April 20, 2024

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Natural Immunity Community With Allona Lahn

Queensland parents who have been shunned by the mainstream for not vaccinating their children are fighting back.

The Sunshine Coast-based Natural Immunity Community, a network of anti-vaccination families, has revealed plans to create their own childcare and homeschooling in response to the federal government’s No Jab No Play regulations implemented in 2016.

Network spokeswoman Allona Lahn has accused the government of insighting fear and spreading misinformation and propaganda about vaccination.

She has called for a national debate on the controversial issue and told Daily Mail Australia she thinks the anti-vaxxers would win.

Under the federal policy, only parents of children who are fully immunised can received any family tax benefits and childcare rebates they are eligible for.

‘We are creating alternatives as we have been forced into a corner thanks to the bullying, intimidation tactics by our government,’ Ms Lahn said.

‘Mothers rights’ have been lost in the community so we’re offering services to help and support anti-vaxxers out there.’

According to Ms Lahn, Natural Immunity Community membership has skyrocketed from 18 to 800 within three years on the Sunshine Coast, where parts of the region have the lowest immunisation rates in Queensland for five-year-olds.

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 Allona Lahn

Please explain Dr Stevenson… How can an unvaccinated child spread a disease they don’t have? Why is a baby vaccinated for Hepatitis B at birth regardless of the Hep B status of the mother when hep B is low prevalence here in Australia and primarily transferred through sex, drugs and tattoo’s.

The oral rotavirus vaccine can shed and spread disease… That’s why parents are told to take precautions after the vaccine is given. Please explain why there is a vaccine strain and wild strain of measles and polio.

Is this Doctor fully vaccinated with the 14 to 16 different disease injections jabbed into our babies by age 4? If not he is a hypocrite… He is NOT fully vaccinated and is a walking disease spreader….

This Doctor is insighting fear, spreading misinformation and propaganda. I’ll do a live debate anytime… You bring your team I’ll bring mine…

Thanks channel 7 for inviting me on… Yes we are drugging our babies at birth… Actually womb to tomb drugging… Totally unnecessary and a national disgrace…


7 thoughts on “Natural Immunity Community With Allona Lahn

  1. What a great job you are doing! I have been in professional Naturopathic for over 40 years and treat vaccination injured children and young adults. Your group is a shining star at this time on this beautiful planet when the most powerful lobby groups and profit driven corporations push their policies in spite of Real evidence that the modern vaccination rollout is doing far more harm than good (but is making trillions of dollars for these corporations). God speed and Success to you all. Peter Edwards ND, PhD.

    1. Is it that the people have woken up?
      Where the people really asleep?
      Or is it that in today’s world we have technology that affords us all manner of information at the touch of our fingertips?
      Which was not available – even 10 years ago – today I have a library at my disposal at a moments notice & a connection to almost every person in the world.
      This was not here until now – as result people are informed – not better informed – but informed – at last.
      Australian politicians have lied to us since day one.
      Achademia has looked down its snotty nose & lied to us – for the garbage that they are.
      The Medical Profession is only an opportunistic, salivating, ghoul.
      What chance did people have?
      But no one was asleep.

  2. Having seen the light on vaccines to eventually avoid having any for my youngest child – now a healthy young man – but some autism damage on my eldest son who I did immunise for the first few years of his life, I am fully against the Government push to force vaccines on people and removing our human right to conscientiously object to them. Vaccines cultured on aborted human fetal tissue are a recipe for disaster. I abhor the whole idea of that industry on moral grounds but am not able to object to that same material being injected into my children? What country has this become?? Anyway, my children are all grown up but now i have grandchildren and so far we have been able to avoid the jab for any of them but this government seems hell-bent on making it impossible to access education or childcare or government assistance for anti-vaxxers. It is difficult but worth the extra pain if the result is healthy, strong humans that do not have any major health problems. Who wants their children to be educated in the mainstream these days anyway?? Any ideas you have for schooling/childcare would be most appreciated.

  3. I have asked Allona many times where to join and she has never answered, this is so frustrating as I have known about the dangers for years since my grand daughter nearly died after her triple antigen. She was the 1st grand child, the second was ok the third had whooping cough for 5 months. I am 76 have 2 daughters, 6 grand children and 3 great grand children with aniother on the way. I need to be involved to try to prevent the mothers having the jab. Please let me know.

  4. An 85% vaccination rate is considered low??? I can’t wait till it drops to zero, when all parents finally wake up to the fact that vaccination is a very dangerous fraud!

    If all parents knew the truth about vaccination, they would tell anyone wanting to inject their child or children with any of this toxic filth: “Over my dead body!”.

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