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O Hank, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive



Response to Hanks blog by Brett Smith in black bold italics 
Anti-vaccination doxxing and defamation, the HCCC, and Holdsworth House Medical Practice

Posted on February 8, 2018 by reasonable hank

This post will be a little self-indulgent, in that it has been coming for a long time – fifteen months in the making – and that the circumstances surrounding the doxxing, defamation and vilification of a complete stranger, by anti-vaccination activists, continues to this day.

All your posts are self indulgent. That is of course when they aren’t stalking, doxing & defaming. 

Directly related to the above is another subject which pertains to the alleged illegal sharing of my personal mobile phone number to anti-vaccination activists, I argue, originating out of Holdsworth House Medical Practice (HHMP), in Sydney. Whether or not HHMP knows that they are the source of the alleged illegal sharing of my phone number is up for debate. Below, I will include HHMP’s response to an investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), regarding a complaint that was lodged about the alleged illegal sharing of my personal information by this healthcare provider. HHMP has not and has never assisted me with any requests I have made of them in this matter.

Remember all, that here is where this anonymous little coward was ringing a nurse’s workplace to have her sacked. Let that sink in for a minute. This wretched little thing spends his days stalking and doxing midwives doctors and nurses who actually have the courage to question vaccine safety. Then he has the nerve to complain that somehow his phone number got out into the real world. 

Pete, when you ring as many workplaces as you do trying to have nurses sacked, your number is eventually gonna get out there. Snitches get stitches as they used to say. 

I will also include responses from the investigating police station at the time, which would appear to be in conflict with the claims made by HHMP to the HCCC. I argue that this is enough to have the HCCC take another look at the claims made by HHMP and, in particular, its staff.


My name is Peter Tierney. I live on the New South Wales South Coast. I am not a healthcare practitioner. I am single. I am a full-time, single parent to my two kids. You can hear my voice in this ABC North Coast interview about this exact topic. This exact topic exemplifies best why I keep my identity – apart from my name – and those of my children, a secret. Check out my testimonials page for further examples as to why this secrecy is a good idea.

I love it when Pete starts moaning about his lot in life.  He is the gift that keeps giving. 

First up, let me be transparent. I despise the Australian Skeptics and theFriends of Science in Medicine. These are front groups for pharmaceutical companies to attack the families of vaccine damaged children and dox any healthcare professional who raises the urgent issue of vaccine safety. 


Australian Skeptics L-R; President Eran Segev, Philip Peters, Peter Rodgers, secretary John Sweatman, Dick Smith founder of Australian skeptics, Vice President Richard Saunders, Vice President Rachael Dunlop, Peter “Ratbag” Bowditch.

Only a select few are paid for their antisocial behaviour, Tiernan being one. Most are just lonely degenerates who want to belong to something (anything) so they can get by without the financial benefit. Then you have the poor souls who are actually true believers. They honestly believe Merck has a patient’s best interests at heart and profit is secondary to pharma saving the world. 

Now while I hold a special contempt for the actual doctors in these groups (they can and do know better), at least they have the courage to troll under their own names. They have to really, because pharma wants the public to see a real doctor selling their bogus vaccine schedule. They can’t just have a dole bludging father of two leading the charge. Zero credibility. But, and it’s the only concession I will make for the Skeptic doctors, they do it in their own names. John (JC Bigears) Cunningham of course, has multiple anonymous accounts because his love of trolling and stalking women online is too great to suppress. 

Back to Pete though. For some reason he needs his anonymity. For some reason his case is so ‘special’ amongst his crazed skeptic crew, that he needs to be anonymous. We shall find out why as we move forward. Of course, there is the possibility that Hank is the Skeptic’s biggest coward?

My name is not Peter Tiernan. Peter Tiernan lives on the NSW North Coast. He is a healthcare practitioner (a physiotherapist). He is married. As far as I know he has one daughter. You can hear his voice in this ABC North Coast interview about this exact topic, given the day before my interview.

Ok, let’s try & keep up with Pete’s forked tongue and warped mind here, shall we?

So Hank claims to be Peter Tierney and this poor innocent soul above, Peter Tiernan, is just some innocent bystander caught in crazy antivax crossfire. At this point let us accept that as truth. Let’s ask ‘Tierney’ where he went to school and with whom? We’re also curious about his relationship to the McCaffery family. How odd would it be if we had a Peter Tiernan and a Peter Tierney who both went to school with Jane (pharma stooge) Hansenand both were intricately related to the McCaffery family? Wouldn’t that just be an astounding coincidence?


Peter Tiernan was school captain of Mullumbimby High School in 1983 and was in the same class as Jane Hansen.

In the course of investigations into this whole debacle, NSW Police verified both of our identities as separate individuals living in different regions of NSW. We both did this in person, at our local police stations, using our real faces and our real driver’s licences with our real names on them.

Fact or fiction? As the Skeptic tools are so fond of saying, “citation please”? 

Anti-vaccination activists, led by Belgin Colak-Arslan and the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network’s Brett Smith, both of Sydney, wrongly identified Mr Tiernan as me, because: our names are similar; he grew up with the McCaffery family, whom I have known only since 2009; he went to school with journalist Jane Hansen, whom I have only known, but, never met in person, since about 2010; and he is a healthcare practitioner.

Interesting links. Let’s dig deeper. I usually do not like to involve families who have suffered regardless as to whether I agree with their views or not, but Pete continues to hide behind them so I have no choice. 

The McCaffery family tragically lost a baby to whooping cough. Dana McCaffery was only 4 weeks old when she passed away. This is without doubt the worst tragedy a family can endure and for that I am truly sorry. 

This is, coincidentally, where Reasonable Hank was born.  This timing is important. At the time (2009/10), the AVN’s Meryl Dorey was pretty much the only brave soul publicly questioning vaccine safety. She had been subjected to some very vicious attacks by the likes of Peter BowditchKen Mcleod, and Daniel Raffaele. Ultimately this led to public disgrace for the trio when threatening video of them attacking Meryl was posted on youtube (yes, grown men with their own children smh). Here is the link.



It all fell apart when Dan R was caught making threatening phone calls at 2am telling Meryl she was “gonna die in a fire” and Ken M posted her address online. Check this video out


Ken Mcleod posting Meryl Dorey’s address online to incite violence in his hate group Stop the AVN

Pharma was pissed. Their credibility was utterly destroyed and the anonymous Reasonable Hank was born. Check Hank/Bowditch blogs to see how these disgraced creeps nurtured baby Hank into the fully fledged shit sandwich that he is,of course, there is the possibility that Hank is the Skeptic’s biggest coward?.

Hank (‘Tierney’) was outraged that Meryl Dorey publicly challenged the pharma/Skeptic line that poor Dana McCaffery had died from a disease that she caught only because ‘antivaxxers’ refused to vaccinate their children. This truly highlights why morons like Tiernan should never get involved in adult debates, as the pertussis vaccine not only does not work, it spreads the disease it is supposed to protect you from. It is truly criminal to promote this vaccine to anyone let alone the family & friends of new born babies. 

Meryl, correctly, said no. The pharma/government policy recommending that all family members and visitors of new born babies have a whooping cough vaccine, was responsible for spreading the disease and was not only a zero benefit to the community, it probably led directly to the death of this poor child. 

Oh boy, the Skeptics did not like that & voila! a new blogger to attack Meryl and the AVN was born. Peter ‘Tierney’ aka Reasonable Hank aka Peter Tiernan, led the charge with the disgraced trio mentoring his twisted development all the way.

Basically, antivaxers put two and two together and got potato.

Umm, no Pete, we got you. Slowly now, ‘Tierney’ tells us he lives on the South Coast. I don’t deny that possibility, in fact I believe he did at some point. Right next door to his buddy Ken Mc. 

Coincidentally so do many members of the Tiernan family. Same suburb. Interestingly, many have links to the ABC, which I won’t go into at any length right now. Note all the access the ABC gave ‘Tierney’ and Tiernan to tell ‘their’ side of the story. The radio interview where Tiernan actually doxes himself is priceless radio. He also admits to no one having made any threats to his or his family’s safety. When the poor interviewer Joanne Shoebridge, desperate for some juice gives up on any threat made to Tiernan she asks,

What about this Reasonable Hank? Has he had any threats?

“oh yeah, just this morning I, he got this….” whoops! Doxing yourself 101.

Back to this ABC media run of this dull story. Maybe old Hanky can fill us all in on how many Tiernan siblings work for the ABC? Should we look into that mate? Hopefully the public broadcaster was not used to spread a little “Unreasonable Wank” fake news? Hate to see abuse like that. Can you confirm how many Tiernan siblings work at the ABC? Would love to have that cleared up, cheers mate.  

Then they mashed the potato and doxxed Peter Tiernan and his extended family, and continue to defame and vilify Peter Tiernan to this day. They contacted his daughter and his wife on Facebook, for God’s sake. They contacted him at work and threatened him.

Lies. Listen to the interview, particularly at the 2 minute mark. Not once does ‘Tiernan’ say he was threatened. 

At the same time let’s remember that Pete got himself into this position because he rang the workplace of a nurse to have her sacked. No shame. No shame at all. 

He had to shut down his social media presence and change his phone number.

“I was planning to take it down anyway”

“no death threats made” to Tiernan. Poor Hank never lets fact stand in the way of a crap blog.

His work had to start screening his calls due to the threats and abuse. Belgin Arslan even published his address on a public Facebook thread, eliciting a threat from deranged anti-vaccination activist Frank Vazquez:


For greater detail on the doxxing, please read these two articles on the whole doxxing debacle, by Diluted Thinking:

The Doxxing of Peter Tiernan – an Overview

The Doxxing of Peter Tiernan – the Doxxers

Pharma troll referencing pharma troll. How cute. 

So, what tipped these antivax conspiracy theorists over the edge into illegality, apart from their usual Dunning-Kruger certainty?

Look at Pete, so deranged and deluded he actually wrote, “in the course of collecting evidence for my blog series on anti-vaccine nurses and midwives, I came across a Sydney nurse – whom I had noticed some months previously”

Who does this deluded creep think he is? An anonymous little twerp on a mission from Merck?

The nurses and doctors standing up to government & Bad Pharma on the issue of vaccine safety are true heroes. They are losing their jobs and being ridiculed and defamed by an anonymous clown like Hank who spends his days trolling, stalking, & doxing these brave men & women. On taxpayer’s & pharma’s money. 

On October 18 2016, in the course of collecting evidence for my blog series on anti-vaccine nurses and midwives, I came across a Sydney nurse – whom I had noticed some months previously – who bragged in the Anti-Vaccination Australia Facebook group that her workplace knew about and condoned her anti-vaccination activism:

I’m a nurse and will continue to say what I believe about vaccines. They can shove their guidelines up there ass

…my boss and colleagues all know my views on this issue and are fine with it. I have worked here for a long time and my views and beliefs are no secret to anyone in my workplace so I think I’m safe 

 This nurse was Loretta Blaikie (AKA Loretta Salakas, AKA Loretta Baxter). Blaikie included the name of her employer on her public Facebook profile. Blaikie’s employer is/was Holdsworth House Medical Practice. Exercising due diligence,

“Exercising due diligence”?

You mean stalking and doxing taken to it’s most shameful level. Ringing this woman’s workplace to have her sacked. Disgraceful. 

I called HHMP to verify that she did in fact work there. This was confirmed by the receptionist. I advised the receptionist that I would require Blaikie’s AHPRA registration number – to facilitate a complaint about her anti-vaccination activism that cited her employer’s imprimatur

Hank would have been a wonderful gestapo agent except those creeps at least eyeballed you before they shot you in the back. Hank does it from the safety of his mum’s/dad’s/taxpayer’s funded basement. 

– as Blaikie was not using her AHPRA-searchable, registered names in her antivax activism. The receptionist told me I would need to talk to the nursing unit manager, that the nursing unit manager was unavailable, and that I could leave my name and number for the nursing unit manager. I agreed to leaving my name and number for the stated and specific use of the nursing unit manager only, and for no-one else. I stated that the call was confidential.

Ha! ‘Course ya wanted it confidential. You are a born coward. 

I received no reply from the nursing unit manager, and so left another message the next morning, October 19 2016, re-stipulating all of the above. Again, I received no reply from the nursing unit manager.

On October 20 2016, at 0819 hours, I published my article on Blaikie: Anti-vaccine nurses and midwives 26.

Blaikie has since had restrictions placed on her registration:

The registrant must not work as an enrolled nurse until reviewed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of New South Wales and this condition is removed.

A letter sent to complainants, on August 21 2017, by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of NSW, states the following:

Complaint about Ms Loretta Lee Blaikie

Thank you for your letter dated 21 October 2016 about Ms Loretta Lee Blaikie.

The Council considered your complaint and additional information, and decided to take urgent interim action under section 150 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.

Interim conditions have been imposed on Ms Loretta Lee Blaikie’s registration to protect the public. Information about these conditions are available on AHPRA’s website www.ahpra.gov.au. These conditions are temporary and will remain in place until removed, amended by the Council or the complaint is finalised.

This coward is so deluded he proudly displays the results of his despicable activities online. If a normal human being with any decency actually felt committed enough to behave like this you would think they would at least have the decency to be secretly shamed by their actions. Not Hank. Like a sick dog returning to lick up his vomit, he drops this disgraceful act on our doormats as proudly as a sick dog can.

On October 20 2016, at 1742 hours, I received a phone call from a senior-constable at a South-Western Sydney police station, who was acting on an in-person complaint of harassment lodged by Loretta Blaikie. I was skeptical that the senior-constable was indeed a police officer due to his thuggish demeanour, his reluctance to provide the phone number for the police station, his vague threats to arrest me, and his devolving argumentation and intimidation which ended in him calling me a “grub.” After some days, verifying with my local police that the call had indeed come from a serving police officer, I lodged a complaint about the officer which resulted in his chief-inspector apologising to me for his behaviour – on November 25 2016 – even though the senior-constable refused to apologise. I agreed to settle my complaint via an informal process. At no stage did I seek disciplinary action. I only ever requested an apology.

It’s not often I agree with the NSW police force but in this instance, hats off, salute! You Pete, are a grub. 

When you apologise to all you have slandered, doxed, and called grubs maybe, just maybe, you can bleat about the apologies you believe you deserve. You take the love you make in this world Pete. 

While on the subject of NSW police though, Hank, can you confirm whether or not your/’Tiernan’s’ dad was/is a Byron Bay detective? Hate to see police resources being wasted on pharma troll liars like yourself. 

While this NSW Police complaint process was ongoing, a friend had lodged a complaint about HHMP to the NSW HCCC – expanded below – regarding the alleged illegal release of my phone number to anti-vaccination activists. A brief account of the fallout of this alleged illegal release of my number – apart from having to change my mobile phone number for valid safety reasons – is as follows.

You can’t laugh hard enough at an anonymous little creep who was so tight he couldn’t be bothered to buy a $2 sim card for all his defamatory and doxing behaviour. Bet ya have one now you evil little bugger! 

Note to self: next time I dox a hard working health professional I will invest $2 is another sim card. If Hank was a bank robber, the cops would be waiting for him when he arrived home. He would have robbed the bank in his own car. Doh! 

Problem for Hank and this complaint is his number had been in circulation for months before the doxing of this brave nurse. Months you fool and you know it. 

On October 20 2016, at 1833 hours,

1833 hours? Hank the dole bludger likes to appear very precise. His buddy Ken taught him well. 

I received a phone call from anti-vaccination activist Belgin Arslan, on mobile phone number 04******69, who conveyed to me that she had just obtained my private, unlisted phone number from a ‘private messaging thread where my phone number was being shared amongst dozens of anti-vaccination activists’. Arslan refused to state the name of the individual who had started this Facebook messaging thread. On October 22 2016 at 1415 hours, Arslan called me again, this time denying that she obtained my mobile phone number from a private antivax messaging thread. She instead claimed she was given the number by Herald Sun Health Editor Grant MacArthur. Arslan then claimed it was given to her by a female Herald Sun receptionist who gave Arslan my number, after checking through messages which had been left (I had not left any messages with the Herald Sun). Grant MacArthur expressly denied these claims as false and impossible, in an email to me. Colak then begged for her name to be left out of any reports to police on this matter. Colak called and texted me several times throughout the day. She continued attempting to call and text me until the end of October 2016. In an act which speaks volumes to Arslan’s deceit and attempt to cover her tracks, and the tracks of others, she texted me to claim that she and Loretta Blaikie had only become Facebook friends on October 23 2016. I know this is a lie. They had already been Facebook friends for several months when I posted my blog post on Blaikie:


Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we start to deceive. What is and what is not true ?I’m pretty sure Pete does not either. 

October 20 2016, at 2037 hours, I received a phone call from anti-vaccination activist Brett Smith misrepresenting himself as “Dr Andrew Gowrie” of Holdsworth House, on 04******14. He stated that he was the “on-call doctor”. He stated that he was prompted to call me by, and “on behalf of [his] boss” Dr Dick Quan, Managing Director of HHMP. He stated that he was tasked by Dr Quan to investigate any breaches of privacy at Holdsworth House Medical Practice. On October 21 2016, Smith also sent a text, impersonating Dr Andrew Gowers (a real doctor at HHMP):


Ah the delicious irony. Gowrie, Gower? Tierney, Tiernan? Note the text sender Andrew Gowrie is simply Andrew Gowrie, not Dr Andrew Gowrie. Not very observant is old Hanky. So desperate to have a nurse sacked he does not take the time to read his texts slowly. 

Not a lot of the rest of that little Hank ramble is true either, but suffice to say, old Hankie tried his damnedest to have the nurse in question sacked whilst at the same time bleating long & hard about his lot in life. He was way more pathetic in real life than I could ever imagine. Why don’t you just give permission for the audio to be released Pete? Scared? Worried you will look like the pathetic little creep you really are? What are your real concerns here? You got nothing to hide? Right?

October 22 2016 at 1142 hours

I received another phone call from Dr “Andrew Gowrie”. I recognised Brett Smith’s voice on this occasion and searched for a previous message where his number was shared with me. It is the same phone number as this June 16 2016 Facebook message, from Brett Smith:


And it’s also the same number Smith publicly posted to a friend, in 2016, with Smith going on to threaten to assault my friend, over the phone:


Ha! Big Smiffy? Let me tell you a funny story about Big Smiffy. For the time being I will keep his identity a secret. Suffice to say, he is a Brisbane Skeptic. He is a big lump of a man (also a big cat) who specialises is stalking the mothers of vaccine injured/killed children online. Like all big, bad, online bullies their resolve dies when faced with the reality of somebody calling them out. Big Smiffy is one of the most (unintentionally) hilarious trolls I have ever come across. The night he doxed himself by posting, get this, his own home rate notice on Twitter was the most fun I’ve ever had with a Skeptic (unless of course we count the time I caught his fellow Brisbane Skeptic scumbag mate at a vaccination safety rally in Mullumbimby). Poor Smiffy, dumb bastard. thought he’d redacted his actual address. Little did this numbskull realise the address was also typed neatly in the top right hand corner. Doh! 

So, Big Smiffy, as per usual, was making all his standard big threats from the safety of his living room keyboard and I sent the above text. To his credit the poor fool rang. Let’s just say, after giving him a few quick tips on Twitter etiquette, I have never heard from that big pussy cat ever again. If you’re still out their Marty, thanks for the memories. 

When I publicly tweeted that I was now aware of Smith’s impersonation of Dr Andrew Gowers, Smith texted me again:


Smith texted again on October 31 2016, attempting to intimidate me with blog posts:



The threat of doxing the serial doxer? Exposing this anonymous little creep? When Hank does it, it is “due diligence”, when it happens to Hankie it is “threatening” “intimidation”. This sad muppet has no idea how ridiculous his stance is. 

Also note that ‘Tierney’ was given the right of reply. He could have, at any point, manned up and said hey wait, you got the wrong guy. Did he? Nope. By his own admission Hank just sat back and let an ‘innocent man’ get doxed. Was his cowardice too hard for him to overcome? Why did you sit back and do nothing Pete? ‘Tiernan’ was also given 48 hours to respond/reply to the blog. ‘He’ also did nothing. Wonder why?

The threats, intimidation, defamation, and doxxing of Peter Tiernan and me then kicked off, in earnest. This Dropbox collection contains over a dozen PDFs of evidence of this attack on Peter Tiernan and me. Smith published three blog posts based on his and Arslan’s poor investigative skills, all defaming Peter Tiernan,

I love this bit: “defamed”? How so? Because he was ‘mistakenly’ identified as Reasonable Hank? Isn’t Reasonable Hank a brave individual who just promotes vaccination 24/7 as a service to the community? Wouldn’t any virtuous individual love to be mistaken for Hank? Wouldn’t it be like one of the disciples being mistaken for Christ? I would think most would be proud to be just compared to the mighty Hank? Like Spartacus, I am Reasonable Hank? At least Hank has enough self-awareness to realise no one wants to be mistaken for him. No one. 

a completely innocent man.

We shall thoroughly review Tiernan’s innocence as we progress. 

These blog posts remain published and Smith retweets them on a regular basis. Given that Smith is aware – even via his own solicitor – that NSW Police have verified that Peter Tiernan is not me, I would argue that Smith’s continued defamation and vilification of Peter Tiernan falls into the category of criminal defamation:

Pete knows as much about defamation law as he does about immunology. Anyone who wants to have a crack though is welcome to step up to the plate… 

No, the police have not advised me that Reasonable Hank is not Peter Tiernan. Ever. Nor have they advised my solicitor. Untrue. A detective from Byron Bay did contact me but I was advised Peter Tiernan’s father was an ex Byron Bay detective. I advised the polite fellow that if he felt a crime had been committed he should arrest somebody. The end result of that was zero.

I then had a female detective from North Sydney turn up at a clinic I once practiced from to tell me,  “no you haven’t committed a crime we are just sending you a message. Take that blog down, now”!?

Huh? Just sending a message? Looks like Tiernan’s dad was a detective I guess.

The blogs were not taken down as I still stand by them. 

“Smith then started implying – with the assistance of Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – that we are involved in paedophilia:”

Feel free at any time to look into the skeptic’s founder, failed magician, James Randi. One very creepy individual who perfectly represents all that the Skeptics are. A dirty front group for one of the most criminally corrupt industries the world has ever seen, the pharmaceutical industry.

I have heard many disturbing things about Reasonable Hank and have seen first hand his disgraceful and disturbing behaviour and that of his Skeptic peers. Do I think Hank is a paedophile? No. Do I think the Skeptics are infested with them? Yes. It will all come out in the wash, it always does. Just wait and see over the next few years how many ‘ex-Skeptics’ end up convicted over these heinous crimes.   

Here is the Skeptic founder and leader James Randi procurring an underage boy for sex.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.40.45 am

“Arslan and Smith have also repeatedly boasted of being in the possession of illegally recorded  telephone conversations between themselves, me, and Peter Tiernan. In NSW, this is a breach of the NSW Surveillance Devices Act. Both are aware that they did not have permission to record the phone calls, nor share the illegal recordings, nor publish the illegal recordings. To date they have not publicly published these recordings.”

In the process of making/editing a documentary I was making on the Australian Skeptics at that time, a camera was inadvertently left on during my call with Hank. It has never been shared publicly, though if Hankie had nothing to hide I suppose he could give permission for it to be? 

Your call, Braveheart. What you got to fear?

So, we are back to where we started from. Hank? Who is he? Tierney or Tiernan or both?

This was a text sent to me a couple of years ago, before this blog was even just a glint in my eye.  You recognise the style Hanky? Anyway until this source retires s/he shall remain anonymous. She/he knows you pretty well Hanky…..knows your interesting ‘backstory’ which even I will admit sounds particularly ‘interesting’. I really can’t wait to finalise your story Pete, write that final chapter. Til then, slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. 
“The c%*t  stalked me in the early days of SAVN so I set about researching him. Contrary to speculation, his real name is Peter Alexander Tierney. He used the name Peter Letienne for a while on Facebook and has also used the names Louise Linton and Deb Manion but there would be others. He lives (or at least used to) in
******* St  Narrawallee NSW. He moved there from the Northern Rivers.
His kids attended ****** Public School and it’s possible he is related
to the McCafferys, the original poster parents for WHooping Cough
propaganda. .His picture used to be available on this member list but has since
been taken down. The Wayback machine may have archived it but I
haven’t checked. meetup.com/AustSkeptics “

For Hank’s  moronic blog to be factual Peter Tierney AND Peter Tiernan had to both, somehow, attend the same high school on the North Coast, both be school chums with Jane (Pharma Troll) Hansen, and both cousins/best buddies of the McCaffery family. AND not know it ‘til my blog was posted.

At this point I have not gone into the links between Tiernan’s parents & their links to the McCaffery family. I have not gone into the links between Tiernan’s siblings and the ABC. I have not gone into details of Tiernan family connections to the Byron Bay Police. I have not gone into details of the Tiernan family and the Dana McCaffery charity.  I can though if you really need more info Pete? How deep shall we go? 

So, let’s clear this up once and for all. A public challenge. A charity boxing match? Winner takes all? 

‘Peter Tierney’, Peter Tiernan, and ‘Big Smiffy’ v Me. 

Yep. ‘Three’ skeptics v One Quack. All at the same time. If the Skeptics win, the money goes to McCaffery charity. When I win, the money goes to the AVN. What do you say, Pete?  Come out from underneath that bed. Stop all the cowardice, all the lies, Let the truth set you free. Stop hiding while all your other dirty Skeptic mates shoulder the burden of being. Whadd’ya say punky? 

Source: https://septicskeptics.com/2018/04/09/o-hank-what-a-tangled-web-we-weave-when-first-we-practice-to-deceive/

8 thoughts on “O Hank, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive

  1. Regarding the reference to Mr. & Mrs. McCaffery, parents of baby Dana in this interview – \”this ABC interview about this exact topic\”

    In an article – The Canberra Times -Toni McCaffery told that there was no cure or treatment for whooping cough.
    This is not true – a $5.00 packet of Bactrim is a good & effective start to treating whooping cough in infants.

    Where the Mccaffery\’s duped into believing that there was no hope for their baby by the hospital medical profession?

    Where life saving antibiotics deliberately withheld from the treatment of baby Dana\’s illness?

    Medication that would have saved her life?

    Who gave the order for lifesaving medication to be withheld from the treatment of baby Dana;s illness?

    Since when has the medical profession been given permission to say who will live & who will die?

    Euthanasia of new born babies is not a legal fact in Australia – or don;t the medical profession know this?

    I include the General Practitioner – Toni\’s doctor here.

    Mr. & Mrs. McCaffrey have a right to seek legal advice to discover exactly what happened to cause baby Dana\’s death.
    NO PARENT should ever have to go through this – watching their baby die needlessly.

    And Mr. McCaffery is absolutely correct in asking –


    Sixty years ago, children were born into a dangerous world. In Britain every year thousands died of infectious diseases like pneumonia, meningitis, tuberculosis, diphtheria.
    Infant mortality – death of children before their first birthday was around one in twenty.
    1 little boy or girl died out of every 20 babies born.

    Antibiotics Revolution:
    It was only in 1939 that the WORLD’S first antibacterial drugs, Sulfonamides became available.


    It serves BigPharma to have babies dying / dropping like flies

    Let’s face it, when was the last time they told us the truth that we should indulge them?

  3. I’d like to send a big cheerio to Eccles in Grattan St.
    I heard you got drunk last night?
    What were ya thinking mate?
    And today you are hungover?
    Give up the grog Eccles – for your own good.
    Aunty Sharon says to say hello.

      1. I will never forget you Eccles, you are the funniest man I have ever met in my life.
        Say hello to ‘OUR’ good friends (wink, wink, say no more – hey) the rat pack in Fitzroy & especially long lean lanky Davo the bulldogs fan.

  4. Infant girl with whooping cough – Youtube: Oct. 7. 2013 – uploaded by Mayo Clinic.
    Please watch & see that the infant coughs till it reaches a point where it cannot breath.
    The reason the infant cannot breathe – is because the infant\’s stomach muscles have not got the strength to continue to support the breathing.

    EVERYONE KNOWS – when you are coughing you need to be sitting up – lying down renders you more prone to a prolonged coughing session & you feel like you are going to choke – because in a laying down position your stomach muscles are not strong enough to support breathing.

    This baby needs to be held in a upright position & when the stomach muscles give up the STUPID ADULT needs to GENTLY BUT FIRMLY support the stomach muscles of the baby AND THE COUGHING WILL STOP.

    Stupid mummy in the video calmly says \”that\’s okay\” as he baby chokes to death in her arms.

    My 2 girls caught whooping cough – I speak from experience.

  5. According to the Medical Profession:
    Pertussis is a common bacterial infection that causes symptoms like the common cold. Most of the time when children present with symptoms like that we presume it is caused by a virus & not a bacteria. And that is were Pertussis is dangerous – BECAUSE IT IS A BACTERIA & IT’S A DEADLY BACTERIA.



    Riley Hughes:
    His mum said …. “I felt relieved that when we had a diagnosis & that treatment was being administered, – HOWEVER I WAS SOON TOLD – that the antibiotic treatment for whooping cough wouldn’t “CURE” Riley or even reduce his symptoms – IT JUST REDUCED INFECTION TO OTHERS.

    Who Told Riley Hughes’ MOTHER THAT RUBBISH?

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