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Near Death Experience quotes on the sentience of animals and plants.


A Case For A Non-Killing, Non-Harming Diet

Those of you who have followed my work for a while now know I have been very vocal about the horrors and atrocities regarding the necessity of living beings in this earth this system to feed off each other in order to survive. It seems very cruel and barbaric to me. Be that as it may, I believe it is still possible to exist in this cruel world and survive without unecessarily taking the lives of others, or at the very least, a minimal amount of sufffering.

It seems hypocritical to criticize the archons who feed off the emotional suffering of humans and at the same time enjoy eating the meat of animals just because we feel superior to them.

For a while now I have tried to follow a non-killing diet. I feel the animal sacrifice is part of the Demiurge’s sacrificial holocaust…..lots of energy for the demons to feed on when the energy is released at death. And what better way than to keep people in a low vibrational state than feeding off the dead? Recently, I have decided to extend that to a non-harmful diet, meaning I don’t wish to contribute to the harm of animals. Thus, I am going to abstain from the consumption of animal products including milk, cheese and eggs.

It is not as difficult as it sounds. There are many substitutes in the grocery stores such as vegan chicken nuggets, vegan chicken strips, vegan fish fillets, vegan burgers and even non-dairy ice cream.

There are several very good documentaries on the subject. The documentaries detail the deplorable conditions the animals in the factory farms are subjected to. And the vast, vast majority of the meat and eggs we eat from groceries and restaurants come from these factory farms. Billions of animals are slaughtered every year. The animals are aware of what is happening or is about to happen. They often will not get off the trucks and must be beaten and forced to go to their deaths. The animals bellow in pain and agony. Over 100,000 animals are often kept under one roof. Cows are raped and impregnated in order to give milk and their calves are taken away from them immediately at birth.

The documentary that is most powerful in my opinion is a lecture by Gary Yourofsky… Here is a link to watch it….. it is not that long and he is a very good speaker. Here is a link to the transcript. Gary points out that this enslavement of animals is speciesism and is another form of prejudice, similar to racism or sexism. He likens the slaughterhouses to a holocaust. He says people eat meat,cheese, milk and eggs for four reasons: habit, tradition, convenience and taste. He cites the ratio of the length of human intestines to our torsos as being a similar proportion to other herbivores. He also cites links to many of the diseases and cancers we contract.

What about plants? Aren’t they alive too?

But what about plants? They are obviously alive also. People use the argument that plants aren’t sentient or at least don’t have a nervous system and thus aren’t able to feel pain or suffer like humans and animals do. However, recent research calls these notions into question.

Here are some interesting articles:

Do Plants Respond To Pain? Scientists Conduct An Experiment To Find Out


“They have ways of taking all the sensory data they gather in their everyday lives… integrate it and then behave in an appropriate way in response. And they do this without brains, which, in a way, is what’s incredible about it, because we automatically assume you need a brain to process information.” – Michael Pollan author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “The Botany of Desire”

Do plants feel pain?


“According to researchers at the Institute for Applied Physics at the University of Bonn in Germany, plants release gases that are the equivalent of crying out in pain. Using a laser-powered microphone, researchers have picked up sound waves produced by plants releasing gases when cut or injured. Although not audible to the human ear, the secret voices of plants have revealed that cucumbers scream when they are sick, and flowers whine when their leaves are cut [source: Deutsche Welle].”

New research on plant intelligence may forever change how you think about plants


“How plants sense and react is still somewhat unknown. They don’t have nerve cells like humans, but they do have a system for sending electrical signals and even produce neurotransmitters, like dopamine, serotonin and other chemicals the human brain uses to send signals.”

How Plants Secretly Talk to Each Other


“Scientists are also exploring how the messages from these signals might spread. Just a few months ago, the plant signaling pioneer Ted Farmer of the University of Lausanne discovered an almost entirely unrecognized way that plants transmit information — with electrical pulses and a system of voltage-based signaling that is eerily reminiscent of the animal nervous system. ”

Researcher: Psychedelic Plants are Trying to Communicate with Humans


“McKenna expressed that his belief that plants are communicating with humans through chemicals they release and connect to neurotransmitters in the human brain. He believes the plants are trying to wake mankind from its destructive slumber.”

The Secret Life of Plants

Video link 

The Secret Life of Plants


“he Secret Life of Plants (1973) is a book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. The book documents controversial experiments that reveal unusual phenomena regarding plants such as plant sentience, discovered through experimentation. It goes on to discuss philosophies and progressive farming methods based on these findings…. The book includes experiments on plant stimuli using a polygraph, a method which was pioneered by Cleve Backster.”

Are Plants Entering the Realm of the Sentient?


“In 1900 the Bengali biophysicist and botanist Jagdish Chandra Bose taught that plants are not merely passive organisms lacking sense. Instead, they explore their environments and can learn and change their behavior with purpose. Plants have an electrical nervous system, he claimed, that allows them to transmit information among their roots, stems, leaves, and other parts.”

Are Plants Aware? Plants may experience consciousness, albeit in a different fashion from us.


“Neurobiologists have discovered that plants also have rudimentary neural nets and the capacity for primary perceptions. Indeed, the sundew plant (Drosera) will grasp at a fly with incredible accuracy — much better than you can do with a fly-swatter. Some plants even know when ants are coming towards them to steal their nectar and have mechanisms to close up when they approach. Scientists at Cornell University discovered that when a hornworm starts eating sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata), the wounded plant will send out a blast of scent that warns surrounding plants — in the case of the study, wild tobacco (Nicotiana attenuata) – that trouble is on its way. Those plants, in turn, prepare chemical defenses that send the hungry critters in the opposite direction. Andre Kessler, the lead researcher, called this “priming its defense response.” “This could be a crucial mechanism of plant-plant communication,” he said…..

Neurons aren’t necessary in order to have cell-to-cell communication — and even information processing and storage! In a 2012 Scientific American article titled “Do Plants Think?” Israeli botanist Daniel Chamovitz insisted that plants “see, feel, smell — and remember.” But how is this possible without neurons?

Explained Chamovitz, “Even in animals, not all information is processed or stored only in the brain. The brain is dominant in higher-order processing in more complex animals, but not in simple ones. Different parts of the plant… exchange information on cellular, physiological and environmental states. For example root growth is dependent on a hormonal signal that’s generated in the tips of shoots [while] leaves send signals to the tip of the shoot telling them to start making flowers. In this way, if you really want to do some major hand waving, the entire plant is analogous to the brain. But while plants don’t have neurons, plants produce and are affected by neuroactive chemicals!”

Research Shows Plants Are Sentient. Will We Act Accordingly?


“By 2010, Mancuso had enough data to give a TED (a nonprofit established to spread new ideas) talk on plant intelligence. In it, he notes that plants are much more sophisticated in sensing what’s around them than animals. Every plant root tip has a tiny region that functions as the locus of electrical signals—the same signals found in human neurons. In essence, every single root apex in a plant’s system can detect and monitor concurrently and continuously at least 15 different chemical and physical parameters. For a plant, a centralized neurological control center (such as a human brain) doesn’t make much sense because a predator—a grazing deer or lawn mower—could easily chop it off. So instead, this decentralized intelligence scattered throughout the roots works as a very effective survival strategy; a plant can persist when even 90 percent of its root tips are clipped.”


I no longer eat salads either although it is possible to take the outer without killing the plant. I suppose the eating of vegetables would be determined on a case by case basis depending upon how they are harvested and whether the plant is killed in the process. Here is a discussion on the subject. Much more individual research is needed.

Near Death Experiences

If the above articles aren’t enough to convince you to exclude salad (and some vegetables) from your diet then consider these comments from near death experiencers on who say they could hear the plants talking and sense the feelings of plants:

“Colors emitted from everything and people gave off light. It seemed like the light that shone from the flowers and plants, especially from a violet colored plant, gave out an indescribable tone as if the colors were alive and the plants could talk. It was truly indescribable ” — Alejandro M

” I brushed up against plants and trees feeling their being and what I believe were their emotions. My compassion for life and all living things shot through the roof. ” — Burke

“I can feel energy coursing through me at times. I can sense the emotions of animals and plants. And sometimes I can sense spirits around people, their loved ones that are trying to guide them and get messages through to them. My body has also changed. I can no longer eat any kind of meat or it will sour in my stomach. Processed foods bother me and make me feel ill. I buy organic groceries. I need to exercise or I sink into a depression. I cannot ingest anything into my body that in anyway harms it..” — Analisa D

” This Light, which is an energy gestalt, is an aggregation of many multitudes of immortal souls from all walks of life, e.g., plants, mammals, fish, and is collectively a life-force. ” — August

“This process is similar to the way that the souls of cells united themselves and advanced into the next step of evolution in order to continue and grow as a part of a bigger life form that they had created, which is actually a plant, an animal, or a human. ”

“Since this experience, I cannot stomach the smell or look of red meat. It makes me nauseated.” — Lorri B

“Meat makes me gag. I can’t eat the flesh of another living being. I used to love steak now the smell makes me sick.” — Cynthia Y

“To my own surprise, I found the day after this event that I felt well, except that I could not eat any meat at all. Nor did I have any desire to. I’ve been a vegetarian since then. I eat many raw organic foods. I don’t eat anything with chemical ingredients, and keep my food very pure, for the most part. My children and husband now eats mostly this way too. We are all feeling great.” — Amy C

” Today I am vegetarian as I feel it is wrong to take life. This is in spite of the fact I love the taste and smell of meat.” — Gabby G

” I also can hear the healing plants calling me. ” — Betty P

” Just like myself, all of creation wherever and however it existed; whether human, animal, mammal, plant, or nature, all were full in themselves. All were and are God, a beautiful glorious expression of that same Fullness. ” — Mira S

” Every person, animal, bird, beast and plant is a part of God. We are all one and what each one does affects the whole. ” — Sharon Smith Kane

” I lifted up the skin of Creation, and saw that every living thing in Creation was an expression of this being, connected to this being, indivisible and of One. Every person, plant, animal, insect, microbe, drew its’ very existence from this Being. Without this Being, if creation existed at all, it would be filled with lifeless, empty rocks. ” — Dan Ta

” They asked me where I was taking the energy to survive; I knew right away that they were talking about food in a strange way! I told them about the plants that we eat on earth and then they said: Are you also eating what used to be alive? I said yes.

They told me: We knew there were primitive civilizations but not as bad as that! They were really surprised that someone coming from such a primitive world could meet them on their own planet! I asked the one (kind of in charge or representing the group). Where do you take your energy here to survive?

They said, ‘We take it from the cosmic power as you do, but directly instead of going through natural interfaces as you do.’ ” — Roger C

“The little that at this time I remember having understood included the following:
‘Like all other beings, you are living in order to accomplish a mission, and you are not doing this. You must change you way of living, you are supposed to help many other beings, and you are not doing so. You have to stop eating meat, as no one who eats meat can remain here.’ ” — Marta Y

“I started seeing different lives: I saw my animal lives, my life as a speck, my life where I was condemned as a witch, my life where I was an unknown creature in the ocean, and so many more lives. I saw that my soul is over 2000 years old. I saw my life as other races, not Hispanic as I am now. I had over 20 dreams that I can remember. I remember the horror of being a cockroach, the struggle for survival was immense. As a cockroach I knew I was me Sonia and I asked to please take me way from this form.” — Sonia S

“I also remember a place where there were objects, people who looked like angels, animals and plants… The strange thing about all this was that EVERYTHING had life and eyes. ” — Gina’s NDE ”

“I got the awareness that every living thing on earth was ONE, so it is unity in this energy. We, human beings, animals, plants, minerals, all are equal as we all are this energy. ” — Frederic M

” I started to care more about people, animals, and plants. ” — Yulia

” I can easily align my energy with plants, animals, and people and know what they are feeling. ” — Maria P

“I have developed telepathy and empathy with animals, and sometimes plants.” — Erika R

“I came to know that we are all important to God/the Light, even the plants and animals.” — Jean K

” I adored the animals, and all creation. From that moment on I could never see suffering of an animal or think that the trees and plants didn’t have feelings. I felt that everything had a harmonious feeling. We are all connected and I felt that there wasn’t anything else that wasn’t alive in some way. I felt the same towards everyone and everything. Everything was one. ” — Ana Cecilia G

“Knowing that everything we do is catalogued, everything will be re-lived when you pass; you will see your greatest moments and your worst ones. I re-lived every lie and the pain associated with that lie. You will recall every painful moment you caused another and you will experience what they experienced. If we killed many animals, even for survival, we will experience every one of those deaths. Our conduct during those events will directly affect how much pain we experience. I saw my transgressions laid bare and had to answer to what I was thinking when I did that to who created me and gave me free will. We are within the mind of the creator and what we do to his creations: we do to him/it/she as well. ” — Scot W

“Everybody should go through an NDE to grow spiritually and personally. Material and bodily things become unimportant. You see through peoples souls. I got an unlimited outlook on life, which sometimes can be scary – you think on a very large scale and globally and see connections more clearly. Money, career, intrigues, sex appeal – all this is not important at all in my life, as it was before the experience. All I strive for is vegetarianism and the animals liberation from the Concentration Camps.” — Maria TK

“It was very apparent that every single thought word and action affects everything around the entire universe, and indeed us including trees, plants, and animals too. I have been a long term vegetarian since about eighteen years old and I know this was appreciated and is a good choice in life. Spiritually it seemed to show proof of respect for all life, and even seemed to balance some of the negative and wicked things I have done in my life.” — Justin U


Other interesting, worthwhile documentaries to watch include What the Health, Earthlings, Food Inc. and The Secret Life of Plants (with music by Stevie Wonder). Because I feel plants are also self aware I will avoid eating salads or any foods which involve the killing of plants. If the food can be harvested without killing the plants then that is okay. I suppose it comes down to each individuals definitions of what is actually alive and whether taking potential lives is an issue. If microbes and minerals are alive, then where does it all end? We have to consume life force of some from or another just to stay alive on this planet. And, ultimately, aren’t we all parasites of the energy from the Sun? Or does the Sun give its energy freely? But if we are living in a simulation, does it really matter? Maybe, maybe not. If this is all a test or a program to search for the best excistence possible, then perhaps it does matter.

For me, eating fruits, nuts, grains, pasta etc are all fine…..

There are still fun foods to eat…. non-dairy ice cream (Benn and Jerry’s has one as well as Nada Moo and So Delicious cashew milk is really good), chocolate that is not milk chocolate, beer. I often have banana pancakes for breakfast. There are other options such as french toast, waffles and oatmeal. Total cereal is a great option and you can use almond non-dairy milk. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch or even Total cereal works well at lunch. For dinner there are many meat substitutes one can buy at the grocery store such as veggie burgers, vegan chicken nuggets, and vegan chicken fingers. I also like beans and rice, and pasta is another good option.

If you choose to adopt a non-killing or non-harming diet please do diligent research. I am not an expert. I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. Please be sure to consult a nutritionist to ensure you are getting a well balanced diet and all the nutrients you need. For example, there are protein shakes and multivitamins you can take and supplements that can help provide what we typically get from animals such as proteins, cholesterol, fats, amino acides, etc. It is a good idea to have your blood or hair samples tested to make sure you are eating healthy.

There are billions — yes, billions — of animals that are needlessly slaughtered every year just so that we can enjoy the taste of meat. It is mainly due to habit and tradition. It may be acceptable to you to consume eggs and dairy from a local farmers’ market, provided the animals are cared for with respect. For example, does the farmer have names for the chickens and cows?

Just as there are many other planets one can choose to reincarnate on — or bet yet, we can refuse to reincarnate at all…… We do not need to continue to contribute to this death culture here on earth by senselessly torturing and killing animals at slaughter houses. We have perfectly good alternatives we can choose.

Bottom line: ultimately, the taking of lives may be unavoidable. After all, how many bugs did your car run over on the way to the store or restaurant? The taking of lives in this system may be unavoidable. It is a personal decision and there are no right or wrong answers in a system that is designed this way. Personally, I choose to at least strive to keep it to a minimum level and by adopting a non-killing, non-harmful lifestyle I am taking a stance of protest against the system.


I can be reached at [email protected].

Survival into the 21st Century: Planetary Healers Manual

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