxxers think doctors would withhold information to keep people in a state of disease in order to make money beggars belief.

“Professor Ian Frazer developed a world-first vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Beyond that, the idea that doctors and scientists would choose to withhold information to keep people in a state of disease in order to make money beggars belief”.

My question to Ann, how many doctors in Australia are free to share their concerns of Gardasil or other dangerous vaccines without losing their license and being attacked by the NewsCorp lynch mob?

She claims only fake news sites run anti-vaxx stories.

“I dare you to investigate any anti-Gardasil argument. Generally you’ll find them plastered on conspiracy websites…It frustrates me as a journalist and a mother that so many parents are sucked in by this true fake news”. 

 It seems Ann has failed as an investigative journalist, but she could clearly be a successful comedian. Ann, I am sorry to say, you work for a ‘fake news’ media company and you are spreading fake news.

If you really want to win your argument, it’s best you increase your knowledge of vaccines, as most people concerned about vaccines are well read and researched.

However, I guess your target market is pro-vaxxers who haven’t had the chance to research and therefore rely on journalists like you to never mislead them.

They are placing their trust in you Anne.

Anne concludes the article by stating “every parent I know would take a bullet for their baby … so for God’s sake, let them take a needle”.

Sadly, many trusting parents did and now their lives are in ruin as they have watched their daughters’ lives get destroyed.

Not to mention, so many are suffering without even realizing that the Gardasil vaccine destroyed their immune system and set them up for a life of sickness. In many cases, a large number of these girls won’t be able to give birth.

Maybe parents can save themselves the time of conducting detailed research and just read the manufacturer’s labels and decide if they want to play Russian Roulette with their daughters’ lives.

Those concerned about vaccines aren’t suspicious of scientific facts. They are concerned about the vaccine industry propaganda, industry funded studies and the lack of checks on these vaccines pushed on babies and young adults. They are also concerned about misinformed journos like you who are paid to deceive their very customers, i.e. their readers.

Ann, can you guarantee the safety of every reader who on your recommendation gets the Gardasil vaccine? Can you assure that they will not be harmed or damaged in anyway and if they are, you will compensate them?

Will you ask the state and federal medical officers to show their risk assessment of Gardasil (or any vaccine) they surely conducted before making recommendations to the public?

They don’t have one, as these assessments have never been done. Have they?

That’s something to report on. The game is up and those pushing dangerous drugs such as deadly vaccines on innocent children will be held accountable.

Vaccines should be rigorously tested and proven before pushed upon a trusting population.

Where are the independent studies Ann? Is that too much to ask for?