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One Nation senator praised after calling for mass deportations: ‘This is how you save Australia’


One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has been applauded for a wildly popular X post saying that Australia needs to start the mass deportation of immigrants.

The controversial Queensland politican responded to Opposition leader Peter Dutton’s plans to cut migration by 100,000 a year if elected by warning that more drastic measures were needed.

Pauline Hanson has already announced that One Nation will take a net-zero immigration policy to the next election, but Mr Roberts went a step further.

“Cutting the intake isn’t enough, we need to start DEPORTING,” he said.

“1.9 million visa holders likely to require housing pre-COVID. 2.3 million today.

“This housing crisis is man-made.”


The response to Mr Roberts’ post was overwhelmingly positive, with many X users saying this was the direction they would like to see One Nation go in.

“Keep this energy,” said one popular comment.

“Couldn’t agree more Malcolm. Cutting numbers still won’t be enough, we’ll be playing catch-up for decades while conditions continue to get worse,” said Anglo-Celtic advocacy group the British Australian Community.

“Banger post Mr Roberts. And 700,000 international students!” wrote Migration Watch founder Jordan Knight.

Another said: “Exactly right! This rhetoric is absolutely necessary because we are already suffering from overpopulation via immigration here — we need to PAUSE and REWIND. This is about our economic security, but even more so the preservation of our national identity and people.”

Others said “this is the direction One Nation needs to go in. The Australian people demand deportations now!” and “this is how you save Australians from becoming an endangered species”.

Mr Roberts’ comments come after One Nation federal campaign manager Craig Kelly said “the Great Replacment has commenced” in Sydney, in response to official figures showing the city’s massive population growth has been driven by record-high overseas migration over the past two decades.

Mr Dutton used his budget reply speech on Thursday to promise to cut net migration by targeting overseas students, in order to ease the housing crisis and stop inflation.

He said that if elected the Coalition would cut the permanent migration program by 25% from 185,000 to 140,000 for two years, followed by 150,000 the year after that, and then 160,000 the following year.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers admitted while handing down the 2024 Budget on Tuesday that mass immigration was putting pressure on Australians, and promised to reduce the intake.

According to the budget papers, net overseas migration is forecast to be 395,000 this year, falling to 260,000 in 2024-25, then 255,000 the following year, and to 235,000 for the next two years after that.

Mr Kelly said in response: “This will ensure continued upward pressure on housing price inflation and increasing rents. The supply of extra labour will keep wages suppressed, and more Australians will end up living in tents and caravans”.


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