March 4, 2024

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Exposing the Dark Truth of Our World

No scientific or medical dissent is allowed. Only dystopian, totalitarian, blind subservience it tolerated.

Vaccine ‘hesitancy’ is loaded with stigma when it comes to the COVID vaccine. “You’re an anti-vaxxar” says the lame stream media, “you cannot be included in society” they continue while posting stupid selfies of themselves getting the jab on Twitter. Pathetic.
Yeah, well we still choose choice every time! So go ahead, lock us up in our homes, threaten to remove our rights, turn us into an angry mob so you can get your stories. History will not be kind to the gutless journos of today who helped orchestrate and fracture the Commonwealth by dividing the Australian people.
Write a true story for once in your lives, how media journalists are a subservient political arm of the government with zero morals or ethics!

Dr Young is concerned about people dying from the vaccine

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