March 2, 2024

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Parents are losing their rights: Who owns your children? You or the state?


Dr Douglas Farrow said when Canada passed same-sex marriage legislation, consequential amendments to existing law followed.

Among those consequential amendments was the language of natural parents and natural parent/child relations. According to Dr Farrow, such language was “struck from Canadian law and replaced with legal parent, legal parent/child relationships.”

“Now you can see when that happens that the power of the state is hugely enhanced,” Dr Farrow added. “Hence the question asked by our own chief justice: ‘Who owns the children?’ Increasingly, the answer is the state owns the children and allots them, as it were.”



5 thoughts on “Parents are losing their rights: Who owns your children? You or the state?

  1. Below Replacement Fertility is like a snowball rolling down a hill.
    It increases speed.
    It becomes unstoppable.
    Of Course a snowball cannot roll down a hill – it is a metaphor – but you get my drift.
    I’m sure there are a lot of imaginative persons of many persuasions looking forward to some pleasure in all this change.
    Alas, all this newfangled thinking is too little way too late.
    😛 😛 😛

    1. And we mustn’t forget the megalomaniacs who are itching to blow the planet to pieces, just for the heck of it.
      Insanity prevails.
      There is a real role for the men in white coats & the humble straight jacket here.
      😉 😉 😉

  2. The State needs our children as they are the future tax payers, the generation that will pay the interest on the States borrowings. They will not pay off the principle as that will just keep adding; you see the international bankers own us via debt, so debt principal re-payment is not State policy.
    When parents sign a child’s birth certificate they make a contract with the State otherwise why is the need to sign a contract that has a forked tongue? Does the State own one third of your child?
    The State is actually a wolf in sheeps clothing and it is contractual. Everything you do with the State you must sign a contract that allows the State power over you. Have a check that everything you do with the State requires you to sign—- Gotcha!

  3. There are no jobs.
    We want jobs !!
    Who destroyed our work place !!
    All around the world ….
    There are fewer & fewer babies born every day all.
    All around the world ….
    There are more & more babies dying every day.

    The HORDES of the AGED ….
    That were going to descend upon the world & be a financial burden upon us all ….
    I was laying in bed thinking about who I haven’t see around for a while …
    The list is long.
    A few years ago, I would sit out front with a cup of tea & it was “good morning & what do you know that’s new” one after the other.
    They are gone now.
    Peter & Fay are still a few houses down & Kevin & Margret are still across the road.
    So much for the UNTOLD DAMAGE to the Australian Economy the HORDES OF THE AGED were going to inflict.
    It was CANBERRA that was squandering the borrowed monies as they were electronically transferred from foreign money lenders to Australia – & none of the above.
    There will not be tax monies – maybe they don’t realise it yet ??

    The time has come & gone.
    The Walrus said
    To speak of may things.

  4. Helmut Lotti LIVE – I am Sailing – Youtube.
    Have a look & see how beautiful these children are.
    Albeit they have done them up like Christmas trees.
    One day this is all that will be left to reminds man on earth that many children once existed.


    Brown cooking pears –
    quarter & core
    dark brown sugar – water – strips of orange & lemon rind – cinnamon sticks – cloves
    place on a dep pan & bring to the boil
    turn down heat & gently poach the pear quarters & place in a large bowl
    reduce syrup & spoon over the poached pears
    spoon syrup at regular intervals for 2 days until the pears are saturated & dark brown
    chill & serve with quality ice cream – creme fresh – – cake / sponge biscuits
    one also eats the citrus rind.

    this tastes like the best fruit cake you have ever eaten.

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