February 25, 2024

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“PETITION” Sack un-Australia Qantas CEO Alan Joyce


Alan Joyce has called for a very unacceptable Un-Australian UN lap dog loving world of travel where we the consumer have to be vaccinated to fly internationally, we are humans not cattle. What we want is a non programmable human running the show, someone with balls who is willing to stand up for human rights, you could look long and hard in Alan Joyce and not find any.

Digital warfare is now, start by giving Qantas poor reviews and sign and share this petition, we don’t want overlords.

We want and deserve freedom, not only as a basic human right, but a basic human necessity, and a forced or coerced vaccination is in direct defiance of those very rights.


5 thoughts on ““PETITION” Sack un-Australia Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

  1. Funny. Never flown Qantas on my own money for a gut feeling, was never sure why, but now I know. Advise to shareholders: Sell, or sack this moron before he buries the company. He’s ‘flown’ on previous good will, Government leniency and what now looks like some form of backhander. No sensible CEO would make a statement like this given the current state of play. Crawl back into ‘a hole’ Joyce. Stop attempting to play God over your own issues…

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