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Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting is Yet Another Arch-Zionist Hoax


What an arch-hoax it is, a grand distraction-style one, once again, perpetrated by the Zionist-controlled US cabal. Nothing about this is real. No one died, and no one was injured. Moreover, no one on this earth can prove otherwise.

Sure, he was, right, he was a loner being monitored by the FBI and law enforcement. Absolutely, right, he was a ranting, raving anti-Hispanic, anti-black, and anti-Semetic, a mad, gun-happy white man.

No thinking person of any kind finds this plausible to any degree.

Sure, he did. He stormed into the synagogue and shot some 11, count them, ELEVEN, defenseless Jews. It is, after all, a close-knit Jewish community where this occurred, just like the arch-hoax Parkland. Even so, it is nothing other than a attempt to gain ‘sympathy

Caption: people around this fake griever are more interested in how well he is acting than responding to any real threat

Now, we are told that this is caused by “rhetoric,” that it is also the “tenor of the time.” This is double-talk, mere nonsense. It is also said by an NBC commentator, “Think about what is going on around the country at this time, with bomb threats happening all over the New York City area.”

We are also, not surprisingly, told that this was all caused by a long-gun, a purported AR-15. The reference to this aloe is hard proof of a scam and a hoax. Here, Zionist mole Jim Cavanaugh chimed in about so-called radicalization and hate-crimes. He quoted Frazier Glen Miller and Dylan Root, calling the associated events real, “the white hate-patriot” Miller acclaimed as killing three, once again, at a Jewish facility. The Miller event was proven here, categorically, as a non-event. The same being true of the Root fake shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Cavanaugh then leverages the anti-Semitic canard in regard to supposed Stormfront and Ku Klux Klan member Miller. Meanwhile, he also lays out the Klan and even the Nazis repeatedly, quoting yet another fake, the 1980s-era supposed attempted assassination of arch-SPLC antagonist by Miller of Morris Dees, adding the “hate just exudes out of them.”

Says Cavanaugh on an NBC:

“Really, I’ve never seen it as it is today. The talk that you see in mainstream areas is anti-Semitic talk that’s just below the edge of some of this stuff. The code words that are used: international bankers is what these white hate guys are always talking about. The Rothschilds and all this false Jewish conspiracy that drives this anti-Semitism. And you see this talking getting out into the mainstream with little caveats, like globalism and bankers over here. It’s too close to normal talk. Before it was condemned.” He also laments, in the 1960s and 70s “everybody was on our (Zionist) side,” but not any more.

He really is busted-up because the anti-Zionist position is “taken up by normal people.”

Says Cavanaugh, “It’s a danger zone that it reaches this level in this country (adding) I’m sure this guy is a real hater.”

The fact is, clearly, as demonstrated by this Zionist agent, the Zionist plot against the people is a chronic one, unrelenting, and has been in-place for decades. The civil rights movement of the 1960s era itself was Zionist co-opted. The one dissenter, Malclom X, was viciously assassinated.

Just see this image alone. It’s law-enforcement overkill. Plus, it is all staged before the camera, all for mere public consumption.

Image result for pittsburgh; synagogue; shooting; images

Prominent signs of a hoax

There are always prominent signs of a hoax that can be relied upon to be represented. This act as hard proof from the outside that the acclaimed event is merely a fake, as follows:

  • Satanic numerology of the number killed and wounded
  • Massive amounts of storm-troopers on site virtually immediately, the guns varying in a relaxed and active position, mostly relaxed

  • People, including law enforcement, acting in an excessively relaxed fashion
  • Claims of the use of multiple guns on one person, including a so-called long-rifle, especially an “AR-style weapon.”
  • A mass killing by a loner, emphasizing a radicalized “white” gun-loving individual
  • Immediate even before the corpses are cool call for political action, including new guns laws
  • The leveraging of rabid, extremist Zionist entities, like the ADL and SPLC, in the midst of the hoax
  • Massive amounts of media personnel from all over the land on-site virtually immediately
  • Evidence of excessive staging, particularly of media conferences with ‘public’ officials and also so-called eyewitness
  • The full lack of any flow of adrenaline; lack of fear and excitement

In regard to the immediately above, two reporters said upon the interview of President Trump, that day, “Do you think we need to re-visit gun laws?”Regardless, this is an extreme fake, a poorly constructed one at that. Yet, the same is true of the New York City-area bomb threats, also the purported murder of Saudi espionage agent Khashoggi. When it comes to the highly leveraged stories arising from the Zionist-controlled media, it is all fake until proven otherwise.


2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting is Yet Another Arch-Zionist Hoax

  1. This could be an attempt at FUNDRAISING ?? – on the part of the Synagog.

    “Look what they have done to us”
    “Give generously”

    Thousands of people gathered for a vigel, to sing in the streets, in the rain & cold, one woman said, “It’s not a nightmare, because it’s like a recurring nightmare.”
    & it’s all on TV.

  2. I can’t see why else this happened where it did.
    This synagog is just another synagog in an ordinary suburb.
    What is so special that it happened here ??
    MONEY … people will give … of the thousands of people if each gives $10 it = thousands of free dollars.

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